Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Emma's Pet

"Emma Frost teaches her new 'pet', Kitty Pryde, a lesson in obedience"

In an actual old issue of the X-Men (can't recall the issue number just now), Emma Frost does capture the X-Men, and trusses them up (not quite bondage style, but I'm sure a lot of fanboys had the idea ^_^),

Andorian Advances

A quick render from me of one of the blue skinned, antenna headed aliens from the "Star Trek" setting, inspired by the work of Victor Rinaldi as seen Here and Here (You can see why I like his art, huh? ^_^)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Foamy the Squirrle rant on Japan Crisis

I don't often do non-image posts, but I thought this was interesting (and important) enough.

Saw this at Ill Will Press and found it kind of funny (and thought provoking :-) ): Foamy Rant

Even before I saw this, though, I donated to the Red Cross for relief efforts in Japan, since that country has been responsible for so much of my entertainment lately (Anime, Porn... Anime Porn ^_^).

You can donate to the Red Cross through their web site: Red Cross Japan Relief

Or by texting: Red Cross Text Donation

Okay, now I think I have to do an image of a Japanese girl in a Sailor Outfit fighting off Naughty Tentacles :-)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Jelva, Alien Queen of the Varvak

"Jelva stands ready to defend her lands against all invaders!"

Yes, she does have three of them :-)

To get where this character comes from, see the movie "Paul" [great movie, by the way ^_^]

An aside: its hard to do a tri-boobed girl, even numbered boobs are much easier :-)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Velma at the Bikini Shop 1

Following some advice from Daphne, Velma decides to visit the local bikini shop to pick up something 'sexy' to catch Shaggy's eye, though she seems a bit uncertain about this particular outfit.

You know, there have been a lot of porn 'parodies' of popular shows/movies lately (with ol' Larry "Skin" Flynt's "This Ain't Avatar XXX" being the most famous lately).

There is one out there about Scooby Doo as well: Scooby XXX Parody

Velma at the Bikini Shop 2

Velma tries on the bikini (after picking a color more to her liking) and models it for Shaggy; think he'll like it? ^_^

Thursday, March 17, 2011

After Me Lucky Charms!

Still a few hours left for Saint Patty's Day, so here is a quickie render from me featuring a Buxom little leprechaun :-)

Exactly which treasure is the person after, though? ^_^

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Demona Restrained 1A

Nothing deep with this image; I've just seen several 'Demona in Bondage' images elsewhere on the net lately (although its not really my 'kink'), and decided to do my own version (amazing the amount of 'kinky' props available out there for poser, huh? :-) ).

Demoan Restrained 1B

Just an interesting 'view from below' angle of the previous pic (too lazy to add the proper Labia props./morphs in this one [a kind of involved process]).

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mass Effect: Shepard Reborn

I found a armor outfit over at ShareCG that looked a lot like some of the armor/space suits you see in Mass Effect.
Unfortunately, it was made for a male figure, so I had to use a conversion program and a 'magnet set' to fit it to the female figure I use.

In the end, there were too many deformations in the chest plate to allow for large boobs, so I just colored the character's chest the same color as the armor, and expanded them past the chest armor :-)

Not too happy with this one, the corridor she is standing is bulging in strange ways; that sometimes happens with certain 'set pieces' when you set the render to 'smooth polygons' (pretty much necessary when you make boobs as large as I do ^_^).

Still eagerly waiting for ME 3, and I'll probably do some more ME images before then (thinking about a Samara and another Miranda, this time using the Face Shop program to get something closer to their likenesses)

Mass Effect-Sheppard Adrift

SLIGHT SPOILER FOR ME 2: My rendition of the opening scene from Mass Effect 2.

Okay, no character from Mass Effect has boobs this large (although Samara comes close :-) ).

Monday, March 7, 2011

Gunslinger and Saloon Girl

"An exhausted Wild West lawman takes a break at a local saloon, and is greeted by one of the stage 'entertainers' " ^_^

I recently bought the 30th anniversary edition of Mel Brook's "Blazing Saddles", and it kind of inspired me to do this image, although in this case the sheriff isn't 'near', he's white (see the movie for the reference), and the showgirl is black :-)

I may expand this into a 'generic' "NC-17" series later.

Its sad to think that a good portion of the cast of that comedy (probably Brook's best next to "Young Frankenstein") is gone now (Clevon Little, Harvy Korman, Madeline Khan :-(

Expanded Ms. Marvel 1

A gentleman over at another site has been creating various 'Cosplay Costumes' for use with one of the poser female figures for free, and they are all great work.

I doubt he ever expected some of us to stretch the proportions of his outfits in this manner, though ^_^

Expanded Ms. Marvel 2

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bayou Bigguns

"A resident of the Deep Swampland in New Orleans watches the moon rise with a jug from a fresh batch of Moonshine, her corncob pipe, and her little pet to keep away those pesky 'revenuers' (and unwanted gentlemen callers ^_^)."

This was initially going to be 'Farmer's Daughter Take Two", but then I saw I had an alligator in my library and decided to set it in the swamp instead (that's not to say she doesn't have the same... 'condition'... as the Farmer's daughter from earlier in my gallery ^_^ ).

I may do more 'naughty' images with her in the future (and the ubiqutious door to door salesman ^_^) and move this image to the top, if it has no responses before then.