Friday, October 31, 2014

Creatures of the Night

An improbable meeting between two classic Universal Studios monsters, The Bride and The Creature from the Black Lagoon :-)

Although tonight is All Hallow's Eve, I think I'll keep making Halloween themed images throughout this weekend.

Happy Halloween, All! :skull: :-)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ripley's Nightmare

Felt like revisiting the "Aliens" universe again, and this time doing something really naughty ^_^

Serving Justice

Taking a small break from Halloween themed images, here is a Mass Effect related one.

As I mentioned in another post, recently I have been replaying the Mass Effect series, this time trying to use one character throughout (before I first played the first two on X-Box, and the last on Computer, with a different character each time).

In Mass Effect 2 we are introduced to Samara, an Asari "Justicar" (kind of like the warrior monks of Earth): Samara Wiki

Since I don't have the 'parts' /textures to recreate Samara exactly, I decided to create my own 'unique' Justicar (whom I haven't named yet).

If I were to create a 'back story' for her, I would probably just steal from the story of Samara.  So, for my character, she is actually the sister of the asari who would eventually become the "Queen" of the Ardat-Yakshi .  (The 'meta' story reason for their being sisters is actually that the skin set for this character is just a variation of the skin used for the 'Queen').

Her purpose in life, in the Post-Reaper universe, is to find her sister, and perhaps find a cure to her artifically induced condition.

That doesn't mean, of course, that she can't have some 'fun' along the way and, unlike some other Justicars, she has not abstained from carnal acts as a form of 'meditation' ^_^

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Its The Great Pumpkin....Velma

Well, here's something I put together featuring Velma as "The Great Pumpkin"

Monday, October 27, 2014

Elspeth Ariadne-Nude

The promised image of my "OC" Elspeth Ariadne, this time topless :-)

Slashy, The Killer Clown

"The Woman who would come to be known by the name 'Slashy, The Killer Clown', was once just a normal circus performer, who liked nothing more than to make the audience under the Big Top laugh to her slapstick comedy done in bright grease paint.

"Unfortunately, there came time when her circus set up in an open field that was rumored to be an ancient burial ground for some 'dishonered dead'.  She tried to warn the circus owner against setting camp there, as her family had dabbled in the occult (according to some macabre stories told to her by her gran-gran).  Against her warnings, the circus went on, and that night disaster occurred.

"During the height of her own act, ancient corpses began to burst from the ground, animated by some unknown evil force.  In the end, most of her circus troupe had been killed, including all of her fellow Clowns, some of which she had to take out herself when they rose as the living dead!

"Now she has set herself on the path of vengeance against all the undead, and those who have seen her in action have called her a 'Killer Clown' even though the only ones she 'kills' have been dead for quite awhile.

"She has recently heard tales of a duo of undead who go by the names of "Silent" and "Scream", and has set out to deal with their menace once and for all".


Another entry for Halloween, this time using the "Evil Clown" trope, but turning it on its head a little bit :-)

You'll notice I set up a possible team up/fight between Slashy and a couple I created for last season: Silent and Scream,  and I may do a image with them meeting up later.

I've read that real life clowns have become upset at the Evil Clown trope, and to a point I can agree.  I've never been afraid of clowns myself, and I have fond memories of Red Skelton as a 'hobo clown' way back when : Hobo Clowns

So with this character, although she's not an 'evil clown', she's definitely not out to make people laugh anymore :-)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Queen's Subjects

Kicking off Halloween Week with another "Alien" themed image, this time of a humanoid Alien Queen and a couple of her 'subjects'. :-)

I actually used the Sigourney Weaver face morph with this image (minus a nose ^_^), but of course its not evident unless its a close up.

I'll be doing Halloween themed images all this week, although probably not one every day as I tried to do in the past, culminating on All Hallow's Eve of course :-)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Red Death

Another Halloween themed image for the season :-)

I got the name from Edgar Allen Poe's classic tale, "Mask of the Red Death" of course, with a victim of said plague beneath the Grim Reaper, come to take the poor soul to her reward in the Hereafter.

Not to belittle a too serious tragedy that exists today, but I've always wondered if any modern day virologist was tempted to call Ebola "The Red Death" due to its similarity to the disease described by Poe.

I haven't done much X-Rated stuff lately; I guess the longer I keep playing with Poser the more I like actually putting clothing on my figures :-)

I promise I will eventually get back to doing naughty stuff, though.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Ripley In Peril

Here is something I put together featuring "Ellen Ripley" from the movie 'Alien', totally unaware of the menace of said creature directly behind her.

The last two images are just a funny variation on one, and a 'Motivational Poster' I found elsewhere  :-)

I actually used a "Sigourney Weaver" face morph for this one (a lot like I did a long while back, although this one is much better:  Ripley Trapped

As I mentioned in my profile, one of my favorite movies of all time is "Aliens" (now "Frozen" is a close second :-)).

The first film in the franchise still holds a fond place in my heart (or is that chest? :-)) though.  H.R. Giger created the first 'modern' movie monster that can stand with the likes of the Universal Studios classics like Dracula and Frankenstein.

I went to see the movie when I was very young (too old now to say how young ^_^), and it was so scary that I still have the occasional nightmare about it all these years later.

There was one element in it that surprised my young eyes, though; the time at the end of the movie when, believing she is out of danger, Ripley begins to strip down to her undies to get into the cryotube.

Did I say undies?  I ment to say some very, Very, TINY panties!! :crazy:

For those of you who haven't seen it, here is a youtube clip of a part of the scene: Ripley's Panties Youtube

Must have been cold on the shuttle, since you can also see a pert pair of nipples poking through that thin T-Shirt as well..... *drool*..... Ahem, as I was saying :roll:

Now, this was the first 'nude' woman I ever saw on the big screen, so you can imagine my shock.  Combine wanting to see a nekkid woman with wanting to look away from the screen because I just KNEW the Alien was there somewhere (because the credits weren't rolling, of course :-)).

I'm surprised (and pleased) that it didn't give me some kind of sex/fear complex, although it may explain my later fascination with japanese Tentacle Hentai anime :blushes:

    Also, here is a clip I found at Hulu with Sigourney Weaver on Saturday Night Live talking about said scene in a skit (about 2 minutes in) :-)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Spider-Butt Controversy

One more non-Halloween image before I get fully into the season.

This image of Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman (among the sexiest of female super-heroines in my book :-)), was inspired by something I saw lately.

Recently, Marvel Comics caused a bit of controversy with the alternate cover for their upcoming Spider-Woman #1:

I saw a youtube video, however, that answers the so-called controversy the cover caused:

Here is a longer text version of the youtube bit, where he gives even more male comic cover examples (I for one have seen several covers where its suggested that Nightcrawler's costume consist of nothing but a white pair of boots and gloves, and the red 'onesie' [all the rest being his skin :-) ]):

For my own two bits:

I tend to agree with the video commenter; Spider-themed characters tend to have certain 'iconic' poses, i.e. very 'crawling spider-like'.  Spider-Man has been drawn in the exact same poses, but caused no problem because he was a male (and, like all super-heroes, he has an idealized 'perfect' body [thin and wirery, but still muscular :-)]).

That being said... exactly did Marvel THINK would happen by asking Milo Manara, famously known for his nudes and erotica, to draw a super-heroine for them?  Is there any worse combination of artist than an Italian Erotica illustrator to ask to do this? :-)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Elspeth Ariadne, Occult Investigator

Well, its that time of year again when Ghouls and Goblins arise, culminating on that most Frightful night at the end of the month :-)

To kick off the festivities, here is an 'Original Character' I've named Elspeth Ariadne, an Investigator into the Occult and Macabre in old Victorian England.

I've included both a 'standard' and, being true to myself, a "Breast Expansion" version ^_^

I'll probably do a nude version later and update this post with it later.