Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pilgrim's Punishment

A 'quickie' image for Turkey Day, featuring a busty Pilgrim Maid being punished for her misdeeds by an equally busty Indian Maid :-)

Oh, and to be clear here, she is about to be spanked, not cut or anything.

Its funny, but for some 'research' I did a couple of searches, for 'Sexy Indian, Thanksgiving" and "Sexy Pilgrim, Thanksgiving", and found these two links; the first dealing with 'Sexy Indian' outfits (I suppose for halloween), and the second dealing with 50s pinup babes (including Marilyn Monroe :-)) dressed as Sexy Pilgrims (both links Safe For Work):
Sexy Thanksgiving Costumes
Saucy Pilgrims

 Have a Happy Thanksgiving all!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dragon Priestess

Returning to 'roots' as it were again, with my two favorite subjects: Fantasy and Huge Boobs :-)

There wasn't really any big idea with this image, I just felt like using a few of the items that have been sitting in my library for awhile; the Priestess' dress and headpiece, and the dragon beside her.

I do like the way it came out, although this was another one of those long renders due to all the Sub Surface Scattering on the skins of the Priestess and the Dragon.

I admit to 'cheating' with the full nude version.  I didn't want to take the hours to re-render the entire scene, so I just rendered the priestess alone and dragged/dropped her over the clothed version (look carefully and you can still see a bit of the dress below her at the bottom.

I like the character enough that I may try something 'naughty' with her later, but its always hard to use 'standard' sex poses when you use a character with such huge boobs  :-)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Go-Go Tomago Take 1

I just saw Big Hero 6 this weekend, as this image shows :-)

Long story short: I really liked the movie (I'd probably place it third after Frozen and Wreck It Ralph).  The story was a bit predictable, but then it wasn't aimed at my age group anyway :-)

My favorite character was of course Baymax, but among the female cast my fave was Go-Go Tomago.
Anyway, here is my first attempt at trying my own version of her.

You may notice that, although she is somewhat enhanced in a certain area, it isn't my usual area to give enhancements to :-)

This is partly due to how the character is actually 'drawn' (as the comparison on the right shows), but a lot due to another artist who produced the first 'Rule 34' of the character I have ever seen, who goes by the name of Shadbase, and here is his very curvy renditions of her ^_^: Go-Go by Shadbase

I may do more with her later, maybe even with Honey Lemon (and maybe the nameless Goth Robot Fighter Girl from the beginning of the movie as well :-)).

Edit:  Added another few images featuring Go-Go, again inspired by Shadman's image

Next I'll do something X-Rated with her, and then I'll finally work the Go-Go/Big Hero 6 bug out of my system (although I still found that goth Robot Fighter Girl in the beginning of the movie kind of sexy... ).

Edit-Edit: added a short x-rated series although, if I have to tell the truth, they aren't as good as they could have been (guess I was just getting lazy), but now I have worked the Big Hero 6 bug out of my system for now 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Red of the Wastelands

Here's another image featuring Pumpmonger's Red the Paladin, this time as a warrior in a Sci-Fi Post Apocalypse (note the Martian Tripods in the background :-)).

See my blog for a topless version, and I may add another or two to show the view from the back (and the cyber-enhancements attached there :-)).

Although the two are not connected, maybe this is the image before Manipulated by the Mind Flayers, before she is captured by them.

Time for some truth, however :-):

Awhile back I was watching a INCREDIBLY silly show on Cartoon Network called "Uncle Grandpa".  They had one short segment on it called "Xarna, She-Warrior of the Apocalypse".

When I saw it I couldn't help but think "That's Pumpmonger's character", although the voice and the face are just a BIT too masculine :-)Xarna of the Apocalypse

Sunday, November 2, 2014


One last image for the 'Halloween' season.

No specific concept here, just wanted to use one of my 'alien' skin textures to create something Creepy :-)

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Even though its post Halloween, I'm going to continue with a 'eerie' theme throughout these two weekend days after the holiday ^_^

This image is based on what some so-called UFO 'Abductees' claim to have experienced aboard the spacecrafts of the 'Greys', the alien occupants of UFOs.

Some say that they have been captured and forced into 'breeding' experiments with either full members of the Grey race, or various Grey/Human 'hybrids', for purposes unknown: Grey/Human Hybrids

Despite my chosen pseudonym I remain very much the skeptic about UFOs.  While I believe that there is intelligent life in the universe (just probably not a whole lot of it), I DON"T believe that such life has visited us, abducted us, or performed genetic experiments on us.

As Carl Sagan said long ago, "Extraordinary claims require Extraordinary proof", and despite what "That Alien Guy" on History Channel says, such proof has yet to show itself :-)

Also, another reason for this image was just seeing other artists do 'Sexy Grey Girls' ^_^ (see some examples above).

Some Boring notes:
Of course I once again see the limits of my system when it comes to doing complex images; when I had the shadows turned on for some reason the image failed to render the bottom portion of the image (see the Alternate one for how the full image should have looked).  Maybe I'll be able to render better once I get a better computer, maybe sometime next year.