Sunday, August 30, 2015

Magical Nectar

"An Unseelie Dryad offers a traveler lost in the Misty Glens a sip of magical, refreshing nectar" :-)

Had both the 'tree dryad' outfit, and the 'Witch' skin texture for quite awhile, but only just now decided to use them.

Funny, but I didn't know until I rendered it that the Witch had 'displacement maps' in the skin texture to give her that strange 'collar' underneath her skin, and the writing on her right arm is raised, which is why I decided to make her 'unseelie' due to the slightly creepy look.

She may reappear during Halloween Season ^_^

Saturday, August 22, 2015

KISS Army Velma

As I've said before, lately I've been using Velma as a 'Clothes Horse' for new outfits I get that I can't find any other reason to use (even though that sometimes requires some heavy morphing of said outfits to fit my 'preferred' dimensions for Velma :-)).

This is one of those outfits, a kinky 'strap' dress, with morphs for Victoria 4 to make it look like the straps are digging in to the flesh :-)

Those morphs just didn't look right on Velma's breasts, so I removed them.

As to why she looks like "The Spaceman" from KISS: Recently, a DVD Scooby-Doo DVD was released where KISS played guest stars (like many stars did back in the day), and all of the gang were dressed up as one of the characters to go to a concert (except Fred, of course).  Velma was dressed as The Spaceman, Shaggy as The Demon, Daphne as The Starchild, and Scooby as The Catman (of course :-)).

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Defending The Princess

Using another 'furry' morph for Michael 4 to turn him into a Lion Man this time :-)

I tried to emulate the look of a 'Frank Frazetta' piece with this one, even giving the woman a Frazetta like body (very voluptuous :-)).

Not too happy with this image; I put a moon in the background but it came out too dark, the lion man is floating a bit off the ground, and this took about 5 renders to get the whole image (my crappy system would do a portion then cut out).  Too lazy now to go back and light the moon.

I may do more 'naughty' images later, with the Princess 'thanking' her leonine hero ^_^

Monday, August 10, 2015

Good Service

This series of images was in part inspired by Incase's comic, and his take on 'Halflings'.

You can find his patreon supported comic here: Alphie Comic by InCase

Of course we all know that the 'standard' halfling is a rip-off of a Hobbit, big hairy feet and all (and props to Pathfinder for sticking with that D&D trope with their take on halflings ).

The ones InCase draws seem to only have the height thing, along with prominent 'elf' ears.

I've also noticed that they tend to be 'hairy' in other ways, from big bushy eyebrows, to arm pit hair and full pubes on the women.

I tried to emulate this as closely as possible (even added pit hair to the female, but it just can't be seen in any of the poses I picked for her).

I set her relative height at about 3 1/2 feet, with the human male at 6 feet (average height for a 'hairfoot' halfling is 3 feet, so I guess you could call this one a 'Tallfellow' ).

I picked a 'toony' face out of my library as well to indicate a slightly non-human feel.

One of my problems with doing 'shortcake' erotica is that I don't have any 'sex poses' meant for characters of such different heights, so I have to tweak some of the others a lot to fit (and in the case of the first image, I just took two 'sitting' poses and then manipulated her left arm/hand until it was grabbing his member ).

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Baby the Orc

My own quick take on Baby The Ork from 'Bloomin Fairies':
Marshmallow Hell
Miss Handled

The comic is mostly about the sexual misadventures of a traveling knight called Thane, who literally pissed off a faerie and was cursed to be sexually assualted by ANY women he comes near, and to always be.... ready... for the actiom *ahem*.

Baby was a very UGLY orc, but one of the after effects of his curse is that any woman he sleeps with becomes a voluptuous, beautiful woman ^_^

You can use one of the above links to check out the whole series for yourself.

Edit: Wow!!  I shared this at the "Bloomin Faeries" site just for kicks, and it seems to have broken my Site Counter (which topped off at 80k hits the day after).

So a bit "Thanks" to all those who took the time to view the image (now time to find another site counter, I guess :-) )