Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!

A quick image pairing up my three favorite toon babes (She-Hulk, Demona, and Cheetara).

Happy New Year to all! ^_^

Panthro and Wilder-Kit

Here Wilder-Kit is paired up with my rendition of Panthro (essentially the same skin, just tinted a deep purple ^_^ ).

Of course you know that later you'll find some "naughty" images of the pair (maybe teamed up with Cheetara) later :-)

Wilder-Kit Solo 1

Managed to put together enough "parts" to make my version of an adult, 'filled out' Wilykit from Thundercats: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thundercats

There was a official comic made that featured a all grown up Wilykit (and Kat), here is an image from it : http://home.hiwaay.net/~tfharris/pulpculture/columns/030529.jpg

As is usual with my images, Wilder Kit may have a sudden growth spell in future images ^_^

Wilder-Kit Solo 2

A rear view of the previous image.

New Year's Celebration 1

Since CHristmas Morning Esmerelda and Bob have become a couple, and Essy invites Bob over to her mansion to ring in the New Year together.

When Bob lays eyes on what Essy is wearing, he knows exactly how they plan on celebrating New Years Eve! ^_^

I decided to do this series because a few people have asked for it, both here and elsewhere (and after doing a 'pinup' series with "Christmas Carol", I felt like doing another hardcore series ^_^).

New Year's Celebration 2

Bob and Essy share a tender kiss before the action truly begins.

You know, I have a lot of these 'cuddle'/foreplay poses I haven't used, but I usually like diving right into the hardcore action :-)

New Year's Celebration 3

Essy takes hold of Bob's own 'skin flarp' (Flarp: that's what those curly party blowers are actually called ^_^).

New Year's Celebration 4

Yhe previous image from the rear angle :-)

New Year's Celebration 5

New Year's Celebration 6

New Year's Celebration 7

And on the 'stroke' (ahem) of midnight, Essy and Bob create thier own fireworks to ring in the New Year! ^_^

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

"Esmerelda finally awakens truly, to discover that she hasn't missed Christmas after all.

"She gives her entire staff off for the day, as well as a large bonus.

"One employee in particular she gives a present personally.

"Mr. Bob Crachet is a single father who takes care of his ailing son alone; her gift to him is a check to cover all his son's medical expenses and to provide for the critical operation little Timothy needs.

"Also, she hadn't noticed how... attractive... Mr. Crachet is. She herself had never had a 'significant other' in her life, perhaps now was the time to correct that oversight"

Okay, I had to end this with a suggestion of some kind of naughtiness to follow, didn't I? :-)

Merry Christmas all, and to all a Good Night! ^_^

Spirit of Christmas Future

"Scrooge awakens with a start to find herself on some barren field at night.

"The frightening figure of the grim reaper stands over her and points toward a grave stone before. Upon it she sees her own name!

She vows to the heavens that, if only given a second chance, she will change her ways and become the most rightous woman there ever was!"

I changed the robe on Esmerelda because it was just getting too hard to pose the sleeves. Also, you might notice that even the Grim Reaper is 'female'; something is making the chest on her robes poke out like that ^_^

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sir!

This may seem unusual for a "Christmas" image, but its ment for a friend of mine who happened to be born on Christmas Eve.

He also is the one who introduced me to the works of H.P. Lovecraft (and the RPG based on his works).

We had a lot of fun playing the game, even if he never quite learned how to use the rules ^_^

So, Happy Birthday, Bud! ^_^

Spirit of Christmas Present 1

Later that night, Ms. Scrooge awakens to a deep throated laughter in her room, and arises to see a giantess upon a throne, beaming at her with a broad smile.

Upon the floor is arrayed varioius breads and fruits of the season.

This spirit of Christmas Present, as she calls herself, invites Scrooge to travel with her about the town to see how others celebrate this most holy of days.

As usual, my information about the "Christmas Carol" and the spirits comes from Wikipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_of_Christmas_Present

I read it long ago in high school, but can't remember a word of it [although I do remember the televised versions ^_^].

Spirit of Christmas Present 2

The spirit takes Esmerelda out into the town, her magical presence protecting Scrooge from the elements.

Scrooge is still somewhat intimidated by the Spirits size, though.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Spirit of Christmas Past

Scrooge awakens to a visitation by one of the three spirits that Janice mentioned, who calls herself Christmas Past.

Esmerelda believes she is just having some kind of extended nightmare, probably brought about by some spoiled Beluga caviar she had before bed (and she makes note to fire the entire chef staff in the morning).

Scrooge decides to follow this figment of her dream into the past, to view the christmas of her childhood.

I put a cone on the floor because the story mentions a hat that she carries, which Scrooge uses to put the spirit out like a candle.

Spirit of Christmas Past Solo

Just a solo image of the Spirit of Christmas past.

I read in the Wikipedia entry that Dicken's spirit had no gender, and he called "it" in his story.

Most versions I have seen on TV show her as female, though, and since I am making all characters in my version female, it fit.

I gave her a head of flame because its original description has a flame above its head like a candle.

Ghost of Janice Marley

On the night before Christmas, the old spinster Esmerelda Scrooge is visited by the restless spirit of her old departed business partner, Janice Marley.

The weight of her sins against her fellow man has tied her to the material plane, and she comes to warn Scrooge of a similar fate unless she repents.

My first image in my 'Christmas Carol' series (which will be more pin-up instead of 'NC-17' ^_^); I'll try to do one each day (Past, Present, and Future [and perhaps a additional final one on Christmas Day]).

Ghost of Janice Marley, Full Frame

A full frame version of the previous image.

Had to turn off the shadows to get this to render, although I think the image would have looked better if I could have rendered the complex shadown :-/

Esmerelda Scrooge, Close-up

A close up of Esmerelda Scrooge in bed.

I used one of my 'mature' morphs/faces for Scrooge, although the lights kind of wash out the skin texture.

She'll be prominent in future images in this series.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Minotaur #1

After seeing something similar elsewhere, I decided to do a series featuring a female gladiator and a Minotaur 'fighting' ^_^

For the 'flavor text':

"A female warrior ventures into the lair of the Minotaur to defeat the monster that has been laying waste to her village."

Minotaur #2

With one powerful blow, however, she is knocked to the ground by the powerful Man-bull

Minotaur #3

The beast proceeds to pick her up, sizing her up for his next meal.

Minotaur #4

Realizing that she has only one weapon left to use, she unstraps her breast plate to reveal her ample breast to the beast, hoping that it understands what she if offering.

Minotaur #5

The beast eagerly accepts her gracious offer of sexual service in return for her life :-)

Minotaur #6

The beast lowers her to the ground, and its growls and forceful hand make obvious that it wants her to return the 'service' it rendered to her.

Minotaur #7

When the beast proceeds to enter her from the rear she wonders on the wisdom of her plan, but finds herself in luck, as she has been maneuvered close to her weapon.

Minotaur #8

A rear view of the previous image.

Minotaur #9

As the beast looses itself in its release within her, she grasps her weapon and drives it deep into its chest, ending its threat to her village.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Milk Fairy

Over at another forum I recently saw a comic featuring a very oversized-boobed fairy attempting to fly ^_^

I was impressed with it enough that I thought I would try my own version

I still don't know what some of the other poser BE artists use to make their breasts look so perfectly shaped, but I think I still did well (as long as you don't see the breasts from behind, that is).

Something else I also don't know how to fix is the 'texture stretching' problem (where the skin texture stretches and blurs when applied to "oversized" body parts ).

Friday, December 12, 2008

In Memory of Betty Page

I'm sure a lot of us fanboys out there were saddened to hear the news that one of the most famous pin-up models of all time passed away on Thursday, Dec. 12 2008: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28185814/

Several years past I attented a comic/sci-fi convention where they had a annual Betty Page Look Alike contest, although later it was changed to Dawn (Joseph Linser's character), although I'm not sure of the reason why.

I do remember reading that she had made it a point to never let an image of what she looked like in her elder years go public, so as not to ruin the fantasy that so many have of her as the ever-youthful pin-up model.

Betty Page, bringing just a little naughyness to the Heavens ^_^

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


A final image for this 'weekend', a female elven druid and her animal companion.

This is somewhat based on the iconic Druid character from Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition called Vadania: http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/cd_gallery/82295.jpg

For a fleeting moment I actually considered leaving her breasts at 'standard' size, but then I realized I wouldn't be being true to myself if I did so ^_^

T-1000 A

A new Terminator Mark 100 arises, soon to be sent to the past by Skynet to accomplish its singular mission: Kill John Connor.

This model is different, however, for Skynet has given it the ability to mimic a vital function of humans in order to blend in, a sex drive subroutine. :-)

T-1000 B

This new model discovers its new enhancement, and becomes fascinated at its uses :-)

T-1000 C

Skynet returns the defective terminator to the Polymimetic Alloy vats, to be re-constituted into a new model that lacks this one's curious defect.

The thing I like about this image is the 'upside down breasts' morph I used. I've found that its hard to find morphs that make breasts look like gravity is affecting them (although it can be said that for most of my images the breasts are Gravity Defying anyway ^_^).

Monday, December 8, 2008

Titan's Together 2

The Birthday celebrations begin! :-)

Titan's Together 3

Raven wonders if Changeling has used his shape-changing powers to acquire at least one attribute of a stalliion! :-)

Titan's Together 4

Starfire shows she can also glarbog a large gorfak as well ^_^

No, I have no idea what that means, I just saw someone else use it at another forum :-)

Titan's Together 5

Titan's Together 6

A view of what Raven sees looking down (I really like doing POV angle images, huh? ^_^).

Titan's Together 7

Starfire proves that, when you have the power of flight, a bed isn't needed :-)

Titan's Together 8

An alternate view from the point of Changeling...

Titan's Together 9

A view from Starfire's angle :-)

Titan's Together 10

And the inevitable "Money Shot" image common to all pr0n ^_^

As usual, I promise myself to go back and add more with photoshop, but I doubt I ever will :-)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Another "Rant" post up ^_^

Remember, these are ment for some very select persons I believe are viewing my blog (again, how they got the address I know not); but if anyone else is entertained by my ramblings, feel free to read it as well ^_^


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Raven's Backside

One final solo Raven image to show the "Tramp Stamp" on her back.

I do remember reading in the comic where she got a raven-styled tattoo on her back; I didn't happen to have one of those so this generic one will have to do

Edit: With the help of someone at another forum, I was able to attain an accurate tattoo, which I placed on the skin texture I used and re-did the image.

Titans Together!

Changeling seem delighted Starfire and Raven have chosen to give him a quite unexpected birthday present ^_^

I think I use this pose a bit too much, I"ll have to find differrent poses for future images.

Something is also odd about Raven's skin texture, for some reason the areola texture isn't centered around the nipple :-/

Of course, I'll be posting a continuation of this series later.

Edit: Re-did the image, applying a texture to Changeling's "member" to more closely match his skin texture, and filled in any gaps with photoshop.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Starfire and Raven

Raven takes to the skies to calm down after a recent battle, only to be suprised by a exuberant Starfire who has followed her to cheer her up ^_^

I was inspired to do another version of Raven after seeing an image at another forum of a 'enhanced' Raven :-)

This is also my first attempt at Starfire (the toon version). I think both came out pretty good, although I still may have picked a too pale skin for Raven.

Of course, both may experience sudden "growth spurts" in future renders ^_^

Raven in Meditation

Raven spends some quite time alone in her room, studying arcane manuals to calm the riotous emotions within her.

A solo pic of Raven. Luckily the shadows cooperated with this one.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Jabba's Pets

Here is my version of a 'enhanced' Princess Leia and Oola in the palace of Jabba the Hutt.

I couldn't find a good version of Leia's 'Brass Bikini' that couuld fit the proportions I prefer ^_^, so I used another 'fantasy princess' outfit instead.