Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Poser Is Strange Sometimes ^_^

Here is another non-image post, but I promise I'll be doing more image posts as soon as I get that drive repaired (hopefully).


I don't really want to dominate this thread, but I might as well make another comment that caught my attention, based on my own 'hobby' of 3D 'art':

At the site called Renderosity, they recently recognized one of their exclusive content producers, and the one product they made that brought in the most revenue for the site over the entirety of 2016.

What was that product, you might ask?
Well, it is called Exnem Body Hair for G3 Females : Body Hair for G3 Female

So THIS was what brought in the most money for Renderosity over last year? Really?!?
Not any of the actual characters, or outfits, but Body Hair?!?!

To me, this pretty much proves that there are MANY people who are using Poser to produce erotica. I can't really think of any other reason someone would want this product (that being said, I have picked it up myself . It was on sale, and I mainly use it to make a female werewolf, or just to emulate the style of some artist I like [MalcolmD, InCase], even if I'm not into the body hair fetish myself).

Oh, well, the weird corners of the hobby I have chosen never cease to amaze me sometimes

Monday, February 20, 2017

Inner Workings Sunglass Vendor

There is a short accompanying the new Disney movie "Moana" called "Inner Workings": Inner Workings Short

In it there is one character that seems to have captured the attention of many Fanboys out there, despite the fact that she appears for less than perhaps 30 seconds in the entire short: The Sunglass Vendor: Sunglass Vendor 'Thicc' Meme

Although this might be the 'style' of the animator(s) for this short (I've noticed that many of the women have this exaggerated body type, and even the 'muscle man' our hapless hero encounters before meeting her), I personally think this borders on, if not passing, the fine line of 'Fetish' art.

I've commented before on some other artists who like these 'extreme' body proportions: Curvy Drow Priestess

and to me this is the same style, just in a Disney product :-)

Again, another 'pure' Daz Studio render.  I'm not too happy with the hair, had to cover up some 'poke thru' with it, and in the second image it looks like some is flying in her mouth, but I decided to leave it as is.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Orc Barbarian

Well, I'm still in the process of retrieving data from my damaged Poser drive; it will be more expensive than I thought, but not as much as many other places were quoting.  So, I am quite literally paying for my stupidity in not backing up data that represents nearly a decade of Time, Effort, and Money :-(

In the meantime, I can still use 'raw' Daz Studio, and slowly reinstall into Poser some of the recent files I have acquired, and this is the first result.

You may notice the very low polygon giant skull in the image; I have/had much better skull props, but just didn't feel like going through all of my downloads to find it.

I do like how this came out overall.  It combines 3 different outfits: One for the leather straps on the chest and torso, another for the armored 'corset', hip guards, and left gauntlet, and a third for the boots, 'shoulder pad', and right glove.

Thing about Daz Studio which I don't like is that this took several HOURS to render; something that Poser would have accomplished in probably less than an hour.

I'm still very much the amateur with Daz (or Poser, for that matter).  There is probably a way to increase rendering time without sacrificing resolution, but I'll have to look up some tutorials on it.