Monday, January 30, 2012

Mace and Ahsoka 1

Since the first one turned out so well, here are a few more, featuring this slim version of Ahsoka and Master Windu having a secret rendezvous in one of the seemier sections of Courescant

Mace and Ahsoka 2A

Mace and Ahsoka 2B

Don't know if you can tell in this close-up, but I did make her eyes larger and her lips broader (although they are a bit thinned out in this particular 'expression' ^_^)

Mace and Ahsoka 3A

Mace and Ahsoka 3B

The last image in the series.

I was going to do more, ending in the necessary porno "Money Shot" ^_^, but my system has been extremely glitchy of late, shutting down during the composition of the next image for example.

I may finish the series later, whenever my system recovers or I get a new system sometime soon (hopefully).

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Agressive Ahsoka

Another Ahsoka Tano image, this time using a 'montail' prop provided by RetroDevil over at ShareCG

I went with a smaller breast size, to match her smaller montails here.

Maybe I'll team some version of her up with Master Anakin or Master Windu (or both :-)) in the future.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

She-Devil with a Sword 1A

Here's my take on Red Sonja, using a new outfit that I can't believe someone took THIS long to make (I've seen outfits for most of the sexier female comics characters made long ago, Wonder Woman being top among them, but no one thought to make a Red Sonja one? ).

Thing is, I don't think I'll do any of her nude, since without her armor bits she doesn't really look like Red Sonja anymore (kind of like if you took off all of Wonder Woman's costume, she would just be a tall, statuesque brunette [but no less sexy ] ).

She-Devil with a Sword 1B

A view from behind to see Sonja's other.... asset ^_^

Sonja in Peril 1A

"Set adrift on a small raft in the ocean, Sonja finds herself under attack by a giant octopus!"

Just did a 'tentacle' series, so I won't do one with Sonja (right now, anyway ^_^).

As usual had to render without shadows or raytracing, which is probably why the water prop looks so strange.

Sonja in Peril 1B

A close-up of Sonja without the rain prop for a clearer view

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Secretary Abducted 1

"After finishing up some work late one night at the office, a somewhat provocatively dressed secretary takes a relaxing stretch.

"From the corner of her eye, she notices some strange lights playing outside the office window, and turns her head to investigate further"

This is the first in a series of images I did as an 'art trade' for someone at another forum, his part will be modifying some skin textures for me so I can create the character Asajj Ventriss (who has some unique facial makup that my poor photoshop skills can't reproduce).

Secretary Abducted 2

"She rises in shock from her chair, as strange tendrils materialize out of the light and reach through the window to seize her!"

Secretary Abducted 3

"Try as she might to resist, the strange tentacles drag her from the presumed safety of her office to a fate unknown!"

Secretary Abducted 4

"The tentacles drag her through the window as if it didn't exist, and transfer her to another set that draws her upwards towards some jellyfish like organism just floating outside the office"

Notice how she's loosing more of her clothing with each successive image? :-)

Secretary Abducted 5

"Tentacles draw her through the very walls of the frightening floating organism.

"Within, two strange eyes on stalks watch her, while some brain like organism takes control of her mind and forces her into a painful position.

"A third tentacle arises from the floor, topped with a wicked looking barb which plunges into her chest, and pumps into her some strange fluid which makes her breasts swell to brodingnagian  proportions!!"

Always liked that word, Brobdingnagian ^_^

Secretary Abducted 6A

"The creature strips off the remainder of her clothing, and tentacles manifest from other floating organisms to penetrate her every orifice!"

Secretary Abducted 6B

A view from the 'south end' to see the action ^_^

Secretary Abducted 6C

Secretary Abducted 7A

"The creature then procedes to penetrate her and pump her full of the strange liquid, making her womb impossibly expand and even flooding her intentines until it erupts out of her mouth!"

I know, not even remotely possible biologically, but I've seen such in some japanese "Tentacle Hentai" flicks 9_9

Secretary Abducted 7B

A reverse angle on the previous image.

Secretary Abducted 8

"Finally, its business done, the creature deposits the hapless woman back where it found her, in her office, impregnated and lying in a puddle of strange congealing slime".

Yeah, probably one of the more 'brutal' series I've done in awhile, but its what the person who I did the art trade with wanted to see, and I had fun 'pushing my limits' as it were ^_^

Monday, January 16, 2012

Velma in Captivity

Just something I cludged together quick based on the work of the artist Crash2014.