Monday, December 31, 2007

In Crystal #1

Sometimes a render I set up turns out entirely different from what I expected.

I wanted this to be a image of the character suspended within a huge diamond, imbedded in the chrome sphere beneath (don't ask why, just thought ti would look good :-).

However, I didn't know that the diamond was set up to refract light that struck it, so you couldn't really see into it well. You can see the character in the facets, though ^_^

See the previous image for what the pose looks like without the diamond.

In Crystal #2

Here is the image without the diamond, so you can see the pose I put the character in.

If it weren't for the fact that a certain crystal I positioned turned out invisible, this would have been a much more explicit image (thus explaining the look on her face ^_^ ).

Jessica's New Year

Jessica wish's everyone a Happy New Year in her own unique manner :-)

Okay, not an original image; I've seen TONS of artist do every ' 00' year this way ^_^

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Goodbye Futurama

Cartoon Network is airing their last Futurama marathon over this past weekend.

I'm going to miss Bender and crew. Watching a Futurama re-run for the umpteenth time while I played a mmorpg or set up another render had become a staple of my late sunday nights :-)

So here is my tribute to the show (maybe one day I'll try to give Leela or Amy a try [or maybe even one of those giant amazon women they met once ^_^ ).

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hang Time #1

Since I have to see to my Poser addiction at least once every other day, here is my latest 'fix' :-)

Just another ' quickie' playing around with 'Cirque de Soleil' poses, and a ' upside-down' boob morph to simulate the character hanging from her nipple piercings (she had great Nip-picular Fortitude, it seems ^_^).

Hang Time #2

A second image with more exotic lighting.

Hang Time #3

Third pose from another angle.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dark Smurfette #1

My second attempt at 'goth-izing' otherwise cute characters;

I present Smurfette's evil twin, Dark Smurfette (okay,not a very creative name, I know :-)

Instead of the flowers around the edge of her dress, I decided to put a skull and crossbones ^_^

Edit: By the way, just in case anyone is getting the wrong idea about this character, I assure you Dark Smurfette is 'of age' :-)

Check out the model for yourself:

I think it is intended to be more of a 'cartoon'/'anime' type model (and thus perfect for this D.S. here). Hell, I don't think some of her proportions (before I added the inhuman boobs) are even human ^_^

Dark Smurfette #2

Another pose, and this time she has acquired a somewhat suggestive mushroom :-)

The dress is very pixilated, but I don't have much clothing props for this model (and this one was a low resolution freebie).

Dark Smurfette #3

And finally the nude image (and it also seems as if she got ahold of a 'breast expansion' potion from Gargamel's lab ^_^).

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Rainbow Dark #1

The previous Wednesday Addams image gave me the idea of 'goth-izing' otherwise 'cute' characters, so here is my first attempt.

Introducing Rainbow Brite's evil twin, Rainbow Darke ^_^

Rainbow Dark #2

A second, more provocative pose

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Snow Cones

Just another quick, silly image for the season ^_^

Monday, December 24, 2007

Wednesday's X-mas

A new image, revisiting the last holiday as well as celebrating the upcoming one :)

Wednesday Addams enjoys a quite winter's night with the Ghost of Christmas Future (who else would have that creepy ghost over for Christmas Eve? ^_^ ).

The Ghost, Wednesday, Myself (and Thing :-) wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Red Sonja 1

In another forum I visit they are having a Red Sonja art jam, so here is my attempt at her. :)

I remember Red Sonja appearing in a Spider-Man comic long ago; when she first saw Spider-Man she said "At first glance, I thought you were an evil warrior clad in some outlandish harness..."

It was only years later that I caught the in-joke in that statement ^_^

Red Sonja 2

A second, more menacing pose

Red Sonja 3

And finally, the nude version :-)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Jessica's Present

Jessica offers Santa her own gift wrapped ' present' ^_^

Thursday, December 20, 2007

SunnydHell 1

Hellgirl likes this little town called 'Sunnydale'; in the right parts of town (like the little nightclub she found) demons walk around in full view, and no one bats an eye.

She has heard that you have to watch out for someone called the 'Slayer', though; but she figures its nothing she can't handle.

One of the local inhabitants, who calls himself 'Spike', invites her off to his place for a 'good time' ^_^

SunnydHell 2

Hellgirl takes the initiative in this little 'one day stand' ^_^

SunnydHell 3

Spike 'puts on the face' to finish off his encounter with this new 'slayer' ^_^

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cosmic Angel

A Cosmic Seraphim, one of the leaders of the Angelic Choirs, sets out in search of a overzealous sister who dissapeared during a trip to the Lower Realms.

Been having fun applying textures never ment as 'skin' to human models. This texture is a 'star ruby', which I think came out pretty well ^_^

Cosmic Conquered 1

Emboldened by his conquest of the Seraphim who wandered into his lower realms, Darkness has decided to venture into the upper regions himself to seek out another.

He encounters a star skinned seraphim he has never seen before, and is somewhat suprised when she eagerly accepts his offer for carnal relations.

Cosmic Conquered 2

Just as with his previous angelic conquest, Darkness now knows that he has his latest subject completely under his power.

And yet...there is a strange new feeling in the back of his mind; what could it be?

to be continued ^_^

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Girl's Night Out

The B.P.R.D. has adpoted yet another female demon, who goes by the name 'Lilith', although she has been nicknamed 'Li'l Lilith' by others.

She claims to have been 'kicked out' of hell for failing her 'Human Seduction: 101' class. Until the truth of her allegations can be determined, Hellgirl has been assigned to watch over her (reluctantly).

Hellgirl decides to show her how to really pick up a man by taking her out to a favorite night club (against the wishes of the upper management of the B.P.R.D. ^_^ ).

Den's Cathy In Peril 2

A version with different lighting (like the shadows, but the priestess is lit a bit too bright).

Den's Cathy in Peril 1

An image featuring the Priestess of Ool-la-tec and Cathy.

Den and Cath

Always did like the artwork of Richard Corben in the pages of Heavy Metal magazine, he had a talent for drawing HUGE, both the women and the men.

Although I don't do many renders of nude men, in sticking with his style I tried to do my rendition of Den (' Hmmm, no hair. Hmm...Big' as the voice of John Candy said in the movie ^_^ [dang, I miss him :)] ).

Of course, now since I have him saved, I may use Den and Cath in future renders (maybe a image with Den and that red headed ' Aztec Priestess'? ^_^ ).

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hellgirl, Take One

Realized I had enough 'parts' to do an attempt at Hellboy (except of course, I made him a girl :-).
I'm happy enough with the outcome that I don't think there will ever be a improved 'Take Two'.

Now to get to work on 'Sabrina Sapein' ^_^

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Colossa Captured #1

Colossa, the 'cousin' of the similarly powered X-Man, has been captured by an as yet unknown super-villian.

Colossa Captured #2

A view from the lower quarters

Colossa Captured #3

A rear view :-)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dr. Girlfriend in Bed

A second attempt at Dr. Girlfriend, using the Aiko model this time.

I tried to reproduce the scene in the inset (minus Brock Samson, or course).

Dr. Girlfriend is 90% sexy; its just that Ernest Borgyne voice that makes you go 'Ahhhhh!' (and laugh ^_^).

Dr. Girlfriend in a Bow

Another render, this time of her in a bow like in one episode (couldn't find a screencap of it, though).

For some reason there is a render error in the floor texture (dark lines across it).

Dr. Girlfriend #1

My quickie rendition of Dr. Girlfriend (in her Queen Etheria outfit) from the show The Venture Brothers:

I didn't give her my 'standard' big boobs because the outfits didn't have the proper morphs, although I have a system to do so, so her body look may change a bit in the future.

I also gave her a turned up nose, like pretty much all the women in Venture Brothers have, although you can't see it clearly in these images.

Dr. Girlfriend #2

The good Doctor in another pose (wish I could find a cleaner 'Monarch Logo' for the background, though).


My attempt at a female colossus ('Colossa'), after seeing a similar image of true art on another forum (combining her with She-Hulk for the hell of it).

I picked the name 'Cousins' because I figure the female colossus is a cousin of the original, just as Jennifer is a cousin of Bruce.

P.S.: Thanks go to another Poser artist called The Pitt for use of his Colossus 'bump map', which makes the lines across her body stand out.

Kiss My Shiny, Metal Ass #1

'Colossa' uses a turn on a catchphrase made popular by the larcenous robot 'Bender' from 'Futurama' ^_^

Having loads of fun playing around with some new reflection materials

I actually had She-Hulk with a ' kissing' expression on her face, but you can't see it clearly in She-Colossus' rump, though :-)

Kiss My Shiny, Metal Ass #2

Just a reverse view to fully show She-Hulk.

Predatrix #1

My attempt at a 'female' Predator :-)

This might not be technically right; I have read some official fiction that suggests that the Predator we see in the movies actually IS a female (who says all female aliens have to have boobs? ^_^ ).

Like the lioness, they are the hunters for the males (who rule from the safety of home).

But what the hell, I like she-aliens with big boobs :-)

Predatrix #2

Another render of the female predator, this time sans mask (and top ^_^).

See the notes on Predatrix Close-up for details on how i put together her face.

Predatrix Close Up

Here is a close-up of the face of the Predatrix.

It took me a little while to get this right; I used the head of Sixus1's Predator model, and made a transparency map to ' dissapear' everything but the chin flaps.

I used a ' klingon' forhead morph, and added some ' Zabrak' [Darth Maul] horns.

After that I just positioned the head correctly, and used the ' smudge' tool in photoshop to blend in the merged areas.

You may notice its still a little transparent, though. That's because I had to ' dissapear' the hair, and for some reason it had the side effect of making ths skin a little transparent.

Oh, well, good enough for me ^_^

M v P #1

Okay, think I finally got the 'she-predator' bug out of my system with this set of renders :-)

For the 'flavor text' behind this image:

The so far nameless Predatrix corners her latest prey, a lone Colonial Marine, on a forrested moon. In a series of traps she manages to strip away the marines weapons, and engages her in hand to hand combat.

The marine proves tougher than the Predatrix thought, and with a strong kick manages to both knock her mask and her plasma caster off.

The fight continues, with the Predatrix getting the upper hand, but then she backs off, and strips away her remaining armor and weapons.

M v P #2

Okay, no corny text for this image ^_^

M v P #3

The fight continues, with the Predatrix getting the upper hand, but then she backs off, and strips away her remaining armor and weapons.

The marine understands that the alien wants to 'even the playing field', and fight using just physical prowess and inborn combat skills.

M v P #4

Once again the larger, stronger alien gets the upper hand, almost drowning the marine. In the struggle, however, the 'nether regions' of both combatants rub against each other, and the marine notices the reaction of pure pleasure that washes over the face of the alien.

M v P #5

Realizing she may have found a new weapon, she makes the best use of it in the fight, forcing her fingers deep into the love canal of the Predatrix, even as the alien is trying to break her neck!

M v P #6

Finally, the alien succumbs to the sexual advances of her former prey, and allows herself to be pleasured.

The marine realizes that the alien is totally in her control now, and slowly reaches for the strange weapon forgotten by her attacker.

Will she use it to brutally end the fight? I'll let the viewer decide ^_^

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Spy vs Spy

Always did love reading the 'Spy vs Spy' shorts in 'Mad Magazine'; so here is my somewhat sexier rendition of the two :-)

Baroness Take Two 1

My second take on a render of the Baroness from G.I. Joe.

Took me awhile to add the Cobra symbol to her bodysuit (even added little silver symbols on the collar ^_^ ).

Since I had already done a Lady Jaye, I added her in the image as well (maybe sometime in the future I'll render the catfight between these two ^_^ ).