Monday, December 26, 2011

Old Republic Jedi

With the new MMO "Old Republic" coming out, I was inspired to do another Star Wars themed image; this one featuring an as-yet-unnamed Zabrak female Jedi.

Also, in one of those oh so rare moments, I didn't give her particularly Big Uns' (although that could change at any time in future images :-) ).

I don't own the game yet myself; I'm going to wait until I get that fabled 'new system' that can run high end games like Old Republic (maybe by that long off date the game will actually go down in price, or even go Free to Play [I was suprised at how quickly DC Online went FTP]).

I may do images of her in a saber combat with a equally sexy Twi'lek Sith in the future :-)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mistletoe and Mrs. Claus 1

"Its Christmas Eve, and the Jolly Red Guy is away on his yearly trip to bring presents to all the Good Boys and Girls.

"Mrs. Claus, in the meantime, prepares to meet a special elf friend of hers to show him how 'good' he has been all year as well" ^_^

couldn't think of anything to do, so I revisited Mrs. Claus again for this season.

Merry Christmas, all! ^_^

Mistletoe and Mrs. Claus 2

"Mrs Claus awaits a kiss from her favorite elf 'under the mistletoe', and with this kiss the use of tongue is expected" ^_^


Bad joke, I know ^_^

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Slave Ahsoka-Alt

A quick semi-topless version of the previous image ^_^

Slave Ahsoka

In a recent episode of "Clone Wars", Anakin and Ahsoka had to infiltrate the compound of a race of slave holders to rescue Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka had to dress up in an outfit that reminded me of a Belly Dancer, so this is my attempt to emulate that look (with a MUCH bustier Ahsoka, of course ^_^).

Sultry Grimhilde 1

"The Evil Queen Grimhilde stands before her magical mirror, trying out a new, slightly more scandalous outfit" ^_^

Felt like doing an Evil Queen from "Snow White" image, in part inspired by this one (don't know who the artist is, though): Grimhilde's Booty

Sultry Grimhilde 2

"The queen shows off what she thinks is her best 'asset' to the Magic Mirror" :-)

Sultry Grimhilde 3

"The Evil Queen tries out a novel use of one of her magic wands" ^_^

Female Shepard Armored

My attempt to emulate some of the armor the playable character "Commander Shepard" might wear in the game "Mass Effect".

One thing about the game is that you can choose to play as either a male (default assumption) or female, and it doesn't effect the outcome of the game much, mostly in the 'romance' plotline (and with a female, you have the choice of a pseudo-lesbian romance with the alian Asari character in the first game ^_^).

Shepards Unite -01

"After passing back through the Omega-4 relay, the crew of the Normandy 2 experience a strange sense of nausea/deja-vu.

"When their senses return, they find themselves facing off with an exact copy of the Normandy exiting the gate at the same time.

"Shepard arranges a meeting with the captain of the other ship, who also is called "Commander Shepard".

"On meeting each other, they discover that they seem to be the same person, if gender opposites [and perhaps in some of the decisions they made along the way]).

"The female Shepard invites her male counterpart back to her ship to discuss these differences, and the male Shepard, somewhat distracted for some reason, agrees" ^_^

The beginning of a series pairing up the Male Commander Sheppard with my version of a female Commander Sheppard from the game "Mass Effect" ^_^

Shepards Unite -02

"Lady Shepard removes a particular part of her armor to show her alternate universal counterpart just what she is proposing they do with the time until they reach the Citadel" ^_^

So, does this situation count as masturbation, incest (having sex with 'yourself' or someone 'related' to you) or neither? ^_^

Shepards Unite -03

The first full body nude of the 'Renegade' Female Shepard (or 'Femshep' as Mass Effect fans call female versions of the character ^_^).

In Mass Effect 2 the character goes through a 'nanotech' medical process to heal some severe injuries Shepard suffers early on in the game.

One side-effect of the process is that the process somehow reacts to the decisions the character makes; the more brutal/violent the character is (called "Renegade" decisions in the game), the more small glowing cracks appear on the characters face, and eventually the eyes become glowing yellow with black sclera (whites).  If you make more diplomatic/non-violent decisions ("Paragon") the cracks slowly dissapear until they are gone.

For my 'base' play through, I always try to make mostly 'Paragon' decisions; but to get my money's worth out of the game I then go back through and make all the 'Renegade' decisions, just to see how the game plays out ^_^

This took a little work, as I had to modify the textures from a 'magma' elemental skin to have just the red glowing cracks to show.

Shepards Unite -04

Shepards Unite -5A

Shepards Unite -5B

A close up to focus on the 'renegade' eye effect.

Shepards Unite -06

Shepards Unite -7A

Shepards Unite -7B

Reverse angle on the previous image, with no shadows for quicker render.

Shepards Unite -08

Shepards Unite -09

Don't feel like coming up with any 'purple prose' for this pic, but it is the last in the series, and now I've probably kicked the "Mass Effect" hentai bug out of my system for awhile ;-)

As you can see, I still have to practice with the 'money shot' props.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


My version of X-23, the 'daughter' of Wolverine from the pages of X-Men.

The top and claws were made by fellow poser artist Evilkoolade (cool name ^_^)

A Diamond Invitation

"Emma Frost relaxes in her private room on Utopia Island in her Diamond form, inviting some unseen visitor to inspect her form for any flaws" ^_^

I've done other images of Emma in her diamond form before, but I used a 'solid glass' texture.  This time I used a 'white marble' texture, but I still wasn't too pleased with the outcome.

See the following image for a different version.

A Diamond Invitation-Alt

This is an alternate version of the previous image, with a darker lighting set.

If you look closely into her boobs (you were already doing that, weren't you? ^_^) you can see a reflection of a man in them; my version of the X-Man Colossus (who gets a lot of action in my images, if for no other reason than I already have him put together :-) ).

My initial name for this image was going to be "Diamonds and Steel", but seeing as the texture I used for  her skin was more like steel itself, I changed it to the one in the previous image.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rogue in Peril

Hadn't done an image featuring my "Evolution" version of Rogue for quite awhile (actually, had to 'rebuild' her since my last crash), so here is one where she has been captured by the White Queen (she kinda sorta did the same thing to Storm in her very first appearance way back when ^_^)

Kneel Before the Queen

Just a quick new image of Emma Frost/White Queen, this time using the excellent texture for the V4 Bodysuit made by fellow poser artist Mylochka.