Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Verto-The Queen

Revisiting Halloween in a small way with this image :-)

There is a Youtube personality I follow who goes by the name of Linkara.  He primarily comments on comics, and usually Very Bad comics for the comical opportunities :-).  Each October, however, he runs a series called "Longbox of the Damned", where his alter ego "Moarte" discusses various halloween/horror themed comics.

This year, one of those comics was "Creepy #20": Longbox of the Damned

In it, one of the stories is called "Verto".  In this story a girl finds an unusual bug, and keeps it as a pet, where it continues to grow larger, and Larger, and LARGER :wow:

SPOILER:  It eventually gives 'birth' to some sort of cocoon, which releases a horde of smaller critters that end up consuming her :-(

I thought this was such a fracking SAD ending to the story! :-(

So here is my 'Alternate Ending' to that story, where the bugs instead transform her into their new queen ^_^

Of course, this is not necessarily a 'happy' ending, as she may end up like Sarah Kerrigan from "Starcraft", and lead her new insectile horde to take over the planet! :fear:

If you want to read the story yourself, I made a gallery here: Creepy #20: Verto

Some boring Poser notes:  This is another image where I'm using Daz Studio, and the Genesis 1 figure.  This 'Guyver' outfit (as I call it) can only be used with Genesis, and I liked it too much not to pick it up (although with some work I can use it with Victoria 4, which I may do in the future).

Monday, December 28, 2015

Black Dwarf

A couple of images from me, again somewhat inspired by MalcolmD and his Dwarven Female images: Fantasy Races by MalcolmD

Sorry for the unimaginative name, getting harder to come up with good names for images

Once again I'm going to the Genesis 3 figure and a 'dwarf female' morph made for it. I did modify the body a bit to give larger, wider feet and hands, and a larger, somewhat bulbous nose.  I set her average height at about 4 feet or so, with the human behind her about 6 feet tall.

Also, although 'hairy' isn't particularly my fetish, inspired by MalcolmD and perhaps by InCase, I gave the figure a full bush, and a 'treasure trail' down her belly (as well as armpit hair props, but just not visible in these images).

Still have to learn how to use Daz Studio, as there are no shadows in either image, and for some reason I now notice that her inner mouth textures dissapeared in the second image

I'll probably still play around with this figure and post more here soon, since I still have a couple of other Dwarf morphs to use, as well as a LOT of boob/butt morphs for the Genesis 3 figure before I get tired of it, so stay tuned

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Naked Bounty

No big concept again behind this image, just wanted to use parts of several 'Future Warrior' outfits to make a character.

I do have a somewhat long rant about how I put the character together, though, so feel free to just oogle the images and skip this
As some may know, for the most part I use Poser to create my images, and primarily the Victoria 4 model.  The reason for this is that there are a LOT of things out there made for use with that model (and so far, it has some of the best 'naughty parts' morph/props available to use with it).

That being said, sometimes I use Daz Studio, and the so-called "Genesis" figure: The 'next generation' beyond Victoria 4, and in some ways better (one figure that can be morphed into male, female, and a wide variety of other shapes/sizes).

There are also available Genisis 2 and Genesis 3 figures (shows you how far behind the curve I am :-( ).  What I like about the Genesis figures and Daz Studio is that once you put clothing on the figure, it will 'follow' the morphs of the figure no matter how extreme (and you know how 'extreme' I like to morph certain body parts :-)).

However, with each new 'generation' of figure, you pretty much have to start out from scratch.  The new generation can use most of the previous generation's clothing, but not the generation before that (i.e., Genesis = Victoria 4, Genes 2 = Genesis, Genesis 3 = Genesis 2).

As for myself, I've put WAY too much money into Victoria 4 to see myself switching anytime soon.

That being said (again :-)), there have been times when I have seen certain outfits that will only fit one of the Genesis figures.  In this case, it was a 'Future Warrior' outfit called "Tau Ceti Overseer", which was just too cool looking for me to pass up (although I waited a long time until it was on sale :-)).  It was made for the Genesis 2 figure.

Time went along and Genesis 3 came out, and I was going to pass up on it, until I saw some body morphs made for that figure (yep, primarily Boob Morphs :-), but some 'fantasy race' and Butt morphs as well ^_^).

So I finally decided to use Daz Studio, Genesis 3, and the Tau Ceti outfit to create a character (although the 'cod piece', 'cyber-spine', and helmet come from other outfits).

Since Genesis 3 can use Genesis 2 figures, it was no problem there.

I like how it came out overall, but I still have a LOT to learn about Daz Studio (no shadows in the image for example).  I've got to play around with the boob morphs since the areola/nipples don't look at all right for me.

I have a couple more outfits to use with Genesis 2-3, but most of my renders for those models will be nude (like how I first started out with Poser and Victoria 3 :-)), so stay tuned.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Frozen and Tangled Connected?

First off, Merry Christmas, everybody! :-)

At the Chup@Cabra household things are winding down, but before I call it a day I thought I would share this.

I follow a site on Youtube called "The Film Theorists", where they posit possible valid re-interpretations of facts from various films (Like "What if Neo from "The Matrix" were not the One" :-)).

Their most recent one was essentially "What if Ana and Elsa from Frozen are NOT sisters?" :omg:

It doesn't sound likely, but they put up a good argument.  Frankly, they point out some questions I had all along about Frozen, like "Why did Elsa's parents seem to know about her powers, but did nothing before now", and "Where were her parents headed to on their sea voyage" (I thought it was to research/seek a cure for Elsa's condition, which is kinda right according to their theory).

Anyway, watch it for yourself, and if you feel like it, let me know what you think:

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The New Elf

"Mrs. Claus get a new elf to help with all the heavy lifting necessary during this holiday season" :-)

Had no idea what to do for a Christmas pic, so I went to one of my 'regular' fall-backs, She-Hulk ^_^

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Lavali and Sandra

Before I get started on doing some Christmas themed images, here is one based on a web comic I have been following.

Its called "Sandra On The Rocks": http://www.sandraontherocks.com/strips-sotr/start_by_running

Its a Spin-Off of the "Menage A 3" series, which I did a poor image of a long while back (maybe I'll go back and do another of Zii sometime :-)): http://chup-at-cabra.deviantart.com/art/Zii-and-Friends-111017957

This comic follows the misadventures of Sandra, one of the Ma3 gang, as she tries to make a life for herself.

This image in particular is based on a couple of strips where she is trying to help her lesbian friend find someone new, but, in classic "Three's Company" style, another person, Lavali, mistakes Sandra for lesbian and Sandra never catches on, despite all the OBVIOUS hints, like in these two :-):

Of course, one reason Sandra doesn't catch on is that she is a bit of a lush (she really likes her alcoholic beverages :-)).

I don't think the comic is making light of actual drinking problems in the real world, but in classic fashion that has existed for as long as Comedy, Drunk People are Funny ^_^

From the way the character is drawn (dark skin and the Bindi on the forehead), Lavali is supposed to be Indian.  I didn't want to go 'cartoony' with my renders, so I kept her face realistic with a 'Indian' face morph, although I did add the brow 'bangles' as well just because I liked the look.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Busty Bandito

A "Busty Bandito" from me, somewhat inspired by seeing trailers for "The Hateful 8", "The Ridiculous 6", and Karmagic's own "DD Ranch" girls

Although you probably can't tell in these images, the character wears "Day of the Dead" style makeup as a 'mask'. I had to turn shadows 'off' on the sombrero or else her face was in too much shadows for this light set.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

By The Fireside

Someone at Rule 34 wanted to see this character beside a fireplace in low light conditions, like the third image (which isn't mine), so this is what I came up with

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Pam's Stern Proposal

A quickie from me with my version of Pam again, this time with Conway Stern, a person who turned out to be a traitor to Archer's SuperSpy Organization: http://archer.wikia.com/wiki/Conway_Stern

Actually, it was just a generic black man for some Interracial action, but then I remembered that there was a prominent black male character on a few episodes