Saturday, May 28, 2016

Natural Dwarf

Warning: Somewhat long rant on females and body hair follows :-)

I've been playing at Poser long enough that, at times, I am inspired to do an image that features content that isn't necessarily in my 'interest group'.

In this case its body hair on women :-)

As some may or may not know, one of my favorite artists her at DA is MalcolmD: MalcolmD at DeviantArt

In addition to drawing women with Huge Boobies :-), one of his other 'specialties' is what I wouild call 'natural' women: women with prominent body hair, pubic or otherwise.

He has done a series of Female Fantasy Dwarf images in the past with this theme, and in some he even has a good rationalization for why humans mistake female dwarves for male (tendency to grow their head hair into long braids which they sometimes wear tied under their chins, and I would even guess for the heavy pubes, they would produce a noticeable bulge in the pants :-)): Dwarven Thunder Blessing by MalcolmD

So, along these lines, I once again return to Daz Studio and the Genesis figure, so that I attach a male beard to the female figure.  I seem to have beaten the rendering problems I was having with Daz (although a render still takes WAY longer than in poser, even without much in the image).

In this case I didn't give this female dwarf a full beard, but some 'muttonchops', as well as a full bush and even a so-called 'Treasure Trail' along her abdomen :-)

I also put some hair on her forearms, but I think it was a bit too thick there (had a shorter hair prop, but was too lazy to re-render it with that).

There is a long standing debate among fans of Dungeons and Dragons on if female dwarves should have full beards or not.  Of course I fall on the side of 'not', but I could compromise with something like this (still unusual, but not the total turnoff that a bearded woman would be :-)).

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch

My take on the wife of The Monarch from the Adult Swim show "Venture Brothers": Dr. Mrs. The Monarch Wiki

My thanks to Hotrod5 for the V4 Bodysuit texture :-)

I couldn't really do her 'wings' properly, but I did have a 'split cape' prop that I used to emulate it.

The Venture Brothers is a great cartoon, sometimes with 'anime-like' fan service in it (such as this costume :-)).  I just wish it didn't take so long between seasons (3 YEARS between seasons 5 and 6, although I think the show should have ended on Season 4, which wrapped up many of the dangling plot threads quite nicely).

Don't know if I'll ever do anything 'naughty' with her, although it is canon that she somewhat has the hots for Brock Samson, so who knows? :-)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Battle Watch

As the name may somewhat suggest, this image was inspired by something I have seen recently, advertisements for the First Person Shooter games "Overwatch" and "Battle Born".
Battle Born:

I don't plan on picking up either game, since I really suck at FPS games, but I found I like the character designs for both games, but Overwatch in particular.

There was even a little bit of controversy about a certain character in Overwatch called "Tracer", and the 'Cammy'-like victory pose she could give (showing the viewer her rear end).  It seems that it upset one vocal parent, and so blizzard changed the pose to make them happy 9_9:

My own thoughts on the subject: In short, Tracer doesn't HAVE a butt, so there was really nothing there to be upset over :-)

Anyway, this character is in the style of characters from the game (maybe Widowmaker over all others).

Another side geek note: Awhile back I did images that mixed the varioius Dungeons and Dragons fantasy tropes with Cyberpunk, in a setting I dubbed "Cyber Arcanna".  Its funny, but Widowmaker from Overwatch really fits a 'Cyber Drow' (Dark Elf) concept really well, even down to the spider theme and skin coloring (sinca a lot of artists out there color their drow purple instead of jet black).

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Rajah's Wish

The origin of this image is based on something I've noticed while watching the "Aladdin" movie, and the TV series.

There are times when Jasmine seems to be talking directly to her pet tiger, Rajah, and strangely enough Rajah seems to respond; his actions indicating that he understood her.

Now, I'm not a 'fan fiction' writer by any means, but I always had a 'head canon' to explain away this.

Rajah is 'actually' a member of the magical race called Rakshasa, a demonic race from Hindu mythology that look like were-tigers: Rakshasha Wiki

Of course, being the Geek that I am, I'm more familiar with the race from their depiction in Dungeons and Dragons :-): D&D Rakshasha

To continue my 'fan fiction': He was cast out from his people because he did not want to rule over humans, and use them as cattle, but co-exist with them.  His people 'froze' him in Tiger form as punishment.

At some point after becoming Jasmine's 'pet', Genie noticed the unusual nature of Rajah and offered him a wish, and he choose to regain his 'true' form.  However, the power of the curse was too strong, and he could do so only on the nights of the Full Moon, such as this night.

Don't know if I'll ever do anything 'naughty' between them (despite some of my content, I'm not really into Furry erotica), but if enough people want to see that, let me know.