Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Devil Girl from Mars

My rendition of a movie poster of a film I would like to see someday; it seems to have the 'so bad its good' look as 'Plan 9 from Outer Space' :-)

Here is a copy of the true poster: http://tinyurl.com/2oam87

And here is a review of the movie, complete with some images from the film and even a short clip: http://tinyurl.com/2mwtum

Lucy, Daughter of the Devil

My sexier renditions of Lucy, Daughter of the Devil; and Sister Mary of the Special Fathers/Sisters (the group of three sent to hunt her down), from the show on Cartoon Network's 'Adult Swim': http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucy,_the_Daughter_of_the_Devil

Its a pretty funny, if irreverant show (much like 'Boondocks' [my favorite], or pretty much any show on 'adult swim') ^_^

Actually, I just re-worked a little bit the combo I used for 'Mother Demonica' and 'Li'l Lilith' earlier

Commando Werewolf

Here is the last of the 'Universal Studios' monsters, the Werewolf.

In this image are the three stages; human, mid-transformation, and full ' hybrid' form (of course she could change into a full wolf, like some in werewolf mythology can).

I decided to make her a mercenary because she can put her transformations to the best use.

Commando Werewolf, Close Up

A close up of the hybrid form.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Bride and The Creature 4

Finally, a 'daylight' view of the first one to see the ground more clearly.

The Bride and The Creature 3

A close up of the previous image.

The Bride and The Creature 2

Getting back to a little hardcore material.

The entire 'inspiration' for this series was something I saw in an erotic comic called 'Horny Tails' by Richard Moore.

In addition to just liking his style of art, his erotic stories are often just fun (and funny ^_^). With all due apologies to him, here is a small panel from what I am trying to emulate: http://img181.imageshack.us/img181/2908/chort69gl1.jpg

He does do a non-erotic comic called 'Boneyard', that has somewhat of the same theme of 'Universal Studios' monsters. I keep planning on finding copies to read, maybe sometime soon :-)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Lady Alucard

More of a generic vampiress than an attempt to make a female Dracula (didn't have the proper suit/cape clothing props for that).

As with all the characters, I'll be doing more with her in the future.

The Invisible Woman

My take on another classic 'Universal Studios' monster, with a slight change in gender, of course ^_^

I guess next up will be 'Draculina', followed by the 'Wolf Woman' :-)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Eye see London, Eye see France

Having a lot of fun with the Bride figure, so here's another quick render with her.

This is an homage to my all time favorite halloween movie, "Young Frankenstein" (That's 'Frahnk-en-Shteen' ^_^ ).

Found a facial morph to match Marty Feldmen ('Eye-gore' :-) ). I may use him again before the month is up, of course .

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mummy Awakens (closeup)

My unique take on the classic Universal Studio's 'Mummy' ^_^

Mummy Awakens (Full Frame)

A 'full frame' version of the previous image

The Bride and The Creature

Here is another haloween themed image, featuring my versions of the Bride of Frankenstein and the Creature from the Black Lagoon (okay, not a real good likeness there, but I couldn't find a better model ^_^ ).

The Bride Awakens 1

The other, more sublte lighted version

The Bride Awakens 2

This image features my version of the 'Bride of Frankenstein' being awakened by the good Doctor (off screen ^_^). I tried two different lighting sets; don't know which one I prefer, though.

Water World

I wasn't entirely happy with how this one came out, you can't see the planet well within the body, or her expression (I wanted it to be a sad expression llike she was concerned for her 'child' ).

I may try another version later, maybe playing around with home made transparency maps again.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Elven Rider

Well, here's the next in what I should call the ' Cliches of Fantasy' collection :-)

I'll probably be out of this 'kind and gentle' erotica phase after Halloween, and be back to the 'Good and Raunchy' stuff then ^_^

So, I guess the next cliche should involve a true Dragon?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fey Chase

The Fey Dragon and his Fairy friend spend some time among the wildflowers, only to be interrupted by an unwelcome visitor.

Told you I was in a real Tree Huggy' mode lately (probably a combination of LotR Online and all that 'Enya'-type music I listen to ^_^ ).

I guess now I'm going to have to do an image with a damn unicorn in it, huh? (Hmmm... a nude elven ' Godiva'... with huge boobs ^_^ ).

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Wood and Water

The Dryad shares a tender kiss with her Lover of the Lake, one of the elements that grants her and her tree life.

In retrospect, I probably should have trimmed the dryad's 'bush', but this is one of those 'one shot before crashing' renders (have to reboot my entire system after one of those).

As usual, good enough for me :-)

Dryad 2

The Dryad tries to cheer up a fellow Creature of Fey, an Ent, who is a bit upset now that he has lost his foliage before the winter season.

The ent seems upset that her pet fey dragon has found his nose a comfortable perch, though.

In this one I decided to give the dryad a fuller 'bush', so to speak ^_^

Dryad 1

A dryad spends time away from her sheltering tree to enjoy the natural world around her, and take her Fey Dragon out for a flight.

Been playing Lord of the Rings Online lately (got an elven Loremaster up to 10th level so far), so I guess that's the reason for this 'tree huggy' image ^_^

Witches Three

Well, seeing as how its the Haloween 'season', here is an image in the theme.

I named it 'Witches' Three, although the one in the middle is supposed to be a Vampiress (also my first use of the 'Girl' model).

I'll be doing more Hallow's Eve themed images later, of course ^_^

Ms Kitty 2

Just another pose (although the bed in this render is strange. Sometimes you can see the texture in the mattress [same as the headboard], other times it puffs out like in this one :-/ ).

Ms Kitty from 'Gunsmoke'

Ms. Kitty, from the old 'Gunsmoke' series [showing my age now ^_^ ], was the most respected woman in town.

It was only after I became older, and realized exactly what Ms. Kitty's ' profession' was, that I knew why she was so respected (and that put a whole new spin on her relationship with Marshall Dillon ^_^).

Again, using the 'mature' skin texture/morph I used for Myra earlier, this time combining it with a so-called 'BBW' morph (the same I used for my first Velma images), and of course making the boobs bigger :-)

Myra Brandish

In this one I used a texture that had a 'built in' bra, since any other one I used tended to intersect the bodysuit.

Interesting how the skin texture only makes her look much younger (still the same 'mature' morph).

Myra Brandish Alternate

My version of Myra Standish from "The Venture Brothers".

She is the supposed mother of Hank and Dean (although there is some doubt on that): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myra_Brandish

This image is based on one done by the artist Oni: http://www.catthouse.com/Oni/images/Myra-O.jpg

Actually, this is just an excuse for me to use a 'mature' morph (older then normal in face/body, but can still be seen as sexy) I recently got. The skin texture is also 'aged' (blemishes and such).

Sheeva Nude 2

One more Sheeva image to get this bug out of my system.

I guess you can tell what I thought was her best characteristic, huh? :)

Would have looked much better if I had learned to use the 'naughty parts' prop. Maybe I'll re-do the pose once i do, however.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sheeva Nude

A racier image with the new Sheeva. I'll probably do a x-rated version this weekend, and post an edited version at my gallery here.

The second set of arms were easier to pose than I thought, though.

Mistakes: an area on her left leg is kinda weird. For those who know poser, I converted the skin texture I used from one intended for another model called Victoria 2. The conversion process wasn't perfect, and I tried to use the 'smudge' tool in photoshop to correct it (not to very good effect though).

Sheeva, Take Two

Trying another version of Sheeva from 'Mortal Kombat' after being 'inspired' by some other art I saw of her on another forum.

A nude version of my first attempt is here: http://chupacabra555.greatestjournal.com/22713.html

Later on I'll try to do a more R/X-rated image or two (gotta re-learn how to use the 'naughty parts' prop, though ^_^ ).

Edit: And again, mistakes: vestigial middle fingers (the 'nightcrawler hands' morph was ment for the male figure, and messes up for some reason with the female figure).

In future renders I'll try to fix that with photoshop (and maybe update this image as well).

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Farmer's Daughter- Milkmaid

Well, now you know why there were no cows in the previous image, even though there was a pail of milk ^_^

A bit over the top, I know, but I thought it was funny/sexy :-)

Farmer's Daughter- Milkmaid Close Up

A close up of the previous image

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Griffon Rider

Just an image combining some new props ('Stonehenge', the Griffon, and the armor).

Griffon Rider, Close Up

Just a close up so you can see the rider mor clearly

Cyborg Angels

Just an image combining some of the cyber-themed women from earlier renders.

Took forever to do this one because of all the high-detail textures involved, finally had to reduce the size and turn off all shadows to get it to render.

Cyber-Junk in Da Trunk ^_^

Some of the other troopers in her mercenary company have made snide comments to her that her rear end is growing in size to match her front.

While ignoring the gossip in their presence, alone in her room she examines her rump in the mirror, wondering if it is true?

I don't know how to do a true mirror in poser, so the 'reflective latex' I have been using so much lately comes to the rescue (in this case a 'grey/silver' texture serves as the mirror).

I got this idea in a throw away line from an episode of 'Adult Swim's' "Frisky Dingo" ^_^

She-Trooper's New Armor

The She-Trooper from some of my earlier renders has acquired a new set of armor, and gives it a test flight.

I'll eventually have to get back to how she got away from the 'Inseminoid' that was menacing her 'last episode' ^_^

Kaminoan 1

There is a certain rule about pornography out there called 'Rule 34' I believe: "If it exists, there is porn made of it out there" :-)

Seeing as how I have seen tons of erotica featuring Slave Leia, Hot Twi'lek chicks, and pretty much any human female in the Star Wars universe, I decided to try something different.

The genetic engineers of 'Attack of the Clones' featured one female (can't recall her name). If you squinted hard, she was 'kinda' sexy ^_^

So here is my attempt at a female Kaminoan (using a stretched out humanoid 'UFO alien' morph, and some 'Nightcrawler' hand/feet morphs).

Kaminoan 2

Striking a sexier pose (I'm sure there are some 'abductees' out there who probably recognize her ^_^ ).

Kaminoan 3

Again, being true to my interests, the lady Kaminoan tries out a new genetic enhancement :-)

The Farmer's Daughter

Just another quick render, this time fully clothed (well, mostly ^_^ ).

The Farmer's Daughter is one of those 'generic' male fantasies that we almost all share. I myself have fond memories of Ellie Mae from 'The Beverly Hillbilly's' and Daisy from 'Li'l Abner' :-)