Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Luke and Jen 1

The genesis of these images comes from discussing the sex lives of various Super-Heroes at another forum ^_^

Its more or less accepted that in Marvel Comics She-Hulk has probably had the most lovers of any female.

However, there is one other C-list ex-superheroine who has Officially had anal sex!! 0_0

The character is Jessica Jones, aka "Jewel".  In the first issue of the 'mature audiences' comic called "Alias", she goes to a bar and hooks up with Luke Cage (a old 'blacksploitation' type character from the 70s, but still active today).  He has steel-hard skin and super strength.

Later that night this scene happens: Luke Taps That Booty ^_^

There seems to be the suggestion that he is indeed having anal sex with her, and that she is doing this as a form of self-punishment for her own perceived failings (a steel hard schlong up the hoo-hah just can't be comfortable, even to a fellow superhuman ^_^).

So I did this series of Luke performing the same act on someone who wouldn't find the activity uncomfortable (hell, she could probably bend a steel bar with those particular set of muscles ^_^)

Luke and Jen 2

Luke and Jen 3

A final image.

My system is still acting weird sometimes, thus the strange look of She-Hulk's hair in this one.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

"The Pilgrim and Indian maids invite you to join them for Thanksgiving Dinner. complete with all the fixings including some Pie and two round, plump Puddings" :-)

Not an imaginative name for the image, but it works.

Happy Turkey Day all! ^_^

She-Hulk, The Savage-Topless

Someone wanted a topless version of the previous She-Hulk image, so here it is (I may do more with her later).

Sunday, November 20, 2011

She-Hulk, The Savage

For no real reason, here's an image of She-Hulk as a Barbarian Babe (not connected to the "Slave She-Hulk" series I did awhile back, though :-) ).

Arena of Athas 1

One of a couple from me, ment to represent two Gladiators from the world of Athas in the "Dark Sun" campaign setting about to face off against each other.

Strangely enough, although neither of them have much on, the fact that they are wearing so much metal armor on Athas indicates that they must be very good gladiators, to have their owners/trainers put so much resources into protecting them (and seeing as how it covers so little, there is probably some magic involved as well).

Arena of Athas 2

This gladiator is ment to be a female Half-Giant; I did a render of her much earlier in her 'career' earlier in my gallery.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

A quickie image for Veteran's Day, featuring a 1950's style "Pin-Up' babe.

You gotta love those 'Bullet Bras" they wore back then :-)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Its My Birthday!

An image to celebrate my getting one year older (although one featuring a Grim Reaper behind me would have been appropriate as well :-) ).

My actual birthday was yesterday, Nov. 9th; I was just too lazy to do an image then :-)

One other note: this was actually a 'vampire chick' I had put together for Halloween but never got around to using; I also have stored-but-not-used a "Bride of Frankenstein" and a "She-Mummy", so they may show up sometime in the near future as well