Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Asari Commando 1

With the Mass Effect: Extend Cut ending now out, I was inspired to do another image related to that game.

I haven't played through it yet, but I will do so later this week, and maybe I'll post my thoughts on the re-cut ending later.

Asari Commando 2

A rear view ^_^

Logic and Order II

Decided to do another image featuring two of the Sexiest Trek Babes since the Original Series ^_^

Not particularly x-rated now, but I may do more when a certain captain (or emotionless Vulcan science officer) joins them ^_^

For some boring details: Although the face morph that Nobodi used for Seven is nice, I like the one I use for the older Vicky 3 model, so in this case I just put her head on the Vicky 4's body (in an close-ups I make it will require some photoshop to cover up the dividing line).

Monday, June 25, 2012


This is my attempt at Illyana Rasputin, the sister of Peter Rasputin (Colossus) in her Darkchilde incarnation, with her pet demon Sym behind her:

One of the few times I decided to do a render of a woman with small boobs, huh? :-)

Illyana and Moonstar

Here is Illyana with her best friend, Dani Moonstar:

I'm not too happy with Illyana's face in this image, so it may change in any future ones.

Thanks to the artist known as Mylochka for the X-Men bodysuit textures.

Illyana and Moonstar-Nude

The nude version

Friday, June 22, 2012

Scarlet Witch

My take on the Scarlet Witch of the comic Avengers, based on the art of Frank Cho, which can be found HERE

He just doesn't know how to NOT draw sexy women, doesn't he? ^_^

Scarlet Witch-Nude

The necessary nude version of the previous image ^_^

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Katy and Elmo

My attempt at an image of Katy Perry and her best, bud, Elmo ^_^ (Thanks Evilerk for the idea :) )

With my version, Elmo looks like he has his cheeks stuffed with walnuts or something :-)

For those who don't know, awhile back a small controversy was caused when Katy filmed a bit for 'Sesame Street', singing a version of her 'Hot and Cold' song with Elmo.

Being a somewhat... busty.... woman, during the bits where she is running in place her chest bounces a little bit (and I stress a little bit), but that was enough for PBS to pull the segment.

The video can be seen HERE
And a news segment on the controversy can be seen HERE

Katy did a 'response' to the whole thing on Saturday Night Live which was very funny (and quite.... bouncy ^_^): Katy on SNL

Monday, June 18, 2012


And because I'm stuck for new ideas lately, here is yet another Velma image (with another hairdo), encountering an ectoplasmic discharge from a ghostly visitor ^_^

Monday, June 11, 2012

Between the Lines

Over at another forum some people were posting some pretty good Velma Dinkley images, so I decided to run off a few of my own, and these are the results ^_^

Between the Lines-Alt

A alternate, darker lit version of the previous image (actually the first render, before I decided it looked better with brighter lighting)

Nerdy Succubus 1A

Initially this was ment to be a image of Velma transformed in to a succubus demon (for no particular reason than I hadn't done a 'demon girl' image in quite awhile ^_^), thus the glasses and various orange highlights to her outfit.

In the end, though, I don't think it came out very well, thus the generic 'Nerdy Succubus' name instead.

Nerdy Succubus 1B

A close-up of the previous image.

Nerdy Succubus 2

An image of the Booky Succubus having some 'me time' with a demonic servant she conjured up ^_^

Marvel Team Up

One from me featuring a Team Up of Disco Dazzler and Spider-Woman (thanks again to NeoYggdrasil for the Dazzler Face makeup ).

The early issues of Dazzler always had her in some form of undress, and her outfit showed a ton of cleavage ^_^

In issue 15 she teamed up with Spider-Woman, and it was double the fun :-): Dazzler meets Spider-Woman

Ladies of the Sith

My rendition of a Dark Twi'Lek and a Pureblood Sith Lord, with thanks to someone over at ShareCG for the Pureblood facial morph.

Diablo-3 Demon Hunter

I've been playing an introductory version of Diablo 3 lately, and of the classes available, the sexiest female versions seem to be the Monk and the Demon Hunter (the Barbarian is just a bit too buff for me, and the others just don't do anything for me).

I may do something more naughty with them both later.

Reflections in Gold

Did this one at the request of someone at another forum who wanted to see a golden, 'in a family way' statue-ized woman (strange, but what the hell, I've done stranger ^_^)

Power and Fury 1

She-Ra and Catra decide its better if everyone should just get along than fight all the time ;-)

Power and Fury 2

Power and Fury 3

The last of this short series.
I had planned on doing more but just never got around to it, sorry.