Monday, September 14, 2009

Starfire Vs Batman 8

"When their lovemaking is over, she feels an equally unresistable desire to slumber, and "The Batman" reveals his true nature, as a Super Skrull!

"Somehow, during the Secret Invasion, this soldier found himself in a paralell universe, and assumed the identity of one of this worlds enhanced beings (who was mysteriously away for some reason).

"If all of the inhabitants of this world are as easy to mesmerize as this one was, I shall be able to conquer it all by myself!" he muses to himself, unaware of yet another paralell universe version of his defeated opponent angrily floating up behind him."


Lord Crios said...

-.-' ... The superskrull???

Chup@Cabra said...

or at least A super skrull ^_^

I decided to put a M. Night Shamalan style 'twist' at the end (and it also explains why Bruce was being such a dick :-)