Saturday, June 27, 2015

Waves of Green

Another short animation, this time experimenting with a 'boob motion' set (this one for heavy breathing).

I may set up a download link for it later, but you can view it streaming below or at this link:

I was initially going to put her in a stream of water outdoors, but for some reason when I applied the 'wet skin' application it overwrote the green skin I had applied, and doing 30 frames with reflective water would have taken  forever ^_^

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Stallion's Mate

I'm not really into the 'Furry' fetish, with the possible exceptions of Cheetara and Tigra maybe :-)

Since I do visit several erotic art forums, however, I am exposed to various extremes of the interest.  One seems to be humanoids with the heads of various animals (with various degrees fo 'anthropomorphization' to the heads).

Recently, a content producer by the name of 'Philosopher's Egg' put on sale several of his own 'furry' morphs  for Poser, and impulse buyer that I am, I picked some up, despite not being into 'furry' that much.

Strangely enough, the first one I use isn't for the female, but for the male, since I know that, for whatever strange reasons, well endowed 'Horse Men' and human females seems a popular combination :-)

I may go further with this in the future (planned on it by using a female figure with all the necessary 'naughty parts' morphs :-)), but for now I'm still deep into my 'hiatus' with Dragon Age and such, so no promises (although I am eager to use some of the female 'furry' morphs, partucilarly a 'dragon' one ^_^).

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Brain Parasite

Here's one from me using a new 'monster' figure I picked up

Gotta admit I'm not too happy with it in this image, although I'm sure it'll pop up again around Halloween season

Monday, June 1, 2015

Priestess Gothel

his is my attempt at "Mother Gothel" from the movie "Tangled": Mother Gothel Wiki

See my blog for a nude version.

In this image from a slightly 'alternate' universe, she has mastered the magic of the flower, and now serves as a 'Priestess' who grants eternal youth and beauty to her followers :-)

To me, Mother Gothel looked a bit like a 'tooned up' version of Cher, so I used a "Cher" Celebrity Face Morph, and added a little 'Aiko' to make it more toony.

Probably not as good/close to the original as I wanted, but good enough I guess.