Saturday, August 22, 2015

KISS Army Velma

As I've said before, lately I've been using Velma as a 'Clothes Horse' for new outfits I get that I can't find any other reason to use (even though that sometimes requires some heavy morphing of said outfits to fit my 'preferred' dimensions for Velma :-)).

This is one of those outfits, a kinky 'strap' dress, with morphs for Victoria 4 to make it look like the straps are digging in to the flesh :-)

Those morphs just didn't look right on Velma's breasts, so I removed them.

As to why she looks like "The Spaceman" from KISS: Recently, a DVD Scooby-Doo DVD was released where KISS played guest stars (like many stars did back in the day), and all of the gang were dressed up as one of the characters to go to a concert (except Fred, of course).  Velma was dressed as The Spaceman, Shaggy as The Demon, Daphne as The Starchild, and Scooby as The Catman (of course :-)).

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