Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Orc Captive 2A

"It seems that Piffany the gnome and some of her friends have managed to subdue yet another pesky Orc who has wandered onto their lands.

"Tales of their battle prowess must be very exaggerated, since this one fell with hardly any resistance at all

"The gnomish women, having rarely encountered a male with a member of this size, decide to have their way with him before sending him off with a warning to all his kind: "Tresspass on Gnomish lands again and any of his friends will get the same treatment!"

"Needless, to say, the orc eagerly went back home to deliver this 'warning' ^_^

I used a different morph for the gnomish women this time, ment to emulate a 'hobbit', so Piffany in particular isn't quite as voluptuous as in the previous image, but now there isn't that defect in the forearms/calves.

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