Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ahsoka's Shower

A new one from me of Ahsoka taking a nice shower

This time I used a new 'wet skin' look I haven't used often, something to add various 'tan lines' to any skin I use, and a new 'Togruta' head tails figure.

On a slightly relatd note, I found something talking about the role of Women in the Star Wars Universe, and why they aren't so kind to female occupations ^_^:  Princess or Stripper?

Let's Wrestle

A 'quick' render of a Female Orc (or Half-Orc, take your pic) having a fun little wrestle with her elven 'boy toy' :-)

Seaside Kiss

The couple enjoy a kiss next to the sea shore.

I may do more images with these two later; lately I've just been getting lazy :)

Drow Vampiress

A quick render of a female Drow in a sexy, bat themed outfit.

don't know why her eyebrows didn't render, but in retrospect I kind of like the look :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bunny Hugs

Yep, She-Hulk once again, this time with an easter theme  :-)

I decided to do this after seeing a similar image on the front page of another site: She Likes Rabbits

The babe on the pic is just at the limit of what I think is sexy for female muscle, and truth to tell, most of the content of the site is way over my limit (just like most of the boobs I render are way over what most men consider sexy :-) ).

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy 420!

A quick image featuring the Goth Chick from the previous image, to celebrate this unusual 'holiday' :-)

I never knew of the significance of April 20th until watching G4 TV (and History Channel, strangely enough) last year or so, and learned that 'stoners' consider it a day to congregate together and partake of the 'herb' ^_^:

The reason for the Swastika in the background is that April 20th also happens to be Adolph Hitler's birthday, of all things.

Finally, the reason for the Dread Necronomicon?  Well, if you partake in mind altering substances, it could lead you to do unwise things, like reciting a summoning spell from said Book of Evil (and you saw where that got her, huh? :-) ).

Disclamer: The Chup@Cabra does not endorse the use of any illegal mind altering substances ^_^

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Goth Girl vs Tentacles 1

An image I put together as a request for someone at another forum (thus she doesn't have my 'usual' breast dimensions ^_^).

Goth Girl vs Tentacles 2

A closeup of the action below ^_^

Goth Girl vs Tentacles 3

A closeup of the face.
I applied skull tattoos to her chest and left arm, but the position she is in doesn't allow either to be seen clearly.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lady Snake Eyes 1

My Uber Boobed, 'feminized' version of Snake Eyes from the G.I. Joe cartoon :-)

Thanks to Vacasoft over at ShareCG for the 'Snake Eyes' head prop

I was planning on pairing her up with a feminized version of Storm Shadow as well, but ran up against my obsolete system again; the scene refused to render with all the textures involved :-(

Lady Snake Eyes 2

Lady Snake Eyes 3

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Neyteri Sucks

Just a quickie "Avatar" themed render :-)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hot for Teacher 1

"The new biology professor teaches her class about the process of Breast Development in the average female" :-)

This is another one of those 'classic' male fantasies: the Sexy Teacher (to go along with the "Farmer's Daughter" I did earlier).

I guess the next one I should do is a "Sexy Nun" (although I have several in my gallery, I haven't done a specific one to represent that particular Male Fantasy).

Hot for Teacher 2

A close-up view from below :-)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Metal and Muscle 1

"The overly sexual Jennifer Walters from the alternate universe finds another male besides Juggernaut who can match her own prowess in love making without being severly injured in the process" ^_^

There is really no need for me to have called this version the 'alternate universe' She-Hulk that slept with Juggernaut in the actual comics, but sometimes I feel a need to 'justify' my images a little bit :-)

Metal and Muscle 2

No snapy commentary for this one, although maybe I should have picked another expression for Jenny here; she looks like she's kinda stoned (of course, this is the 'alternate universe' She-Hulk, so who says she doesn't partake in the 'herb' ^_^).

Metal and Muscle 3

As you may or may not notice, I colored the 'winkie' of Colossus a 'fake' reflection in order to cut down on rendering time; the previous image and the following image took over 3 hours to render with full 'raytraced' reflections (although I turned the number of 'bounces' down a lot on this one to cut down the time a bit).

Metal and Muscle 4

In this image I used one of my 'vagina' props that is more realistic in appearance.

Unfortunately, it doesn't go very well with 'exotic' skin textures, like green ^_^

Strangely enough, it is kind of 'canon' that She-Hulk's 'innards' are the same color as any other human: In the Ultimate Universe, during a transformation scene, she was colored so that you could see that the inner portions of her eyelids were natural toned (which led some fanboys to speculate that her 'lower regions' were natural toned as well :-)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pizza Delivery

Since, as of this writing, over at another forum my image titled "Treasure Chests Cougar" has the most views in my gallery (50k+), I decided to put together another image featuring her.

I have used her in other images before (this is one of my favorite skin textures, with the built in tan lines :-) ).

I'm using the old cliche of the "Pizza Delivery Boy" being seduced by his customer, who, not having money, decides to pay in another manner entirely :-)

I wonder if there is an original porno flick out there that used this premise; I've seen others that have used it in a tongue in cheek manner, but there must have been a first one to use it.

There may be a more 'naughty' continuation of this in the future.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mass Effect-Dr. Chakwas

A solo image of the good Doctor from Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect-Dr. Chakwas and Kelly Chambers

"Kelly Chambers visits the office of Dr. Chakwas 'after hours' to discuss with the good Doctor her own growing feelings for Commander Sheppard.

"The Doctor breaks out a bottle of unusual brandy that she and the Commander had shared a few hours before, and before they knew it, Kelly was 'demonstrating' to Chakwas a dance routine she intends to perform for Sheppard, assuming they survive the mission, that is"

I was inspired to do this image by a couple of things:

As of this writing there is new DLC available for Mass Effect 2 (and my XBox is still broken!!! *sob* :-( ).

I recently saw some Dr. Chakwas images by an artist by the name of Mr. Butt2: HERE

This is about the only female in the ME Universe you don't see "Rule 34' material about, and since I have been known to do 'mature women' images before, I decided to give it a try :-)

I'm not too happy with the hair I picked for either character, though.

Raven and Strfire Expanded

As I mentioned in other posts, a guy by the name of TerryMcG over at ShareCG has been making a number of 'cosplay' outfits for the Vicky 4 model, and here are a couple of them (with certain 'enhancements' :-) ).

I had managed to cludge together my own version of Starfire awhile back, and was quite proud of it, but since this one is more 'on model', I'll use it from now on (and the Raven costume is just like the comic version).

Friday, April 1, 2011

Scales of Justice

Another 'quickie' render to try out a new fantasy outfit (what there is of it ^_^).

I probably should have picked another background; her fire-wings don't stand out well against it.