Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Captured Widow

Decided to use my "Scarlett Johansson" face morph again to create a new Black Widow image, this time in an outfit somewhat inspired by T.Catt's "Erotic Earth" concept: http://eroticearthproject.deviantart...avourites/?new

The other image was because I wanted to do something 'naughty'. Funny thing is that the pose isn't really a 'sex pose', for the women its a 'catfight' pose, and I just positioned Hulk between Widow's legs

Friday, September 19, 2014

Sil from "Species" by Bloodfart

Here is another one of my commissioned images, this time of the She-Monster Sil from the movie "Species", designed by H.R. Giger (most known for his design of the signature monster from the "Alien" franchise): Sil Wiki

This was done for my by an artist known as Bloodfart at Hentai Foundry: Bloodfart's Hentai Foundry Page

I managed to contribute to the image in a small way by rendering the 'alien hive' background.

Hey, being a sci-/fantasy nerd I can see sexy even if forms quite removed from the baseline human, although I do have my limits (I'm still not into the extreme Furry fetish, for example [apologies to any viewers out there who are ^_^]).

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Light Reading

Here is another of my version of Velma, this time contrasting the 'standard' skin I have been using for so long with a new freckled skin texture I picked up recently.

I'm not sure which one is 'better' of the two.  I did tweak the first skin a bit to add some so-called 'sub-surface scattering' (basically by using another skin that had it built in, then swapping out the 'outer' skin for the one I use).  That may account for the somewhat reddish texture, though, so I may go back to the 'standard' version if I choose to stick with this one.

I do like the freckled look of the second one, though, although the 'stretching' of the skin around the boobs is more prominent than in the first version (I could cover this up by 'erasing' the freckles around the boobs, I guess).

Which version do you guys think is better?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fantasy Crossover

Various producers of Poser products have made 'morphs' for the Victoria 4 model that closely/exactly resemble the faces of well known actors/actresses (mostly actresses ^_^).

Here I use several of the ones I have to recreate the characters they are probably best known for:
Cersei Lannister/Lena Headey, Daenerys Targaryen/Emilia Clarke, and Galadriel/Cate Blanchett.

Why is Galadriel in a scene with Cersei and Daenerys... Fuck if I know

Monday, September 8, 2014

Not Again!?!?

Another one from me featuring Velma and that pesky werewolf that was stalking her before

I did this one mainly to see how a new 'freckled' skin texture I picked up looks on her. I'll probably do a couple more images with it before deciding which one to stick with for good.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Eilnys Falconsflight

Still not back to 'full time' rendering yet, but here is another short break from my ME binge ^_^

Inspired by I have seen recently with a 'Barbarian' theme, here is my own take on a somewhat generic female barbarian named Eilnys Falconsflight (name acquired using the Dungeons and Dragons Name Generator