Thursday, March 17, 2016

Queen Elsa and Mother Gothel by MalcolmD

Each year around this time, I try to get a commissioned art image or two from an artist.

My favorite one to get images from is a fellow who goes by the name of MalcolmD: MalcolmD At Deviantart

The subject of this image was born from something I saw at a youtube site called Film Theorists: Film Theorists: Frozen

In short, it postulates that Elsa is 'actually' the sister of Rapunzel from Frozen (unusual hair, magical powers, etc.).

So, in this image, Mother Gothel pays Queen Elsa a visit, and uses a magic spell to absorb Elsa's magic, restoring her own youth (and some side Breast Expansion benefits  :-))

Why is she absorbing Elsa's powers through her breasts?  Because its the Chup-Verse, and EVERYTHING involves boobs there, that's why!!  :-)

In the second image he used a background I provided using Poser, but in the end I thought the background he picked looked better.

I may try to emulate this soon in Poser, so stay tuned.

See my blog for a couple of variations, and a big "Thanks!" to MalcolmD for doing this image for me (he is available for commissions, if anyone is interested in getting an image of their own from him).

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Moonlight Dance

Hadn't done an image in awhile, so with this one I decided to try out a 'volumetric' light set (makes it look like mist/dust is in the air that the light is shining through).

My first image was the 'Alternate' version, but I didn't like it much, so I picked a blue 'alien' skin.

Of course in the nude version I made the boobs much bigger ^_^ (after a certain point clothing just doesn't fit with extreme huge boob morphs [aside from dynamic clothing, that is]).