Friday, July 24, 2009

The Money Shot!

As some of you may remember, I have constantly 'despaired' over my inability to use photoshop to add a "money shot" scene to my images (as it is so neatly called ^_^).

Well, just recently I picked up a series of props that lets you accomplish that in program, called, appropriately enough, "Splooge" :-)

It still takes some creativity to combine and resize/shape/morph all the props to produce the desired effect, but here is my first attempt at it (with a little of the photoshop effects added as well).

So from now on expect to see that classic final scene in any regular porno, except this time with hot Drow chicks (and dwarves, and Twi'leks, .. and Vampires... and, well you get the picture ^_^).


Anonymous said...

Oh that's gorgeous! lol I'm lovin' it! Now onto the Twi'leks! lol
~Dark Clown from DA

gc-comixxx said...

YEAH! GREAT NEWS!^^ I just greated a new folder Chupa on my HD... waiting so long for it...