Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sesshoumaru and Elsa

An image I put together for fellow someone at another forum who goes by the name of VanityFair

Recently she stopped by my gallery and gave a few kind words about some of the images.

Now, I fully realize that most of the stuff I produce is meant to appeal to the more prurient interests of the males out there, so when a female actually likes my stuff its something special to me :-)

So as a "Thanks" I offered to do an image for her, and she wanted to see a battle scene between Elsa from "Frozen" and Sesshoumaru from "Inuyasa".

However, after scouring the net for a 'costumel like Sesshoumaru's, I realized I couldn't quite pull off the image she wanted, so I defaulted to something 'sexy', but in this case centering on the male (don't have many 'sexy' pose sets for the male model in my gallery).

This is finally what I came up with.  Although not exactly what she wanted, I'm glad that she was still pleased with the result :-)

Image still needs a little tweaking, so I may re-render it in the future and replace this image.

Okay, now that I've gotten that out of my system, next render will be something Totally Naughty (maybe with Tentacles :-)).

Rosie the Riveter

Just read that the actual person who served as the model for the famous WW2 poser "Rosie The Riveter" passed away recently:

Although this is an entirely inappropriate memorial to her... what the hell ^_^

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Herald of Andraste

As I mentioned in another post, I am currently playing Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Later on I'll do a nude render of her, and maybe one with whatever chosen mate I pick later and put them up at in the near future.

WARNING: Long rant about my first impressions of the game follow.

This is my attempt at re-creating the character I made, a member of the Qunari race who goes by the name of Herah (auto picked for me, since I'm terrible at naming characters :-)).

Here is a screencap to compare:

Yes, once again I'm playing a female protagonist in a RPG, just like in Mass Effect.  Also, just like my Commander Shepard (who she sounds like :-)), I plan on having this character be of the same sex persuasion when romantically inclined (hey, I guess I'm just letting my inner Lipstick Lesbian out, huh? ^_^)

I tried to make her as feminine as possible, but there really isn't that much of a variation with the faces for female Qunari.  I guess I picked this race because I wanted the most exotic character possible (if I could have I probably would have played an Asari in Mass Effect [hope non-human is an option in ME4]).

I haven't gotten far enough into the game to get a wide variety of choices yet, but a friend of mine pointed out a 'Romance Guide' (and they were the one to convince me to pick up this game, like I did for them in Mass Effect :-)): Inquisition Romance Options

According to this guide, the ones that are most interesting to me are:

Josephine:  I'm interested in this one mainly for my 'inner dialogue'  role playing reasons.  I figure that a born warrior (easiest class to play for me with any new game), would probably be attracted to her because she leads a boring, normal, non-violent life; something Herah might want after all of this is over (and of course the character is attractive... and that accent :-)).

Sera: This is the only other 'lesbian' character (according to the guide) I have met so far, and she would be interesting for one reason only: She seems to be the freakiest of all of them so far (and maybe just a little insane, so the whole "Hot/Crazy Matrix" thing comes into play :-)).

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Taking a Dragon Age: Inquisition Break

I recently picked up Dragon Age: Inquisition for sale (half price :-)), and I'm going to try to play through it, now that I finally managed to find a driver for my poor video card that can run it (at the LOWEST resolution, unfortunately :-(, but it still looks okay in my book).

I will of course be inspired to do some Dragon Age images in that time (before too long I'll probably do a version of my own character, and maybe some of the others as I get deeper into the game).

Thing is, I picked up DA I and II before this one (The first was offered for free, and the second for only $20).  I tried playing through DA I but I just couldn't get into it.  What I like about DA:Inquisition is that it has the 'classic' Bioware feel to it (decision wheel, morality choices, and everyone is voice acted [in DA I your character is mute]).

I was pleased, however, to hear "Commander Shepard's" voice come out of my character (yes, I'm playing a female again; I guess I just like female protagonists in my RPGs :-))

Maybe after I play through this one I'll go back and try the other two again.

Aboard The Derelict

Here is one more Sci-Fi themed image, of a Cyborg Space Marine sent in to investigate a possible Xenoform infestation of a ship found floating in interstellar space.

I may do something naughty with her later (although for the most part I've stayed away from making 'tentacle hentai' [tastes change over time], every now and then I fall back into old bad habits :-)).

There were several mistakes during rendering which I poorly tried to fix, sometimes my poor system just skips whole bits of an image for no reason.

In The Wyld

A quickie image of a Faun with a fawn ^_^

Technically, she's not a 'true' faun, since she has human legs. I could have done that, but in the end I was just too lazy to add the props and all

If you look carefully you might notice something interesting about this character: she's a little more... hirsute... than any of my other renders

This is because I recently picked up something interesting, a 'body hair' suit for the female character (there are several out there for the male character). Hey, it was on sale, how could I resist?

Although 'hairy' isn't my fetish, I will admit to noticing in 'real life' porn that some women have this light 'fuzz' on their forearms or lower legs, particularly blonde women, which I do find strangely attractive.

With this 'body suit' you can have hair all over the figure, which I did to test it out. What I like about it is that the thickness of the hair can be adjusted to a 'peach fuzz', 'default' [which, except for the 'treasure trail' is used here], or extreme (which I may use for a werewolf in the future). In future images, though, I think I'll leave out the armpit hair (hell, I don't even like my own pit hair, but I hear it itches like crazy if you shave it )