Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gothic Velma

For no particular reason, here is a 'Gothic' version of Velma ^_^

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Flexible Punkette

A couple by me, turning a Yoga pose into a fuck pose

Monday, May 27, 2013

Mother of Invention

The Victorian Inventor calls her Robo-Man Servant to her quarters, to try out a new...attachment... she has made for him" ^_^

I wanted to give the robot a 'English Gentleman's Mustache", but the closest thing I had was a hair prop which I resized and placed on his face.

Strangely (and appropriately) enough, it looks more like a cheesy 70's porn star 'stache :-)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lady and the SteamBot

     I'm still experimenting with using other light sets, so this one looks a bit too dark to me, so I may re-render it later.

As well, I may do more nude images with this Victorian Steampunk Inventor :-)

Monday, May 20, 2013

B.E. Princess Jasmine

My take on a more bustier version of Princess Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin ^_^

A long while back I had tried a first version of her, found HERE
This time, though, I have a much more accurate version of her hairdo, and I am using a more 'toony' face morph.

I don't think her ponytail is long enough, though, so in future images I'll add to the length.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Quarian Pole Dancer

Since I'm in another "Mass Effect" mood (and probably will be for another couple of months, as I replay all the games before putting them away for a LONG time afterwards), here is my attempt at making a sexy Quarian 'stripper', like you might see in the "Fornax" works by Zakuman and others:

My 'justification' for all the 'glowy bits' on her containment suit is that they are generating a 'barrier' around her exposed bits, invisible to the eye. Why not just appear nude then? Well, you expect to see a Quarian in some kind of containment suit, don't you (and its sexier if the suit is partially transparent :-)).
 I'm not sure if I like the skin texture I used, so I might use another for any future Quarian images.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Latina Booty

Recently I have been 'reading' some Mexican Erotic Comics (i.e., just looking at the pretty pictures, since I can't read the language :-)).
One thing I have noticed is that the artist seem to have an EXTREME appreciation of the well rounded rear end :-), as can be seen in the following (non-explicit) links:

So this is my attempt to emulate that 'style' ^_^

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hit Girl Kicks Ass

My somewhat sexier take on "Hit Girl" from the movie/comic "Kick Ass" (note how I stayed away from the Breast Expansion this time? :-)).

The face morph I used is supposed to resemble Chloƫ Grace Moretz, the actress who plays Hit Girl in the movie, but as usual the resemblance is slim in my images :-(

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Barbarian Triumphant

"A lone, traveling barbarian warrior has just defeated a tribe of gnome wyvern riders, and now sits back to enjoy the proper tribute from their chieftan" ^_^

Just a couple of 'quickie' images I ran off based on something I saw elsewhere.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

EDI's New Do

"Putting her old, experimental body away into storage, EDI admires the new 'hairdo' she has chosen to go with this new 'platform' she has recently inhabited" :-)

The 'Old' body refers to an image I made sometime back featuring EDI (well before it was revealed she would get a robotic one in ME3 I might add :-))

I don't have anything like EDI's true 'hairdo', so I came up with the idea of her changing her hairdo for this image. I'm working on getting a version of her True Do, though.

I have recently been re-playing ME3, this time as a full on He-Shep Renegade :-). One thing I've noticed, now that I've decided to let EDI wear clothes ^_^, is that her Butt and Boobs definately seem much more...rounded... than they seem in her 'base form' (not to mention the visible Camel Toe! :eyepopping: ): Oh, No! Camel Toe! :-)

Hell, at some times her Butt rivals Miranda's in that outfit :-)

Couple of perhaps boring notes:
Although I like trying to cludge together my own stuff to make characters as close as I can to their 'true' forms, sometimes I just have to go with stuff pre-made by others. In this case the outfit was made by someone who goes by the name of Slide3D over at Renderosity, and is pretty much exactly the outfit that Dr. Eva Core wears (I only had to add an Alliance symbol, which can't be seen in this image).

I find it strange that some people can make stuff that is so close to a copyrighted product (not that I'm complaining), I have heard the story that there was someone who made/sold a "Lara Croft" outfit for use with Poser until they got a 'cease and desist' from the makers of "Tomb Raider" (and you can say that her outfit is WAY more generic than this one).

Finally, I really taxed my system with this image and all of the reflections/shadows in it. In the end I had to do this render in several stages, and just composite the whole thing in Paint (I'll probably dial back the settings if I do something so complex in the future).

I'll still be doing more ME images in the future (gotta use those morphs that Dariofish made , particularly for the Drell (male and female), Turian, and even Krogan (does ANYONE really want to see a Krogan in erotica, though? :-))

Ahsoka in Bikini and Slave Outfits

Just a couple of quickie images featuring Ahsoka Tano for no particular reason ^_^

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Major Mellons

"You're in the Army now, Maggot!! and I'M your mama now! Now go down and give me 20... I mean DROP down and give me twenty!!" :-)

Just a silly image of a huge boobed female drill sergeant :-)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Medusa and the Elf Prince

"In order to insure peace between their two kingdoms, the Elven Prince agrees to meet with the Queen of the Medusa in her boudoir" :-)

I was inspired to do this series of images by seeing something similar by the artist Aeolus: Battling the Gorgon , and Attacking the Gorgon

This is one of my first times using the 'advanced' skins (with so-called 'sub-surface scattering' effect to look more like real skin [ironically on the medusa [and the elf's member  :-)]).

My system is still not up to doing such as well as I thought, though, it took several tries on each image to get it to render fully, but overall I like the look (I also used other light sets as well)