Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Storm Blowing In

Another quickie render from me featuring Storm and Logan (or is it James? ), engaging in a little personal time in the Danger Room

I actually used a Halle Berry face morph, but like most of the 'celebrity' morphs I use they tend to loose some of the look with any expression applied (then again, I don't know what Halle's face really looks like sucking a huge cock ^_^).

Unfortunately, everyone knows what she looks like in a 'Skinemax' style sex scene with 'Swingblade' :-(

I'll probably do more later, and maybe even some clothed versions, just to show I can do that :-)


Anonymous said...

Nice work Chup! And what's Swingblade?

Chup@Cabra said...

Thanks :-)

"Swingblade" is the name of the movie that the actor Billy Bob Thornton first starred in.

He also starred with Halle in the movie "Monsters Ball", and had a somewhat infamous sex scene with her in said movie.

That movie caused a little controversy, because Halle won her Oscar for that role; but many feel that the Academy gave a black woman an oscar for playing the stereotypical role of a Crack Whore :-/

Still, it was nice seeing her im Simu-Sex ^_^