Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cowgirl Vs Garou

This is s set of  images I did for Neoyggdrazil, the artist who drew the 'Chibi Chupacabra' I use for my Logo, as part of an 'art trade' :-)

He wanted to see a voluptuous 'Country Cowgirl' having an amorous encounter with a Werewolf, and I just happen to have a set of poses that fit that bill perfectly ^_^

Because of the complex light set, and my somewhat outdated system, these took awhile to render, but I like how they came out eventually.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Country Cowgirl

Awhile back I did an image featuring a 'Farmer's Daughter' type character being abducted by some naughty aliens :-)

This is essentially that same character, solo this time.

Again, using my favorite 'night time' light set, although I may turn up the lighting in future images.

As part of another 'art trade' with the same person who drew my logo, I'm going to be featuring her in another naughty encounter soon (check my blog in about a week from this post for the series).

I decided to give this character a bit of an 'over the top', super curvy body type (beyond my standard huge boobs, of course).

This was in part inspired by the work of the artist SunnySunDown, who, at his Tumblr page, tends to draw humanized versions of the character Applejack from "My Little Pony".:

Now, to be clear, I am NOT a 'Brony', nor do I like MLP porn (not a furry either, no offense to Brony Furrys out there :-)).

I just really like the way he draws his women, and particularly Applejack.

 Anyway, off to work on the series, so stay tuned