Monday, September 28, 2009

Power Girl Take One A

This is my take on the character Power Girl from DC Comics:

She is perhaps the only comic character best known for the size of her breasts ^_^

In fact, there is an 'urban legend' that the creator/artist of the character slowly increased her breast size from issue to issue to see in the editors would notice ^_^ (but that has been proven untrue: ).

I've actually had the texture for this Power Girl outfit in my library for some time, but only just used it now.

The main reason is that I like to 'hand make' all of my superhero outfits (using all the clothing I have to make something close to what the character actually looks like). Pre-made outfits take some of the 'fun' out of it.

Thanks to Hasdrubal for the outfit texture, and to JoeQuick for the off-the-shoulder dynamic cape.

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