Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bendy Indian Maid 1

I decided to do these two quick images after seeing another artist do similar work with 'contortionist' poses.

As usual, I see errors only after I've done t he complete render: Her right hand is merging with her leg, and the 'Sweat Lodge' is floating off the ground (should have lowered a bit more)

Bendy Indian Maid 2

I wasn't too happy with this one because, for some reason, her butt turned out all weird and flattened (it may have worked with the more advanced female model, but I was too lazy to go to all the work to make the pose look right with it).

Monday, September 19, 2011

Richard Moore's Nessie

Not too happy with this one, but I'll post it here anyway.

Here's my attempt at the character Nessie from Richard Moore's "Boneyard", who is essentially a female version of the 'Creature from the Black Lagoon' :-): Boneyard Info

She also seems to be something of a nymphomaniac, always trying to get the human character in the book into the sack; unfortunately for him she is married to a insanely jeasous 'Frankenstein's Monster" ^_^

I've just started reading it, and so far it is really good. Unfortunately for me, though, since I was exposed to Richard's X-Rated stuff before his 'normal' work, I keep expecting a sex scene to jump in somewhere

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Illithid and Elf by VP

Warning: May be offensive to some

This is the end result of a LONG awaited commission from the artist VP, which I started over 4 years ago with this image: Toon Trio

I changed the idea to this because, frankly, I didn't believe he would ever come through, but thanks to the extensive help of an associate of his, I finally got something out of him.

VP seems to be a nice enough guy, but he also seems to have a problem with coming through for his customers (at least those of us like me who only get one image from him, and don't have the deep pockets to get a dozen or more 9_9).

I guess I went with this image because it kind of reflected my feelings on the whole commission issue, being Mind F***ed :-)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jedi Juggs

Someone over at another forum wanted to see an image of my version of Ahsoka Tano with even bigger boobs, and this is the result :-)

Bloodrayne 1

A quickie image of Bloodrayne from the game of the same name, using an outfit made by someone by the name of TerryMcG.

Bloodrayne 2


I thought Vampires said "I vant to suck your Blood!", not "I vant to suck your....", well, you know ^_^

Friday, September 9, 2011

Nef Embraces Eternity

An image from the Mass Effect universe.

A quote from Morinth to Commander Sheppard"

"I want you to know something: My Lover's spent their last moments experiencing pleasure you can't imagine".

I won't go into detail explaining Mass Effect and the Asari race here, just google it :-)

Here is the wiki entry on Morinth, though: Morinth's Background

I'm not too happy with my "Morinth", she's way too evenly blue (may try adapting a different base skin next time).

Nef is the young sculptor that Morinth met at the Omega station, and eventually seduced (and made one of her victims).

One thing I'm not sure about with Morinth's condition, though: is it that she can't avoid burning out someones mind when she 'bonds' with them (i.e., untrollable), or that she is simply addicted to the sensation of doing so?

In either case I could see an asari with that condition still being something of a 'good guy', by choosing to mate only with criminals/murders/etc (kind of like how "Dexter" chooses his victims).

In the game Sheppard can even attempt to romance Morinth, with not unexpected results :-): Morinth "Romance"

Morinth and Nef

An image of Morinth pleasuring Nef in a more traditional (and less fatal) manner.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Cavern of Tentaculous

Revisiting the 'Tentacle Hentai' theme that I had sworn off of for a while (ahh, what the hell; if its good enough for the Japanese ^_^).

See, told you all I would so Hardcore images again (eventually ^_^).

As usual, had to render without shadows or reflections, though.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Klingon Princess 1

"In a slightly altered reality from the one we know, a Princess of the Klingons holds aloft the prize her and her allies have fought many blood soaked battles to win... the sword of the would-be ruler Khaless, which she took out of his own dead hands.

"Now the Klingon empire will burn a path of Glory across the heavens, with herself as its new Queen!"

This character was a bit unusual to set up:
I don't have a Klingon head ridges morph for the Vicky 4 model, but I do have several excellent ones for the Vicky 3 model.

So what I did was use only the head/neck from the Vicky 3, and parent it to the body of the Vick 4.  there were gaps, but the collar of the armor and the hair on the head helped cover it up).  I think it came out okay

Klingon Princess 2

The as yet unnamed Klingon Princess in a more sultry pose :-)

I just had an idea, but I don't know if I'll render it, with my system acting as it is lately.

Maybe, like most Klingons, she doesn't have much respect for Vulcans.  However, seeing as she is in a 'randy' mood maybe she has arranged to have a particularly virile looking member of that species kidnapped and brought to her, just when he is entering into the stages of "Pon Far' (the Vulcan 'mating instinct' where they must have sex or risk death in the worst cases).

And, since Vulcans are stronger than those weakling humans, he just might be able to keep up with her :-)