Sunday, September 5, 2010


"Cletus was out at night with his girl Susie-Mae doing a little Cow Tipping in the field, when they were both hit by some blinding light from the sky.

"He woke to find he was on some strange table, with Susie-Mae stiripped nekkid and put in some tube, and strange varmit with hube boobs looking at his privates while liking its lipps holding a pair of pincers!"

Just a silly image that came to mind when I saw someone else use the term "BBBE" to describe women with huge boobs: "Big Boobed Biological Entity" :-)


bladesharks said...

ohhhhh is there going to more of these pics with this alien in?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha this is Awesome, I like it!

Chup@Cabra said...

to Bladesharks: I don't know, maybe; truth to tell it was just a 'joke' image I thought of on the fly ^_^

To Anon: Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

make more with the alien please...maybe some kind of probe..another female alien etc.