Monday, April 22, 2013

She-Hulk Monster Fucked

One last image for this mega update, featuring Jennifer Walter, a.k.a. She-Hulk, being violated by some tentacle faced monstrosity ^_^

In 'real life', t he former actress and now Porn Star Chyna (Joanie Laurer) has made a 'parody' XXX rated flick where she plays She-Hulk ^_^: She-Hulk XXX Trailer

Home Tutoring

Here is another series, featuring a mature busty teacher giving some 'Home Tutoring" to an...impressive... student of hers              

I don't know why, but sometimes an idea just gets stuck in my head and I have to make several images before I can move on to something else ^_^

Sacrifice to Lolth

A Priestess of the Spider Goddess Lolth prepares to sacrifice another intruder to her goddess (one of the few times I get so graphic in my images, but it fits the theme of the images).

Thane and Shepard

and one more Mass Effect themed image, again using skin textures made for me by SenseiXXX

After Party

Continuing the Mass Effect theme, here is another version of the female Commander Shepard (or Femshep, as fans call her ^_^) having some alone time with the Krogan leader, Urdont Wrex ^_^

Erotic Earth (Alliance)-Commander Shepard

The artist T.Catt has an ongoing thing he is calling the Erotic Earth Project.
In his own words:
" The concept is to redesign popular characters as if they existed or were created in a hyper-sexualized world without sexual morés and very few taboos; where everyone is beautiful, healthy and horny and the public exposure of one's "happy parts" (ignoring the logical problems that entails) is the social norm."

So here is something I put together with a armor set I have that looks a bit like something Commander Shepard would wear, I just made certain parts invisible (I toyed with making them look like clear plastic or even 'Mass Effect' fields, but in the end stayed with invisible because it looked better).

I probably should have rendered it larger, so I may go back and re-render later.

Our Lady of the Healing Bosom

Just a 'quickie' from me featuring a rather unorthodox (*ahem*) nun

The Salesman Cometh

A goth chick pays for her new stereo equipment in a novel way ^_^

One of my first uses of an 'advanced' skin texture, now that I have a better version of Poser.
I also used a 'vein map' add on to add visible veins under the skin of her boobs on the first "Freckled Goth" image, kinda like how it came out :-)

Sexual Tension

WARNING: Some slight spoilers for the "Citadel" download for Mass Effect 3 follow:

First off: Again, my thanks to SenseiXXX for the Jack/Subject Zero skin, and Hotrod5 for the Miranda bodysuit texture :-)

Here is another Mass Effect image, inspired by something that occurred in the 'party' portion of the Citadel DLC, where Miranda and Jack were having some kind of argument, and Shepard stepped in and said something like "Oh, go ahead and kiss already! The sexual tension in here is thick enough to cut with a knife." :-)

At which point both of them heartily disagreed, but it stopped them from arguing ^_^

Now, how, as a male Mass Effect fanboy, could I ignore a concept like Miranda and Jack kissing, I tell you?! ;-) (maybe I'll do more between them later).

As for my thoughts on the Citadel DLC:
I enjoyed it, although a part of me had trouble accepting the 'party' section (or the idea of 'shore leave' in general).

I mean, the Earth is being invaded by Reapers, with millions of people being killed horribly each day, and they really expect Shepard to just sit back and take it easy while the ship is being fixed!?!?

Now, in 'reality', I realize what this is: A 'final goodbye' to all the Mass Effect fans, with one more good story element thrown in (I won't spoil that right now :-)), and a party just to have fun with all your surviving crew mates, past and present.

There was also a lot of funny banter going on throughout the DLC, even during some of the fight scenes (Of Course Shepard gets into a fight, even when on 'shore leave' ^_^). Truth to tell, I'm going to have to re-play this and find a spot to hunker down just so I can listen to the banter (I missed a lot of it just trying to stay alive :-)).

I know that some way, somehow, there will be more games in the Mass Effect universe to come (I'm hoping some form of MMO myself), but this was a nice goodbye to the characters we have come to know and love/loathe these past few years.

Also, still expect some more Mass Effect images from me in the future though.

Wild Thing

Using Daz Studio to experiment with some new breast morphs, and a 'wet skin' shader (although I don't particularly like the look on this skin)

Busty Bombshell

Just playing around with a new 'bikini', and decided to make a sexy female wrestler ^_^

Maleficent in Peril

Here are a few images featuring another take on Maleficent from :"Sleeping Beauty"

I had initially intended on making a longer series as part of an 'art trade' with another 3D artist, but I'm afraid lately I have a VERY short attention span, and kinda just forgot 9_9 (but maybe someday I'll get back to it)