Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bad News: Poser program crapped out (Again, dammit!)

Seems as if something is wrong with my poser program, it just won't render anything anymore. :-/

Don't know what the problem is, but I'll try to fix it. If I can't, then I'll have to go through the long process of re-installing it (AGAIN, dammit!).

This time it should be quicker, though. I'll back up all the files on disk, then re-install the program and re-load the files straignt from the disk.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ayala vs Predators

Something I put together to play with a couple of new things (to me, anyway), a new predator model (the one on the left), and the 'camoflauge' effect material of the predator on the right).

Ayala Forges Her Saber

Of course I had to render a nude image, but I submitted to one of my rare 'artistic' urges and decided to not make it x-rated (don't worry, that's coming soon ^_^ ).

Sil Take One #1

My first attempt at making a render version of the monster Sil from 'Species'.

The main part of this is the texture called 'Greygoria':

To that I added some 'redator' hair, the crown included with the texture set, and various other 'monster parts' I've acquired (back spines, claws, spikes on arms and legs).

I may try another version sometime in the future.

Sil Take One #2

Another angle where you can see the texture better

Ripley Trapped

My rendition of Ellen Ripley from Alien/Aliens/etc, etc.
I've mentioned elsewhere how I had an 'appreciation' for the scene where she stripped down to her undies, as shown in these links: Ripley's Panties
And Again

I found a facial morph that was supposed to look like sigourney, but when you apply expressions it looses the look (to me, anyway).

To be true to the scene, I didn't give Ripley my 'standard' breast size, but who knows what will happen when she emerges from her sleep chamber?

PS: Also thanks to the unknown creator of the Alien model, it is EXCELLENT work, with loads of detail

Ripley Sleeps

Having escaped the Alien creature by shooting it out the airlock, Ripley prepares for her long trip home in the cryogenic sleep chamber with Johnsey.

She is thus unaware of the stow away, and what it seems to be doing to the equipment that maintains her sleep.

I'll probably eventually go back and do one last image or two of Ripley stepping into her spacesuit (anyone remember that portion of the scene and the 'interesting' angle the camera gave? ^_^ ).

See the next image for the effects of whatever the facehugger doing to the sleep monitor :-)

Ripley Breast Expansion

Whatever the facehugger has put into the Sleep Monitor, it seems to have accellerated the growth of Ripley's mammary glands; to what exact ends remain unknown.


Told you I would do it, didn't I? ^_^

I also believe this is my first true 'breast expansion' image, where there is an actual growth process from small to large.

Although I don't consider myself a true 'B.E.' fan, I often like the end results of some of the B.E. art I find out there

Yondalla Udonta 1

If anyone remembers the Guardians of the Galaxy comic by marvel, you probably remember one of its members was Yondu Udonta, a member of a blue skinned, fin-headed race from Centauri IV:

I always liked the character, and his design. One thing you never saw was a female member of his race, though (at least, not that I can remember), because he was the last survivor of his people, who were wiped out by a reptilian race called the Badoon.

So here is my interpretation of Yondu's 'sister', Yondalla (not an original name to the D&D fans out there, I know :) ).

I did this series of images simply because I found a 'fin head' prop, and decided to do something with it. ^_^

Yondalla Udonta 2

Yondalla Udonta 3

Yondalla and Charlie 1

Yondalla spends some quite time in the forrest temples of Centauri IV with another member of the Guardians, Captain Charlie 27, a Jovian Colonies militiaman:
One note: Gotta love 'second skin' textures when you have no clothing to fit certain models (I have very little clothes for the 'Freak' character).

Yondalla and Charlie 2

Yondalla and Charlie 3

Yondalla and Charlie 4

closeup of the previous image. One day I'll learn photoshop to add the 'moneyshot' ^_^

Yondalla and Charlie 5

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oola and the Rancor 5

Just one post to finish out the 'Oola/Rancor' series

It seems that Oola shares something in common with certain green women from the next universe over ^_^

The Rancor Beast, after one taste of her 'honey', falls completely under the spell of the sultry twi'lek; and she commands her new pet to assist in her escape.

Not what you expected, was it? ^_^

Okay, there were no stormtroopers at Jabba's palace, but I was too lazy to build a 'gammorean' from scratch.

Also, I think the Rancor in the movie was much bigger than the base rancor model here.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Haunted Room

Velma and the gang investigate yet another mystery, but ths time it just might not be someone is a mask! :-)

Run, Velma, Run!

Finally managed to 're-build' my 'Velma' model, and this time managed to find a sweater that I could make fit my preferred dimensions :-)

Also, I have to remain true to myself, so even the She-Goblin and the Zombie have Big 'Uns (must be implants on the zombie, else they would have withered along with the rest of her body ^_^).

As with all my characters, I'll probably have her in a x-rated render later on.

Velma and the Werewolf

Velma encounters someone on a dark night who is definately not Scooby-Do (maybe he's just a Furry? ^_^).

Queen Fight 4

Last of the series, so far.

The winner remains to be seen ^_^

Queen Fight 3

Queen Fight 2

Queen Fight 1

The Black and White queens decide to settle who gets to 'have' rogue in a more physical manner.

They meet in the mansion's 'Danger Room', where psychic dampers render their mental powers useless.

Just an excuse to do another 'catfight' series ^_^

Betty and the Bot

Just a image as an excuse to use the Mech model, and the outfit that 'Betty' (as in Page) is wearing :-)

Warhammer 40K Babe

Found a great set of 'Warhammer 40K' armor over at the Renderosity site, free section (all but the gun) and had to do a render using it.

Unfortunately I couldn't modify the dimensions of the armor to my ' preferred' breast size, but its still cool enough to use ^_^.

I may eventually do a 'Colonial Marines' series, just to use all of the sci-fi armor I have (with the 'She-Trooper' of my earlier renders being the star, of course ).

Oola and the Rancor 4

Probably a bit too dark; I may do more in this 'series'.

Oola and the Rancor 3

Particularly pleased with the composition of this one (the lights/shadows, facial expression, the 'hang' I added to the boobs ^_^).

Oola and the Rancor 2

Oola and the Rancor 1

Just acquired a free Rancor monster prop from Vanishing Point, so I had to render my own version of Oola being 'eaten' by the Rancor ^_^

Alien Implantation 2

A different view of the first image.

Alien Implantation 1

Here is one of two 'Alien' oriented images I whipped up quickly. I'll probably be doing a series based around the idea soon.

I'll probably come up with a better 'story' for the images later, but in this case a facehugger has obviously missed the face, and implanted its egg directly through the victim's abdomen and into her womb (don't worry, I'm not into gore, but I plan on having interesting results for the birth to follow ^_^).

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Gecko Demon

Here is my first attempt at rendering the avatar of another Deviantart member, the GeckoDemon.

Not a very good likeness of his character as depicted in this image:

I used a morph that changed the so-called Millennium Dragon into a 'dragon-man'. I couldn't shorten the snout, however, and there are virtually NO clothes that fit the dragon man (had to 'cheat' with the harness to fit the more muscular model I used, it merges into the back).

I don't know the 'alignment' of the GeckoDemon, so you can take your pick on if he is working with the Drow sorceress, or about to attack her :-)

I'll probably try another more humanoid version later, although I'll loose the three fingered/toed look then, but I'll be able to choose between a larger set of clothing.

The 'Little' Mermaid

Here is my first attempt at a 'Little' Mermaid render.

I really like the mermaid tail I used for this one. However, I'm not totally pleased with the upper body, so I might change models entirely for 'take two'.

Now to get to work on 'Tinkerbell' ^_^

Princess Jasmine, Take One

My first attempt at rendering a 'filled out' version of Princess Jasmine from Disney's 'Alladin'.

I'm pleased with everything in this version except the hair, couldn't find a 'full volume' hair that also has a ponytail. Next time I may try to combine two different hairs (and even try a little photoshop to blend them).

I'll also try renditions of the 'Little' Mermaid, and Tinkerbell (all to dimensions of my liking, of course ^_^).

My inspiration for this comes from the work of the erotic artist Julius Zimmerman, who had done many adult-aged, large breasted versions of disney characters. Here is a link to some of his work:

Just enter the name Jasmine (or Ariel or Tinkerbell or any other character you can think of), and a gallery of his images based on that character should appear (Warning: All are nudes, and some few are x-rated).

Jokerz Girl

My version of one of the Jokerz Girls from 'Batman Beyond'.

I remember one of the Jokerz gang members being a cute Bruce Timm-style girl in a pink teddy using a weighted rubber chicken as a weapon, with a maniacal grin on her face.

Maybe I'll do another version of her using a more 'toon' model (Aiko 3, for those familiar with poser).

Here is a link to screencaps from Batman Beyond where the character appeared. I'll definatelyl try another, 'cuter' version of her sometime in the future (maybe I'll even try to do the 'Dee-Dee' twins also ^_^):

Savage She-Dragon

My version of the character She-Dragon from the pages of the Image comic 'Savage Dragon' by Eric Larsen.
One of the things I like about Savage Dragon (and Eric Larsen) is that he wasn't afraid to show sexual situations (and sometimes outright nudity) if he wanted to. I remember reading that he said it limited the audience (and sales) he could market the book to, but he didn't care.

Ilsa's Experiment

Ilsa combines Magick and Science to produce the first of the Female Furies, and together they howl to the full moon outside.

Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS

Ilsa, chief Paranormal Researcher for the Third Reich, examines her first 'volunteer' for the new process she has created that will create powerful, unstoppable Female Furies for the service of the Fuhrer.

An image inspired by the trailer for the 'movie' "Werewolf Women of the SS" in the movie "Grindhouse" (probably the second best part of that movie, after ' Planet Terror' ^_^ ).

As I've come to understand, the title I choose is also the name of some cheesy flick from the 1960's (probably stuck in my memory from back then, gonna have to google the movie :-)

Monday, August 6, 2007

Jungle and Snow 3

Jungle and Snow 2

Jungle and Snow 1

One of three images pairing up the Jungle and Snow queens, to get the 'muscle babe' bug out of my system (for awhile, anyway).

I used a different breast morph for the Jungle Q., but I'm not totally pleased with the result. I'll try something different next time

Snow Queen

The second of the 'Muscle Babe' images. I really like how this one came out, although I had to use a brown bear instead of a polar bear (didn't have that texture, and it would have been entirely too much white in the image then ^_^ ).

Also, to simulate snow on the ground, I used a fine, 'short nap' blue carpet texture instead :-)

Jungle Queen

One of two new 'quick' renders, mainly as an excuse to play around with muscle and breast morphs for the Victoria 4 figure

I think my love of Big Uns may have overpowered the muscles on the women, though. ^_^

So, what do you think? should I go for bigger muscles in more pics? Lesser? Even (gasp) smaller boobs?!?! ^_^

Slave She-Hulk

In an attempt to rescue her cousin, Jennifer manages to find passage to the War World where the Hulk was sent.

The inhabitants proved too powerful for her, though, and she was captured and made a slave to one of the world's War Lords.

As usual, this is probably the first pic in a 'series', which promises to become more X-rated ^_^

You might notice Jen's body and face have changed from previous renders. That's because I used a different body type that allows me to attach the 'metal bikini top' even though it wasn't made to fit such 'expansive' proportions ^_^

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Rogue and Black 3

Technically, nothing is really going on here unless Jean has a REALLY long tongue ^_^ (i tried getting her closer to the 'action' but there was some intersection with the couch then).

Also, there can be so much skin to skin contact because of the 'power dampening' collar she is wearing (anyone notice that? ^_^).

Rogue and Black 2

The Black Queen's seduction of Rogue continues

Rogue and Black 1

Instead of engaging in a psychic battle over who gets to 'possess' Rogue, the Queens decide to let her decide.

Of course, Professor X would say how much of a choice does Rogue have when faced with the powers of two such formidable telepaths?

I left the shadows on and got it to render at 'standard' resolution, although I had to turn most of the shadows off on the other two pics.

Also, I have a problem with characters 'floating' off the floor; I swear in the preview images they looked like they were touching the ground :-/

She's Mine!

Sorry about the no image post for so long; guess I let that 'using blog as a blog' post get me down :-)

Anyway, here are a few more, starting with this one:

Within the confines of the Hellfire Club's mansion, the Queens Black and White fight over their new 'recruit', Rogue.

Finally took the time after my poser 'crash' of a few months ago to re-build the White Queen and Evolution Rogue, and make a Black Queen (evil Jean Grey version) as well.