Saturday, October 4, 2014

Spider-Butt Controversy

One more non-Halloween image before I get fully into the season.

This image of Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman (among the sexiest of female super-heroines in my book :-)), was inspired by something I saw lately.

Recently, Marvel Comics caused a bit of controversy with the alternate cover for their upcoming Spider-Woman #1:

I saw a youtube video, however, that answers the so-called controversy the cover caused:

Here is a longer text version of the youtube bit, where he gives even more male comic cover examples (I for one have seen several covers where its suggested that Nightcrawler's costume consist of nothing but a white pair of boots and gloves, and the red 'onesie' [all the rest being his skin :-) ]):

For my own two bits:

I tend to agree with the video commenter; Spider-themed characters tend to have certain 'iconic' poses, i.e. very 'crawling spider-like'.  Spider-Man has been drawn in the exact same poses, but caused no problem because he was a male (and, like all super-heroes, he has an idealized 'perfect' body [thin and wirery, but still muscular :-)]).

That being said... exactly did Marvel THINK would happen by asking Milo Manara, famously known for his nudes and erotica, to draw a super-heroine for them?  Is there any worse combination of artist than an Italian Erotica illustrator to ask to do this? :-)


Doug Ririe said...

i completely agree with the video commentator also

Anonymous said...

or better ;)
gotta love how people gets their panties on a twist over nothing