Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Private Paizure vs Major Melons

This is an image involving the 'Breast Pun' named OCs of a couple of other artists:
"Major Melons" by Glassfish,
and "Private Paizuri" by Dieselbrain-art

I did an image featuring the Major earlier but failed to credit the creator (and see I misspelled the name)

Once again, playing around with some 'special' breast morphs, this time meant to look like the front of the breasts are being flattened against a surface.  Also, like with the Velma image earlier, when they are used with other morphs that reshape the body it doesn't come out perfectly (the top of the breasts aren't quite right, and I'm not good enough with photoshop to correct it).

I have referenced my own Breast Pun themed "OC" in an earlier image called "Princess Oppai" :-): (I'll include a link when I dig it up)

Maybe I'll flesh out that character in a future image :-)

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