Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Goblin's Tit Job

Again, a couple more Goblin-centric images inspired by the work of the artist InCase:
InCase Goblin Sketches

This is me again using the Genesis 3 Female figure for Daz Studio, which I am still a novice at.  What I do like about that figure is that there seem to be a LOT of unique breast morphs out there for that figure, some of which I just don't have for my 'standard' Victoria 4 figure.

The 'alternate' versions of these images are actually me making mistakes with the render settings, but I like how they came out anyway.

The 'Chocolate Banana' version is for a forum that doesn't allow X-Rated stuff ^_^

Edit: Hmmm.... I just realized there is something weird going on with her inner eye; I swapped out a green skin texture for the standard 'caucasian' one, but somehow missed that part, and am too lazy now to re-render it (for some reason, renders take forever with Daz as opposed to Poser).

Oh well, good enough.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Emerald House

"A human merchant takes some time off from his travels a nearby demi-human majority town to visit its local 'House of Ill Repute', known as "The Emerald House" among locals.

"Allegedly, the name is meant to reference a large emerald ring the Madame of the house wears, but others say its due to the hue of the skin of many of its Ladies" :-)

This image was inspired by the work of the artist InCase: Goblin Harem by InCase

He doesn't seem to have a color version at any of his sites, so I'll post the color version here (found at Rule 34), with apologies to InCase himself.

I do like like his style, even though not all of his work appeals to me (he sometimes focuses on 'futanari', male-on-male, etc).

I do particularly like his Fantasy themed images though, including an extensive comic focusing on his version of 'halflings' (read 'Hobbits') he shares with his non-patreon fans: Alfie Comic by InCase

In my own image I tried to make at least one unique looking 'goblin', by placing a 'Day of the Dead' makeup over a green tinted skin (for the other two, I just used a green overlay over a normal caucasian skin).

I put the orc babe in just because I was too lazy to make a third or fourth goblin for the scene  :-)