Monday, January 28, 2013

New 52 Suprise

 One of Wonder Woman in a modified version of her ' New 52' costume ^_^

Matriarch Bonding

A few more from me featuring the Asari from the previous post, whom I have arbitrarily decided is a Matriarch ^_^

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Asari Shower Redux

Here's another Mass Effect image, this time using an actual morph for the Vicky 4 head created by fellow 3D artist Dariofish

In the past I've used a Asari head prop; some have complained that that made her head look too big, so this should solve it (Thanks, Dariofish! :-)).

The problem, though, is that if you don't know how to draw (at all :(), then you can't really modify the 'hair' part of a Vicky 4 texture to customize the 'head tails', but in this case I have an overall blue-ish skin that does the job.

I know there's something weird with the guy's eyebrows (too lazy to re-render to fix them), and for some reason the 'wet' texture wouldn't take to his member (which, yes, I did make ridiculously large, just like the boobs on my wimmens [gotta be fair, I guess :-)] ).

Friday, January 25, 2013

Dwarven Necromancer

Well, I'm finally back up and running again, and here is the first image since the (latest) crash.

Just before that crash, I had started playing Dungeons and Dragons online again, and saw that the Necromancer class was available, so I made the decision to play a female dwarven necromancer which I named Calbera BrokenBone, and this is how I picture her when she 'lets her hair down' ^_^

Hard to tell size differences without something 'normal' sized to put her up against, but maybe I'll take care of that in a future post :-)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

No new images for a little while

I unfortunately made a stupid mistake and put my new system out of commission (using my old system as a back up right now).

That means that, while I can still access the web, I can't produce any quality images until I get the new system back online (and I don't want to make stuff up to the old standards again [although many probably can't tell the difference ^_^])

Everything should be back to 'normal' again in a couple of weeks, though.