Friday, January 29, 2010

Quarian from Mass Effect

My attempt at the alien race called Quarians from the game "Mass Effect":

I have yet to play either Mass Effect 1 or 2, but I know it was made by Bioware, the same developers of "Knights of the Old Republic", so it has to be good (and everything I have heard so far about both the games is positive).

I hear that in ME2 you can have the hero character, Sheppard, hook up with some of the female 'cast', including the female Quarian called Tali.

Before I do the inevitable nude version and hook up my version of Tali with Sheppard :-): does anyone know what the skin tone of a Quarian is, and what the face looks like?

According to this production image the face is basically human:

But things could have changed since this image was made, and it gives no idea as to her skin tone.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lady Death Captures Elvira

ook me For-freakin-Ever to do this image; for some reason it kept crapping out on me (I turned off everything that matters [shadows, reflections, even smoothing edges]), and on top of that I rendered at 'standard' resolution before it finally came out.

Anyway, this is an image for a buddy of mine who has been having some hard times lately, and Lady Death and Elvira are some of his favorite 'toon' babes (and pretty high on my list as well :-) ).

I left their boobs at more or less 'standard' size because he doesn't have the same appreciation for Uber-Boobs that I have ^_^

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Na'Vi at Prayer

I did this image as my entry into an "Avatar Art Competition" at another forum.

As too usual lately, had to turn off shadows to get this one to render :-(

To give full credit where it is due, the skin texture for the Na'Vi in the foreground was made by Saphira98 over at ShareCG.

The skin on the one in the background is one I initially put together; nowhere near as good, but I still like it :-)

Also, I gave the one with my skin my usual attributes ^_^

I got the idea for this "Prayer with Dancing" from, of all things, the movie "Tank Girl" ^_^

In it, there is a scene where the Kangaroo Warriors called Rippers say "Let us pray", Tank Girl bows her head and closes her eyes, then you hear drum beats and all the rippers are dancing around in a circle (praying in their own way :-) ).

Na'Vi at Prayer Alternate

Another version of the previous image with the 'rainbow smoke' turned off.

Lilith Schemes

Lilith sits upon her throne in her lair, hidden from the eyes of mortal men by Dark Magic.

"Lilith draws power from the Janus Stone. Recently its power split her from the side of her personality obsessed with such unnecessary emotions like kindness and virtue.

"A disturbing number of demon slayers has gathered in the town lately, and she has taken steps to neutralize their potential threat to her newfound existance.

"She combines the power of the Janus Stone with the dark energies flowing from this "Hellmouth" in the small town of Sunnydale, and her own natural proclivities as a Succubus Demon to twist the desires of these hunters.

"They will be so consumed by their own lusts that they will pay little attention to her machinations to make this Hellmouth her own, and soon become Queen of the Succubi on Earth!"

Li'l Lilith is a character I first used in an image called "Mother Demonica and Lil Lilith"

I later paired her up with Hellgirl after she had been kicked out of hail for failing her succubus training :-), in an image called "Girl's Night Out"

When last seen, she had found a Janus Stone in Sunnydale, and it split her into her Good and Evil halves, in an image called "The Janus Stone"

Of course there are still some plot holes... ummm, I mean 'loose ends', in my story :-) (what happened to Lilith Reforged, as well as Eldonna [last seen with Hellgirl in the background).

I'll be revisiting this 'story' some time later.

After the Fight 2

"Buffy unsheathes Blade's own 'longsword', and both she and Hellgirl are quite impressed by how well its been forged" ^_^

After the Fight 3

"Buffy decides to even the playing field, and demonstrates an ability she retained from her encounter with a demon called "Expanmodeus" "

One of my first uses of the Buffy character was with her and Dawn facing down a body enhancing demon called "Expanmodeus" ^_^

After the Fight 4A

"Buffy takes a position that allows Blade to get a good view of he new 'enhancements', while Hellgirl lets Buffy cool her own internal fires."

Both this image and the one that follows were too dark for some reason, so I added a light to light up Hellgirl's face.

After the Fight 4B

A view from Blades perspective

After the Fight 5

"While Hellgirl watches on, Blade dives into Buffy's Hellm...

Okay, I'm really running out of Purple Prose to put on these images ^_^

After the Fight 6

After the Fight 7A

"The trio engage in a position that helps please everyone involved" :-)

After the Fight 7B

A close up view of Hellgirl 'polishing the helmet' (hmmm... how many slang terms are there for fellatio anyway? ^_^).

After the Fight 7C

A view from the rear, showing Hellgirl putting her tail to good use ^_^

After the Fight 8

"Blade 'cums' to the conclusion that he just might enjoy spending some time in this town called "Sunnydale", espically with fellow slayers as accommodating as these two!"

As usual, I still need to learn to use those 'money shot' props better, and I could probably make it look even better with some postworking in photoshop, but also as usual I probably won't go back and do so.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

After the Fight 1

"After disposing of the cabal of vampiric demon worshippers, the trio retire to a nearby hotel to wind down.

"Buffy can't help but notice that this "Blade" is attractive in his own way [and wonders about herself if she just has an unnatural attraction to vampiric men].

"She also can't help but notice that he seem more interested in this "Hellgirl", or at least in a couple of prominent attributes of her"

Consider this a prelude to a 'naughty' series to come. I usually like waiting until I've rendered all of a naughty series so I can post them unbroken, but for some reason the Blade texture has been giving me problems (I finally had to re-save the body texture to a lower resolution to get it to load, hope that doesn't affect future images too much).

One 'rant' point: although I don't consider myself an 'artist', I've noticed one thing about erotic fanart/stories based on existing characters: You either have to ignore the fact that said characters wouldn't act in such a slutty manner normally, or else try to come up with a good reason for them to act so completely out of character.

Stay tuned, because I think I have a good reason for such (well, for "Blade" anyway; my Hellgirl is a bit of a slut, and we all know Buffy is a huge slut [going from Angel to that 'Initiative' guy to, most suprisingly of all, Spike [wonder who she's snogging in the comic series? :-) ]).

Demon Slayers

"After meeting another vampire slayer who had come to Sunnydale who called himself simply "Blade", Buffy learns that they both have had leads to the same situation.

"It seems that a cabal of Diabolist had gathered in the park to summon a demon with a human sacrifice.

"Rushing to the park, they find that yet another demon hunter [who ironically called herself "Hellgirl"] was already there, and that the human sacrifice had already been avoided (but she wouldn't say how).

"Hellgirl led them to where she believed the main cabal was meeting, and there they disposed of the diabolic wizards (who turned out to be also vampires).

"While Blade took care of another demon, Buffy plunged her magical sword into the chest of a lizard-like behemoth that was with the cabal, and Hellgirl took care of the vampire summoner in her usual manner".

Decided to put together an 'action scene', but I couldn't include blade in it without the scene crapping out.

Since my images are more about the females anyway, I decided to leave him 'off screen', as it were :-)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Raven Star

No bad commentary with this one, just using another version of Raven I put together with the Comics version of Starfire I did awhile back ^_^

I used a different skin for Raven this time, its basically a gray skin tone, although the lights kind of wash out the gray into a white.

I'll do more images with her solo later.

Swimsuit Titans

Starfire and Raven, at the urging of Booster Gold, pose for a 'Swimsuit Calendar", the proceeds of which Booster swears will go directly to charity ^_^

Buffy and Blade

I always wanted to see a crossover like this, where the incredibly serious Blade meets the more lighthearted Buffy (although I'm sure there is a fanfic with this meeting out there somewhere :-) ).

Again, used the 'celebrity' face morph for "Buffy"/Sarah, and this time the proper skin for the "Blade"/Snipes face as well.

Buffy has obviously overcome the side effects of her encounter with Expanmodeous earlier :-)

Don't know if I'll continue this with a 'naughty' series later, though.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dwarven Lasses

Decided to do one more image to compare my "Take Three" version of Nocla with my original, "Take One" version.

I think the "Take One" version may be more "Dwarvish" (if that's a word ^_^). However, I was unable to diminish her prominent, 'rubenesque' belly. In other words, that fantasy dwarf morph wasn't necessarily ment to make a sexy one, but my modifications helped fix that.

The "Take Three" version isn't really that much different from the base model, just shortened and a bit more voluptuous, and with a squareish facial structure.

Of course for both versions I added Uber Boobs :-)

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Savage Thunder Woman

This idea is kinda based on sometihng Marvel and DC comics did awhile back in their "Marvel vs DC" crossove miniseries.

That spun off a series of one-shots called "Amalgam", where various DC and Marvel characters were combined (like Wolverine and Batman becoming "Dark Claw").

So in this one, I combine Wonder Woman, Thor, and She-Hulk :-)

The Thor and Wonder Woman combination is actually true, though:

Clan Mates

"One Na'Vi warrior is showing her Clan Mate the curious effects this earth fruit called "An Apple" has had on her body" :-)

had to give my version of the Na'Vi Big 'Uns, have to be true to myself :-)

Another Poser user out there made an excellent Avatar skin; so here I use it with the poor skin I cludged together from various other skins.

I consider my version a different 'sub-species' of the Na'Vi race (more catlike features in the face, and claws), mainly because I didn't have a morph to give her a 'cat nose' only (upper lip is cat-like as well).

Queen of Naboo

"The Queen of Naboo holds court during the summer seasons in rainment more suited to the temperature."

This image is based on an interesting story in celebrity news, where it seems that Natalie Portman is swearing off doing nude scenes anymore:

I used another of my "Celebrity" face morphs, ment to look like Natalie Portman. Also one of those rare times I went for small boobs, appropriate to the real person being represented.

From my knowledge, though, she hasn't really done any true 'nude' scenes. The scene in the movie mentioned has her wearing a thong, sure, but that's far from nudity (although I haven't seen the movie, so I could have missed something).

I find it funny that there are some other stars that do the exact opposite; no nude scenes when they are unknown, then strip when they are famous (Sigourney Weaver and Halle Berry being the most prominent examples).

Red Reborn

As some viewers know, I recently discovered the original character of a gentleman who goes by the name of Pumpmonger called Red the Paladin.

I did a few images of her, but I noticed one thing while viewing his gallery: sometimes Red meets a not pleasant end, yet she comes back next 'episode'.

So this image is my attempt at explaining why she keeps reappearing (wonder if she arises from the grave saying "There can be only one!" :-) ).

I used the 'areola size' morph to reduce the size of her areolae, but I think I kind of prefer them huge like in the original renders :-)

Forge Fires 1

"Nocla pays a visit to the blacksmith who is forging a new sword for her.

"She has suffered poor fortunes of late, and ask the blacksmith if there is any other way she could... negotiate... for the payment of his services" ^_^

I know, I'm making this particular she-dwarf a real slut, am I? (lets just say she's a bit more sexually liberated than the average set-in-stone dwarf ^_^).

Forge Fires 2

"Nocla begins negotiations by cooling the heat of the Blacksmith's 'sword' in her own unique way"

Forge Fires 3

An angle from the rear to see Nocla's backside :-)

Forge Fires 4

Forge Fires 5

An "action angle" of the previous image.

Forge Fires 6

Forge Fires 7

An alternate view of the previous image.

Forge Fires 8

A "Point of View" view from the Blacksmith's perspective :-)

Forge Fires 9

Forge Fires 10

An "action angle" of the previous image (although I may have added too much of the 'buttocks spread' morph).

Forge Fires 11

"Covered in sweat generated by the heat of the forge, as well as their own bodies, Nocla brings her weaponsmith to climax, thus closing the negotiations for her new weapon" ^_^

Getting a little bit better with those "Money Shot" props, although I may go back and add more postwork to this image later.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Night on Pandora 1

Here are another couple of 'quickie' renders (no shadows or reflections turned on), featuring the Na'Vi warrior and Nightcrawler.

Made a mistake in the second image and didn't pose her 'sensory braid', but its barely visible between her legs, so I don't mind.

I'll do a few more later, and probably delete these and renumber/re-name the whole series.

Night on Pandora 2

A view showing the Na'Vi warrior's rear end (hell, in the movie we nearly got shots like this ^_^).