Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oni and Halfling 1

At another forum someone has been posting some Oni images lately (mythical japanese Ogres: ), so I decided to try a render with one.

Took me awhile to dig up some 'samurai' clothing, and even then it didn't fit well, but good enough.

I decided to make my Oni buff (seeing her as a warrior), and paired her up with a halfling I was able to put together (decided to forgoe the hairy feet ^_^ ). In the first image I actually have the halfling sitting on a saddle, it just can't be seen from this angle.

Took me forever to do these images, my system is acting weird yet again (taking forever to load this saved scene, having to turn off both shadows and raytracing, and shutting down after one render; unlike the Velma images I did recently where I could do one after another in relatively quick order).

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