Monday, March 31, 2014

Aria from Mass Effect

Here are a couple of images featuring my take on Aria from the game "Mass Effect" (with thanks to Neoyggdrassil for the facial tattoos ^_^)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Victory and Defeat

Just a single, 'quickie' image based on something else I saw (Damn, the 'Naga's tail was a pain to pose)
The second image is a bit crappy I admit (I posed everything to be viewed from the front, and from the back you can see a lot of 'clipping' [parts intersecting with each other] going on)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Tentacle Mistress

I've decided to temporarily get 'naughty' once again with my images (lately I've been trying to stay away from the Tentacle Hentai theme [except for maybe during Halloween ], although in this case I'm pretty sure the Goth Witch summoned the tentacle beast just so she could get naughty with it ).

I was trying to be 'artistic' in the first image, with lighting only provided by the candles in the scene.

 Edit: I added one more image, which I admit is a bit grotesque

I got the idea from a comic called "Creature Chronicles", and here is a link to the page in question: Creature Chronicles

Had to add a couple of mysteriously floating candles to properly light the scene, though :-)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Going Green

A late St. Patrick's Day themed image, featuring someone else green :-)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Quakeblade's Conquest by MalcolmD

"Unatranna Quakeblade is the goliath Gladiator Slave of a wealthy nobleman from the city-state of Urik on Athas, the world of the Dark Sun.

"She is also a highly successful gladiator, and has won many matches the Obsidian Arena, quite a few of them Death Matches.  Because of this, she enjoys luxuries that practically make her a 'slave' in name only.

"One such luxury is the ability to choose any mate she wishes for a night of carnal pleasures, and earlier in the day, during one of her matches, here eyes were drawn to a slim elven man in the stands.

"One word to her keeper and the gentleman was invited to her quarters later that night.  Despite his slim form, he proved quite well endowed for someone of the elvish race, and was as enthusiastic a lover as any she had known.

"Yes", she said to herself, "I will have to 'celebrate' my victories with this young man more often in the future... now what was his name again?"  :-)

Here is one of the yearly images I get commissioned by the artist known as Malcolm Douglas: Malcolm Douglas' Erotic Art

I was drawn to his art primarily because he, like myself, likes depicting the various races of the Dungeons and Dragons setting in erotic situations.

So for this I had him draw his take on my Goliath (Half-Giant) Gladiator I made for the Dark Sun setting (finally deciding on a name for her).

The second image is my own take on the scene (with somewhat larger boobs :-))

 I'm going to go into some boring details about the character (the dreaded "let me tall you about my character!" thing you don't want to hear from a D&D player, so feel free to just oogle the images

Although she is currently a slave (however well kept), I see her as eventually gaining her freedom. She has been told by older Goliaths that she is meant to accomplish great things, as the shading on her skin (the 'lines') and the 'lithoderms' (small, pebble-like growths of skin on the body) indicate to shamans versed in reading them (her own lithoderms are almost unique, appearing as emerald stones instead of pebbles).

This being Dark Sun, though, her freedom will probably come through treachery. In a arena battle she will be set up to loose (either by her owner, or by a Templar), and barely escape with her life into the desert wilds (maybe to be taken in by the tribe of her young elven lover, huh? ).

Edit: Ran off a few more ^_^

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tired of "Let It Go!" Yet? ^_^

Here is one of those ever-so-rare non-image, non-erotic posts I make every now and then ^_^

Found this little video about "Frozen" and the song 'Let It Go" by the Nostalgia Critic (Doug Walker) :-): Doug Walker on Let It Go ^_^

I admit, after first seeing Frozen I just couldn't get that song out of my head, I even bought the soundtrack just for that one song (but I"m stupid that way, I bought the soundtrack to "The Hobbit" just for the very short "Misty Mountains" song :-)).  Hell, I even found the sing along version on Youtube just so I could see that segment from the movie.

Unlike Nostalgia Critic, though, I haven't sought out versions other than the original (and his parody ^_^).  Its going on three weeks since I saw the movie now, and the song is slowly working its way out of my system.

It will always be among my favorite pieces of music ever (it even won the Oscar for Best Song from a movie :-)), but it may finally be time to move on to other music (or at least listen to the remainder of the Frozen soundtrack :-)).

I still have a couple of ideas for Frozen (came up with them when I was still on my 'high' from seeing the movie), so I may eventually render/post them (although they won't necessarily be erotic [too much respect for the flick I guess, although it is very easy to turn off the clothing and hit 'render' again ^_^)