Monday, June 30, 2014

Manipulated by the Mind Flayers

Too tired to come up with any pithy 'purple prose' to go with this image :-)

Initially it was going to be an image featuring Pumpmonger's Red the Paladin abducted by the brain-eating Mind Flayers (from the Dungeons and Dragons game), but after looking at it, it doesn't really look much like her, so lets just say its a generic muscled, red-haired amazon :-)

I really have to learn lighting better; I don't know exactly what it is about this light set that makes textures stand out so well, but I like using it for my fantasy/horror renders.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dwarf and Bard Animated Gif

Awhile back, after seeing an animated .gif of a sexy dwarf having sex on a table by RecklessArts: Tabletop Animation by RecklessArts

 I decided to try my own system at a similar image.

However, it required adjusting a pre-made animated pose meant for 2 human sized people to fit a dwarf and a human.

Out of 200 frames... I finished only 15 before losing interest (Damn my short attention spa... Ohhh, what't that?!?! )

Anyway, here is the result of those 15 frames in a very short animated .gif of my own making.

Someday I may go back and do more frames of the complete animation, but that could take FOREVER

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Green Fury Chained

A quickie image as an excuse to use a "Chain Bikini" outfit I picked up, featuring some mysterious buffed up Fetish Warrior.

Hmmm..... who could it be, I wonder? :-)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Through the Frosted Mirror

"Queen Elsa receives an unexpected gift from some far off kingdom, an ornately crafted mirror of frosted glass.

"When she brings it into her Ice Palace to view it closer though, the surface shimmers like water, an an imposing figure steps through, clad in cold-themed jewelry and clothing muchlike her own, but wearing a queenly crown upon her brow also made of shimmering ice!

"Greetings Elsa, my dear.  We have so much to discuss, you and I."

An impossible meeting between Elsa from Disney's "Frozen" and Jadis, the White Witch from "Chronicles of Narnia".

Again, I'm using a celebrity face morph for Jadis, meant to look like  Tilda Swinton, who played the character in the movie.  The face is pretty accurate, but you can only really tell so in close ups, and when using the skin texture that comes with the morph.

I did two versions; one with the 'standard' skin (with a 'wet' look applied to suggest frost on her skin), and another 'Snow Queen' skin,very pale with 'actual' frost on the limbs.

I still count "Frozen" as probably one of my all time favorite movies, and probably the first disney film I've really enjoyed this much since "Beauty and the Beast".

When it comes to the "Disney Renaissance" films, I missed out on the first one (Little Mermaid), but did go to see "Beauty.." and "Aladdin", and finally "Pocahontas".  This last one, while well drawn, was pretty 'by the numbers', and didn't seem as special as "Beauty.." (While "Aladdin" was special because of the music and Robin Williams,if not for the story).

I don't know if I'll ever get as much into another Disney 'Fairy Tale' movie in the future (although I did enjoy "Maleficent"), but if this is an example of what is to come, it looks promising.

BTW: an on line reviewer by the name of Confused Matthew has a extensive review/analysis of Frozen which I find I totally agree with: Confused Matther's "Frozen" review

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Grabby Hands

Here's another 'quickie' image of Velma in peril, this time based on the work of an artist known as Cornnell Clarke (second image is his,of course) ^_^

Monday, June 9, 2014

Maleficent and Diavel

Here is my take on Angelina Jolie as Maleficent from the movie.

In the second image I pair her up with the Crow-Turned-Human Diavel, as someone pointed out to me that this would probably be the most popular 'ship' among fans who saw the film , and with the last image I just had to be Me ^_^

Anyway, I went to see it with two friends this past weekend, so here are my thoughts on the film (SPOILERS follow):

One of them, while he isn't a disney 'purist', did have problems with the fact that the story was being re-written as a sort of 'revisionist history', and I can see what he means to a point.

If you compare this version to the original it almost sounds like the 'evil' Maleficent has decided to put her own story out, to put a positive 'spin' on her actions.

In the original version, it was the final faerie who was able to put a condition on the curse with her final wish, while in this version Maleficent herself put the condition, on the belief that True Love doesn't exist.

In the original version the three fairies were more caring beings, while in this one they were more concerned with themselves than taking care of infant Aurora (leaving room for Maleficent to take care of the child).

According to my friend, this is just another attempt by Hollywood to show that there no right or wrong actions, and no true villains (something he tends to dislike Hollywood for ^_^).

Myself (and my other friend) take the story for what it is, an interesting, 'adult' retelling of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale that gives a reason behind the actions of Maleficent, making her a more rounded character than just a cardboard 'villain'.

However, I do feel that she should have paid some 'real' price for her actions (as everything works out in the end). If I were telling the tale, I would have the crow/human Diavel be killed by the king's men in his defense of Maleficent (in one of the coolest Dragon fights I've ever seen on film, even beating Smaug in my opinion ).

Not only would that have provided a bit of pathos to the film (Maleficent, in an attempt to undo her biggest regret, ends up losing the only person in her adult life she was ever close to [besides Aurora]).  Also she would have paid some kind of price for being so 'evil' initially (after all, cursing a newborn child to essentially 'die' on her 16th birthday is definitely a "Dark Side" action ).

One final thing: In the credits I saw that Angelina Jolie was an Executive Producer. I'm not sure, but we came to the conclusion that this was a 'vanity project' of hers; she may have come to Disney with the idea that she play a 'sympathetic' Maleficent, and who are Disney to turn down such a huge name actress (although Johnny Depp and Tonto should have made them a bit wary )

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Slaves of the Shokan

Here's a little series I put together after seeing the latest image by the artist Bloodfart over at Hentai Foundry featuring Sheeva from Mortal Kombat 'servicing' some of her fellow shokan ^_^: For the Shokan by Bloodfart

For this I used my own "Egyptian Themed Shokan Priestess": Egyptian Themed Shokan ,
looking over a couple of newly acquired captives ^_^

Some boring notes follow:
The last couple of images look different because, for reasons I'm not aware of, I just couldn't get it to render normally.  I tried everything I knew how to do to fix it (reducing render quality to one above 'draft', increasing the size of my systems virtual memory, using simple lighting) but nothing seemed to work.  I'm hoping this doesn't start a trend for my future renders

Still, it got me to use a render setting I've never used before, 'Sketch'.  Interesting look; maybe when I want to be 'artistic' I'll use it again.