Monday, April 30, 2007

The Rescue

This is an image I promised myself a while back, finishing out the 'Impregnation' series I started.

Because of the limitations of my system, I wasn't able to put more than two characters (and clothing ^_^) at a time in a scene. Thanks to a slight upgrade, I am now able to do so.

Even so, this was rendered two steps above 'draft' resolution before I got the inevitable 'out of memory' error, but at least I'm glad I got this one off.

I didn't mean for the critter's head to be enclosed in the fireball, but it looks okay.

The being on the right is a goblinoid version of the Victoria model, who I gave a set of Big Uns, of course (as all women in the Chup-verse have ^_^). I would have given the drow bigger boobs as well, but the outfit she is wearing doesn't conform well to big boobs (without special measures I didn't want to take [don't know how to use magnets well yet] ).

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Oh, Captain!

Well, managed to recover (somewhat) from the self-imposed program crash. Even managed to improve performance a little. I can now render in 'final' resolution for some reason. I noticed there is even some reflection on the floor beneath Oola (and the fact that she is floating above the floor, dammit!).

I spent the last couple of days re-loading the base files into Poser (you'll notice the suspicious lack of clothing, for instance ^_^). Still got a TON of stuff to put back into the program before I can get serious about rendering again, including re-building all my 'characters' from scratch. managed to find my 'zhann' skin textures, so now I can pair up the three women featured in my 'Alien Slaves' commission at last.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Re-Installing Poser

Decided to re-install Poser. It, and my entire system, was getting kind of 'glitchy' for some reason recently; I may have to go back to square one with my entire system.

Not looking forward to this, but its probably the only thing that can make it work properly again. I tried to move files around and re-install last night, but only made a holy mess of all my poser files. Luckily, I have everything (almost) saved to disk, so it shouldn't take too long to install (but the hard part is re-arranging them into a file system I like).

Oh well, back to the drawing board :-/

Thursday, April 19, 2007

All Sizes

This image has helped me perfect my 'technique' of making multiple character images without resorting to photoshop. I had a pose set that produced the pose in the image, so what I did was load one character, select her pose portion of the image, implant the necessary morphs, then save the character as a single 'element'. 'Rinse and Repeat' for each character, then seperately load each into one single scene; I'm pretty proud of the results, if I do say so myself

As usual, I couldn't get a very high resolution out of my system, this image is two steps above 'Draft'; I tried three steps, but then it froze.Note that halfling has changed somewhat from the first time I used her in an image:

She has now become a half-halfing, half-drow ('Drowling'), Tiefling (a.k.a., a mongrel ). I was looking at the 3.0 Player's Handbook, and noticed that halflings are even shorter then dwarves (or gnomes, for that matter). So I reduced her size to 70% of normal. Technically, the half-dragon Draconia should be even taller than 'standard' size, but this time I just left it alone.

Sci-Fi Threesome (At Last!!!)

Well, not exactly the threesome I had planned originally. The texture I was using for Zhann is on another hard drive, which is currently unaccessable. So I substutited another character, who was actually ment to be a Romulan, not a Vulcan (I used some free Vulcan facial morphs, but gave her a more prominent brow ridge like the Romulans from the series/movies).

Like most of my characters, I will definately be using the romulan chick in future renders.

I finally managed to do a threesome by loading one character at a time, putting in only the morphs I wanted, then posing it seperately before adding another figure. I should have modified the expressions on Oola and the Romulan, but I was afraid doing any more would cause a crash (by the time I added the third figure, the system was taking its sweet time to adjust the scene).

I will finally do some form of the Oola/Klingon/Zhann image hopefully by this weekend.

Dragon, Lady

Going back to my lady half-dragon, which a friend gave the name 'Draconia' (or 'little Miss Hot Stuff when she isn't in the room ^_^).
This time posed with her draconic parent (first time using the Dragon model, I may use it again in some non-erotic renders in the future, being the Dungeons and Dragon geek that I am :-)

Andorian Submission

Well, here is my latest poser effort.I'm a bit dissapointed with this image, mainly because it took me ALL DAMN DAY to render it! :-/
I seem to have learned the limits of my system; only two characters and maybe a background (plus any requisite 'clothing' [and I use that term loosley ^_^] ) before I get an 'out of memory' error and have to start over from scratch.
Oh well, I can still have a lot of fun with two character only images, and maybe one day I'll actually have the money to upgrade my system to handle more characters.
As to the theme of this image, my as-yet-unnamed klingon is adding another person to her harem, this time an andorian (I'll probably still do seperate renders with her 'acquiring' Zhann and Oola, though).

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sexy Klingon

Going back to some simple, single character images for awhile now.
This is actually something of a test render for another 'morph' system I got, that will adjust the proportions of any clothing props to the body type chosen (hard to find some clothing that matches my 'preferred' breast dimensions :-) ).

I will probably finally get back to producing my poser version of an image I commissioned awhile back ( ), so stay tuned! ^_^

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

No 'Rescue' image soon

Well, that 'Rescue' image I promised myself (and the small number of viewers of my blog ^_^) isn't coming anytime soon. For the past 2 days, for a few hours each day, I've tried to assemble a 3 character image (and a few critters) in the 'Hive', but my system craps out each time, either during the posing stage or the rendering stage.

I still want to do a 'rescue' image, but only when I can figure out how to composite an image (where I render one character at a time, then put the whole image together in photoshop).

Damn, gotta learn something new just for a hobby? What's up with that? ^_^

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Birthing 2

A rear view of the same image, to show off the fine round ass I put on the elf ^_^ (and you get a view of the iris entrance to the chamber).

The birthing

Another image in the 'series' (which I hadn't intended to be a series, actually ^_^).

"The captive showed signs of going into labor, so she was transferred to the birthing bed, her arms held immobile to prevent too violent thrashing through the alternately painful/pleasurable birthing process.

"In very little time, the captive gives 'birth' to a glistening cocoon, which a chamber attentant construct lifts carefully in its multiple arms to hide away in some other chamber.

"Still lactating from the impregnation process, a collecting pool below her pendulous breasts gathers the precious milk, which will be used to nourish the new being she has given birth to.

"After some time to rest and recover from any injuries from the birthing, she will be put into the Impregnation Chamber for the process to begin again"

Don't worry, though, I did promise a rescue, didn't I? ^_^

Note: Damn, forgot to 'turn on' the fog in this image, will correct that in future ones.

Birthing Chamber

Impregnation is complete, and our captive has now been moved to a seperate chamber for the short, frightening gestation period of the new lifeform.

The process of impregnation has stimulated her already large (for the Sun Elven race) breasts, and now they spontaneously lactate abnorman volumes of milk. Below her, partially hidden by the ever present humid mist of this living construct, 'housekeeping wyrms' collect the breast ejaculate, to be processed into susteniance for slaves and other breeders.

I may do yet one (or two) final images in this 'series' next week, since I have something of a 'story' in mind. First time I used the 'pregnant' morph (thank poser artist MarkVolk for getting me used to seeing such images ^_^).

Monday, April 2, 2007

Impregnation #3

This is the third version, with base lighting. Actually, it was the first image I rendered. When I do complex images, I always do a render after getting all the poses right, just in case my system craps out before adding any other stuff.

A silly observation: The alien critter below is kind of wasteful. It opens its mouth to release a worm critter that in turn opens its mouth to release a 'impregnation tongue', that I assumes opens ITS mouth to release an egg. :)

Impregnation #2

This second render was made with a green light tint

Impregnation #1

Well, this is my first attempt at a 'true' tentacle image.

I've explained my 'interest' in tentacle imagery elsewhere, but to explain it again (so people don't think I'm TOO weird :) ):

It all comes from my first seeing a hentai anime called 'Legend of the Overfiend', and, in a small way, the 'ripley strips for the Alien' scene from 'Alien'. The reason I was so affected by 'Legend' is that that was the first true pornographic cartoon I had ever seen (and strangely enough, among the first true x-rated pornography I had ever seen).

While I found the sex scenes somewhat erotic, I wasn't impressed with the end result of most of the sex scenes in 'Legend" (explosive, fatal orgasms :-/ ). That's why, in many of my recent tentacle-themed commissions, I have asked the artist to have at least one of the women in the scene depicted fighting off the monster, and not just being a victim.

Expect to see this elf saved from her fate in future renders :)

I made three versions of this image, of which I think this one is the best (due to the lighting and the fog effect). The other two can be found above.