Thursday, July 21, 2016

Daeny and Drogon

This is my take on a similar set of images by an artist who goes by the name of ShadBase or Shadman:
Mother of Dragons Part 1 by ShadBase
Mother of Dragons Part 2 by ShadBase

He is a very good artist , and you've got to give him credit for sharing all of his great work for free (many artist like him would limit his best stuff to Patreon or the like).

However, like many artists I follow, I'm not particularly into every fetish he is into.

Technically, his images (and mine based on them) involve a woman with a mythical entity, so I'm not as turned off by it as some of his other images (involving horses, for example 0_0).

Besides,  can you call it Bestiality(?) if its with a mythical, intelligent 'animal'? :-)

Anyway, on seeing these, I realized I could do a reasonable approximation of the scene, since I have several dragon figures, an 'Alien Species' Penis :-), and even a 'celebrity' face morph for the actress who plays Daenerys Targaryen.

This was a relatively 'quick' image; if I spent more time I could have emulated the poses of Shadbase's images more closely, but I'm just getting very lazy of late :-) 

Also, for a last bit of Something Interesting, here is a link to a youtube site called "Film Theory", where they think on if Daenerys may be destined to go insane later in life 0_0:

Monday, July 18, 2016

Psion Uncarnate

Again, another long rant to explain the origin of the images follow ^_^

As I've mentioned before, through the years I've played a game called "Dungeons and Dragons".

One of my favorite rules sets are those that deal with 'Psionic' characters, and one of the psionic classes you can play is called the "Psion Uncarnate", which is described as:

 "An uncarnate's ultimate goal is to become a being of pure mind, unbound by the limits of corporeality. "The flesh is weak, but the mind is strong" is an aphorism among many psions, but uncarnates take it as their guiding truth. They seek to become discarnate, to grow into creatures of pure thought held together by psionic will."

I've seen a couple of illustrations of what a Psion Uncarnate might look like, but I found the second one below more interesting, even if it is the simpler of the two.  As you can probably see, it shows the body of the character semi-transparent, and you can see the skeleton and 'nervous system' below the skin.

I have a couple of things I can use to emulate that effect (one of which I have used before, in one form or another), so I decided to try my own version of the Psion Uncarnate.

The 'Phase 2' version didn't come out as well as I had hoped, the 'ghost' effect was probably too transparent, and I don't know how to adjust the effect yet.

I gave her a glowing 'halo' because, in the 4th Edition of the rules, illustrations of psionic characters almost always showed them with such, and I liked that (but hated the overall rules for that edition).

Finally, I decided to pair her with another chartacter for a 'naughty scene' ^_^.  No real purpose behind this character, but I guess because of the skin you can assume he is also some kind of psion.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

She-Hulk: Midnight Dip and Push-Ups

Warning: A small rant on how I was inspired to do, and 'constructed' these images follow, so just feel free to skip all of this and oogle the images yourself ^_^

Recently (as of this post), an erotic artist I follow over at Hentai Foundry, by the curious name of 'Bloodfart', did a small 'flood' of images featuring one of my favorite sexy Marvel Ladies, She-Hulk.

The one I liked the most was one titled "Part 1 Rain": Part 1 Rain by Bloodfart

I liked it enough that I decided to try my own versions.  The first and second version below was done in the program Daz Studio (essentially a free version of the program Poser).

I'm still learning my way around Daz (just recently got it to work properly in my system), but one of the things I picked up awhile back was something to emulate just this effect, of water/oil on the skin of the 'Generation 4' figure.

I'm still learning lighting, so my first try turned out too dark (the second image), but the other try looked good enough.

In Poser, which I like using more because it has way more options (but can be quite expensive, which is why I'm using Version 9, while Version 11 is now available).  It has several applications to emulate this effect which I have, so for this one I combined two 'wet body suits': One to give the effect of water droplets on the torso and dripping from the breasts, and another to give the whole body a 'sprinkled with water' look.

Didn't come out as well as I had hoped; maybe because I swapped out a green skin on an otherwise 'human' skin that had so called 'sub-surface scattering' (for a more realistic looking skin in the proper light).  The two suits combines are probably what made the dark spots on her body (particularly around the areola and on the legs).

Also, this render took nearly 10 HOURS to finish because of the 'true reflective' water she is standing in, and in the end the look wasn't all that impressive (pay close attention and you may notice below her knees how the water changes appearance; I was getting impatient so I turned down the 'reflectivity' :-))

Lastly, I decided to try yet another animation, although this time not a sex one (necessarily:-) ).

I have several animations of a woman doing various exercises, and I thought it would look neat if a large breasted woman were doing push-ups, so I spent some time tweaking the animation to add appropriate 'boob squash' as they pressed to the floor, as well as adding some frames of her boobs swinging free :-)

Both the 'squash' and the 'swing' could have been better (for one, her hands are below floor level), but in the end I liked how they came out.

You can see a low res version of the animation below, or download a high res version (as long as it last), here: Jenny Push Ups

Okay, now that I've gotten She-Hulk out of my head, back to my previous project :-)

Friday, July 1, 2016

Curvy Drow Priestess

Once again using Daz Studio and the 'Genesis 3 Female' figure, this time to produce a super curvy Drow Priestess :-)

Warning: Long rant about the process of doing the image follows, so be warned :-)

The images labeled "Curvy Drow Daz" and "Drow Test Iray" were done in the program Daz Studio.  This 'drow' skin has a lot of options, but they only come out when rendered in what is called "Iray", which I freely admit I know nothing about.  I was able to do a "Iray" render ONCE (the 'test' image). You can see the 'lava cracks' effect on her face and body, as well as the glowing eyes.

Every other attempt I tried to do in Iray turned out very grainy (like the alternate "Goblin Tit Job" images in the previous post, which I mistakenly did in Iray), and I have no reason why (as far as I know nothing has changed).

I also really like the outfit for this one, although you can't really see it due to the proportions :-)
The body of it is looks like a dragon, with the 'wings' wrapped around her breasts, and the 'tail' coming up between the legs to form the crotch piece.  I may use it again in a image with more 'natural' proportions to show it off.

Anyway, again, this image is somewhat inspired by the art of a couple of people I have been following lately:

One goes by the name of SunnySunDown: SunnySunDown's Tumblr

The other goes simply by the name Shiin: Shiin's Tumblr

Both tend to draw women with frankly inhuman proportions, but I still like their style.

With the G3 Female, there are tons of morphs available for it that, when dialed to the extreme, can produce this look as well.  I probably could do it with my standard 'Victoria 4' figure as well, but as I have said before clothing automatically matches the body morphs in Daz Studio without them having to be built into the clothing (as with V4).

However, there is one thing I dislike about the G3 Female which I have pointed out before: I just hate all the nipple/areola morphs available for it, they just don't look as good as those for V4.

Also, while these proportions may look good in drawn artwork or in 3D, I've found that in 'real life' they don't quite appeal to me as much, as in the case of this person someone pointed out on youtube byt the name of Raylynn 0_0: