Thursday, April 26, 2012

Captive Ahsoka 1A

"It seems that Asajj has hunted down and captured Ahsoka, and brought her before a new Sith Lord by the name of Darth Lechere ('Le-shere', not Lecher ^_^ ).

"This Sith has practiced the use of Sexuality and Lust as a path to power, and has perfected a Dark Side variation of the Jedi's pitiful 'Mind Trick'; now he can virtually subsume the will of nearly anyone under his own.

"He has Ahsoka put in a new outfit he has designed for all his eventual harem, and is pleased with how it looks upon her"

Hey, we never knew who designed the Brass Bikini, so in my 'verse I'll say it was Darth Lechere
Again, thanks to Neoygdrassil for the Asajj facial makeup

Captive Ahsoka 1B

A view to see Ahsoka in the 'Brass Bikini' more fully ^_^

Captive Ahsoka Alt-1

I had rendered this and the following image first, but then decided to make it a "Threesome" with Darth Lechere ^_^

Captive Ahsoka Alt-2

A view to see Ahsoka's expression.

I wasn't happy with the 'rough' look of Asajj's skin, one reason for a re-render.

On the Hunt 3A

Someone wanted to see a continuation of the "On the Hunt" series, so here are a few more.

I don't know if its entirely clear in the images, but the "Oni" is ment to be around 9 feet tall or so, while the human male is about 5ft 7inches or so tall.

On the Hunt 3B

Repositioned her leg so you could see the 'action', although I think her privates look a little too high; oh well ^-^

On the Hunt 4A

On the Hunt 4B

A reverse view of the previous image.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Nightsister Asajj Ventriss

Here is a quickie from me of the Nightsister Asajj Ventriss

My big thanks to Neoygdrassil for the facial makeup on this skin texture

I'll probably do a series with Asajj and Ashoka involved in shenanagians later

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shokan Sucks 1A

Someone at another forum wanted to see a 'POV' image of the priestess sucking cock, so here is what I came up with ^_^ (had to make the dude invisible for a clear view, though)

Not too happy with her neck; its bent painfully (this wasn't a sex pose, had to reposition her head to line up with the dick ^_^), and the necklace is merging a bit with her neck because of the pose.

Shokan Sucks 1B

A view from the rear ^_^

Friday, April 20, 2012

Shokan Priestess 1A

Here is my attempt to make an original character based on the game "Mortal Kombat", from the same race as Sheeva: Shokan Wiki

I lost the original texture I had long used for Sheeva, so I used the same technique I did long ago for my first Sheeva image: Using tome "Trill" (from Star Trek) body spots over a normal skin texture, add some "Zabrak" horns (from Star Wars), appropriate clothing, and add another body, making invisible all but the arms.

I think it came out okay myself :-)

Shokan Priestess 1B

Here is a view from the back to see the tattoos I placed on the skin texture.

Funny how the 'eyes' came out looking sad when applies to the geometry of the figure.

Shokan Priestess 2A

The Priestess in a sexier pose ^_^

Its always hard trying to figure out what to do with the second set of arms, but I think this came out well.

Shokan Priestess 2B

A close up view of the previous image, this time using the base texture for her Vajayjay (I like that word ^_^)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Happily Ever After

"Having defeated the threa the Reapers pose to the races of the Galaxy, Commander Shepard decides its time to putu away the life of violence her life has been for the past few years, and retire to some far away garden world with her mate Liara, who is now expecting their first child".

Don't you wish this were at least one of the endings you could achieve if you got everything right (all the achievements, Perfect Paragon/Renegade score, all 'fetch quests', etc.) :-)

I may try to re-render this later to tweak Liara's face; I know she has eyebrows and some 'freckles' on her face, I'll have to somehow modify the Asari head prop to show her forehead and add freckles to the face texture.

Miranda Lawson, Take Two

My second take on Miranda Lawson (and Dat Ass :-) ), from Mass Effect 2-3.

My thanks to Hotrod5 for the V4 Bodysuit texture, and MCD Labs at ShareCG for the gun.

There was an infamous scene in the first game where they did a close up of her rear end during a diologue decision point, allowing you to view said rear end as long as you wished.

They did it again in ME 3 :-): Dat Azz!!
Don't know if I'll do any nudes of her, since she is one of those characters practically defined by her 'costume'.

Friday, April 13, 2012

On the Hunt 1

"A human huntsman ventures out from his small village, determined to end the threat the Oni has been to him and his people"

Taking a break from Mass Effect/Old Republic, and returning to some sexy Fantasy based images ^_^

Here is my rendition of the Oni from Japanese Folklore: Oni, Wikipedia

On the Hunt 2A

"The Huntsman manages to capture and subdue his quarry, dispite his size disadvantage" ^_^

On the Hunt 2B

A rear view

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Finished Mass Effect 3.... My Thoughts

Okay, so before we start, lets first give a BIG SPOILER WARNING

Before I get to my thoughts on the ending, let me start off with what I liked about the game (in stream of consciousness order :-) ):

The Reapers: To me, they were a big homage to Orson Well's "War of the Worlds", from the way they walked on the ground (why would flying sentient ships need to walk, anyway? :-)), to the way they bellowed before attacking, to their sometimes illogical preference for using a single Death Ray (when Shepard needed to take out the reaper by 'painting' its eye with a laser, couldn't it have killed her [yes, HER ;-)] much easier by lobbing bombs her way?).

The "Hard Science-Fiction" setting: with the exception of 'biotic powers', the Mass Effect universe felt very "Hard Science" to me, in the way you would see in a lot of Military themed science fiction novels (a friend of mine has often told me of the "Honor Harrington" series of novels, and from his descriptions it kind of reminds me of the ME Universe).

The various 'Side Stories': When wandering through the Citadel, you would sometimes come across people having a discussion that had nothing to do with your mission, but helped flesh out the setting. That being said, when you came to the last lines in a side story, they had a tendacy to repeat themselves from the beginning. This was particularly jarring with one Alliance Soldier who was trying to get her daughter to Thessia, AFTER I had completed the sad mission for the Asari Homeworld :-(

Getting to meet all of your old 'crew' from ME 2: As I said before, in my first playthrough of ME 2, I had Zaheed and Miranda die, not long after followed by my own X-Box :-(

For ME 3 I bought a version for the PC, and managed to find a site that had preplayed saves for ME 2, so I found one that most closely matched mine (seems no one was so bad a player as to lose anyone [even Zaheed, who it seemed was set up to die if you were playing a Paragon character]).

So I got to meet everyone (and see Miranda's ass again [yep, they set up another scene where the camera was centered on her ass, and as long as you didn't pick a dialogue choice you could view it to your heart's content :-) ). Jack's new appearance was interesting (she actually had on clothes! :-)), and Ashley was looking a lot hotter since 1 and 2, and EDI's had a nice shiny, metallic ass of her own (yeah, I'm focusing on the female crew, so sue me! :-) ).

The Bad:

"Fetch Quests": In addition to the 'Priority' quests, there were other minor quests you could do that were essentially go to Planet X, search it until you find something a person wants, and bring it back to the Citadel. Its these kind of quests I absolutely HATE in a MMO, and I wasn't fond of it here either.

The 'keyboard control scheme': After two games of getting used to using the X-Box controller, using the keyboard to play just felt wrong to me, and I was often either ordering squadmates places they shouldn't go, or not picking my power screen at the right time, and getting killed as a result. I only got used to the control scheme near the end.

Speaking of which, lets now talk about THE ENDING :-):

Now, I know how so many people have said how they hated the ending, but first, let me give you my choice:

I choose to Control the Reapers, which resulted in the destruction of the Mass Relays, and Shepard's apparent death.

Now, I fully expected Shepard to die in the end (heroes often die in some great sacrifice to stop a threat, like Sherlock Holmes, for instance), so I had no problem with that, nor did I have a problem with the ME Universe being drastically changed by the destruction of the Mass Relays.

The only other choice was to destroy all electronic technology in the galaxy, essentially reducing everyone to little better than Iron Age technology. This way at least the possibility exists that some race can recreate the Relay tech, and open the galaxy up to exploration again.

Yes, there were a lot of questions left unanswered, but on the whole, I've got to say I'm with the minority who, if I didn't fall in love with the ending, wasn't that dissapointed by it as well.

That being said, they should have included an ending where, if you completed absolutely EVERY minor quest (and maybe thrown a couple of very hard to find ones as well), you could get a 'Happily Ever After' ending where the Reapers are defeated and everyone survives.

I may update this entry later, but those are my initial thoughts, less after half an hour after finishing the game.

Edit: Okay, maybe my attitude towards the ending is starting to change, now that I've seen one reviewer in particular: Angry Joe.

Here is his "Top 10 Reasons why the Ending Sucks": Angry Joe Bad Ending

As I listened to it, I found I agreed with much he had to say, despite the fact that I'm still more or less satisfied with the ending I choose.

He also presented another interesting theory, though, that Shepard was actually Indoctrinated by the Reapers!!! 0_0: Shepard Indoctrinated!?!?

If this actually proves true, then I will be royally pissed, as there was really no indication that this was the 'wrong' choice that I made!!

Well, the 'new' ending will soon be available, and we'll all find out, I guess.