Thursday, September 24, 2015

Through The Keyhole

Another from me featuring Velma in (and out ) of a new 'keyhole' sweater.

Actually, I had bought this particular sweater awhile back, but then promptly forgot I had it until it was on sale again and I realized I already had it

Monday, September 21, 2015

Queen Elsa BE

After seeing a few 'Breast Expansion' versions of Elsa on other forums, I decided to finally succumb and do my own version ^_^

Strangely enough, there are some characters that I have just never felt the desire to depict with my 'standard' Huge Tracts of Land, and Elsa is one of them (until now ^_^)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Max and the Bat

Over at another forum they are having a monthly 'art jam', featuring a character chosen by those who participated in the last months jam.

For this month, Max Gibson from the animated series "Batman Beyond" was the subject: Max Gibson Wiki

So this is my own 'enhanced' version of her, encountering a time displaced member of the Bat Family ^_^

Although it isn't obvious, I used a 'celebrity' face for the character, Rhianna (who I used in a previous 'Battleship' themed image).

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Panda's Glade

Another 'quick' image/animation using another 'furry' morph I found.

Thing is, I'm not particularly a 'furry' fan in the 'classic' sense.  The majority of furry fans (erotic or otherwise) tend to like basically human bodies with anthropomorphic heads (to varying degrees).

The kind of 'furry' I prefer tend to be of the likes of 'Tigra' from Marvel Comics, or 'Cheetara' from the Thundercats (basically totally human women, maybe with an animal tail, and skin coloration of the 'totem' they represent.

In this case, though, I picked up this 'panda' skin/morph set based entirely on the fact that it was on sale ^_^

I may still use the other variations of this skin set with more 'humanized' furry characters in the future, though.

For no particular reason I decided to use one of the short animation files I have to show her belly dancing (although there are some errors: I moved her over to the left initially, and moved the rocks back a bit, but they quickly slid back to their original positions [still have a LOT to learn about animations]).

Monday, September 7, 2015

Dragon's Serenade

I have several Dragon figures in my library, I just haven't used them much because of the 'focus' of most of my stuff (... sexual, so what can you do that involves a dragon? :-)).

So this is one of my few totally non-sexual images (although the Elven Harpist is just a little scantily clad).  Because of the light set and all the stuff in the scene, it took several tries to get it to render completely, but I like how it finally came out.

I could probably still do something sexy with the harpist, since some of the poses for this 'harp' set are distinctly sexual in nature :-)

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hermione's Sexual Magick

One by me of Emma Watson as Hermione engaging in some 'Sexual Magick' that, among other things, makes her boobs bigger (hey, what did you expect from me? ).
I modified the Emma 'Celebrity Morph' just a little bit to age it some more, since the 'base' morph still doesn't resemble her as she looks today (added some cheek lines). Still don't think it worked completely, but well enough, I guess.

I'll probably do more like this later, of various 'expanded' celebrities as the characters they are best/currently known for playing.

Friday, September 4, 2015

The Dragon Kings Project

This is going to be one of the few non-image posts I make here.

Recently I learned of something called "The Dragon Kings Project", a Kickstarter for a pencil-and-paper Role Playing Game similar to Dungeons and Dragons:

Specifically, it was created by much of the same team that made one of my favorite settings for the Dungeons and Dragons game itself back in the 90s, the Dark Sun setting: Dark Sun Wiki

The makers of the setting actually describe it as the 'spiritual successor' to Dark Sun, as described in this Youtube clip: Dragon Kings Youtube Video

I picked up the World Book recently, and the Pathfinder Rules Supplement for it (they made the World Book generic, with add-on rules packs for several popular games).

On the last page of the Pathfinder Rules supplement, they actually encourage people to freely share it with others, so here I do so (although I hope they aren't embarrassed that someone who makes 3D porn [mostly ^_^] is doing the sharing).

So, if you play Pathfinder, here is a link to the Dragon Kings rules supplement: Dragon Kings for Pathfinder

Alternate Download

It actually has stuff you could probably use for settings other than Dragon Kings.  Personally, I still want to play a Pathfinder version of Dark Sun, but that doesn't mean I can't mine this setting for stuff to use in my campaign, thus making it something unique from all the other Dark Sun campaigns out there.

I may yet do some kind of image (erotic or otherwise) based on the Dragon Kings setting, after I read most of the World Book and Rules Supplement