Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ahsoka's Oil Bath 2

Decided to run off another quick image, with a focus on another body part altogether ^_^

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ahsoka's Oil Bath

For this image I used another image created by the artist Oni for SmokinGunMP5 as inspiration: http://tinyurl.com/2e2p362

Although I'm not into feet myself, since the image I based it on had a bit of a foot focus, I decided to maintain the pose here as well (and add her levitating the pot that the oil is pouring out of ^_^)>

My version is a bit bustier, but not my 'standard' Breast Expansion version (maybe I'll do another later, though ^_^).

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Groovy 1

Here is a little 'Interracial' series I cooked up, this time using one of the few high resolution black male skin textures I have, after seeing something similar in another forum.

Unfortunately, I think you can't see the detail in his skin because of the 'Disco' light set I used, but he may appear in future images.

I'll be able to do better quality renders once I get a higher end system, hopefully sometime next year.

So, I present to you, directly from one of the 'Private Rooms' in the infamous "Studio 54", 'Disco Dan' and 'Sultry Sally'

Oh, and a side note to any RPG player reading this; there is an interesting pencil-and-paper campaign setting out there called "Damnation Decade", post-apocalyptic role playing in an alternate 1970s : http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=20321&it=1&

Groovy 2

Groovy 3

Groovy 4

Groovy 5

"'Disco Dan' and 'Sultry Sally' climax their encounter at the stroke of Midnight, ringing in the new decade of the '80s together"

Monday, August 23, 2010

Velma's Night Reading

Didn't know what to render this week, so I settled for one of my 'standard' choices, in this case Velma :-)

This image is based on the work of Julius Zimmerman, specifically this image: http://tinyurl.com/2at8939

I probably could have done better with this image, but as always, 'good enough' ^_^

You can find more of Julius's Velma work at this link [some NC-17 images in the gallery]: http://thezportal.com/Thumbnail.php?Offset=370&C[velma]

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Asari Spectre 1

This is my take on an image created by the artist Oni : http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pic-78105.html

Of course, its best to say 'inspired by', since I couldn't get the facial markings right.

This was more or less an experiment in using multiple 'materials' for the suit she is wearing (you can color various portions of the suit different ways in program, instead of having to have artistic skill to draw them yourself ^_^).

The creature lying at her feet is supposed to be an "Alien" from the film of the same name (didn't have anything close to a "Collector").  However, Poser crapped out when it got down to her feet, and I couldn't get the image to re-render, so I just cropped it off there.

I may go back later and add more 'biotic effects' in photoshop, but this is good enough for now.

Asari Spectre 2

Another view showing the backside.

Asari Spectre 3

The Spectre makes use of her biotic abilities in a more personal manner ^_^

Monday, August 2, 2010

Klingon Captive 2

"The Romulan ambassador lies atop the Fellbeast leather covered bed within the Klingon's private quarters.

"The Klingon reaches into a hidden compartment, and pulls out some of the items that will prove necessary in their 'negotiations', and the Romulan sees them and smiles, knowing what to expect afterwards".

Decided to do a few more images that began with the "Klingon's Captive" image earlier.

As I have said before, I love this light set, it just REALLY taxes my poor system to its limits for some reason, had to do the entire series with shadows off just to get it to render, and setting up each scene took over an hour each form waiting for the scene to load until the final render.

Klingon Captive 3

"Placing her Bat'leth before her, the Klingon diplomat kneels before it, places the mouth restraint about her head, and looks up to her Romulan lover.

"Having played this 'game' many times before, the Romulan knows just what her dark skinned companion is expecting, and proceeds to get the 'negotiations' underway".

This one took awhile because of the mirror 'Headboard', I finally had to make only the Romulan and the bed visible in the mirror to get the image to render; you'll notice I didn't include a reflective mirror in the rest of the series.

Not quite what you were expecting from the first two images, is it?

Let me see if I can explain my reasoning:

Although I am not into BDSM myself, I've seen enough about it on the net and elsewhere to understand some things.  First off is that it is a Sexual Fetish, and as such isn't something that people would admit to 'normal' society.

In Human society, it is even more 'strange' for a man to want to be dominated by a female (since most human societies are Male Dominant).  Any man who wanted to engage in Feminine dominant BDSM would certainly not want it to be known.

Now lets extrapolate that to the Star Trek Universe: The Klingons consider themselves the best Warriors in the galaxy, male or female, second to none.

If a Klingon warrior were to have a secret BDSM fetish, it wouldn't be for the opposite, 'weaker' sex to be dominating them, but probably from one of the races they consider their inferiors.  The Romulans have been their adversaries/allies on and off through Trek history, so I decided to make the Klingon's Romulan lover the Dominant in this relationship (although only for Sex Play).

Also, let me make one final comment:  I personally am not, I repeat, NOT, into the BDSM fetish myself; its just amazing all the sex oriented stuff you can find out there for poser, including a potentially disturbing amount of BDSM props (mostly made by people in Japan, appropriately enough ^_^).

Klingon Captive 4

"Releasing a sturdy chain from the ceiling, her Romulan lover raises her arms high above her head, inserts the 'Pleasure Stick' deep into her love canal, and sets its function to a low hum, as she proceeds to provide more stimulation with her fingers, causing a low moan of pleasure to escape from her lips".

Again, Pornographic Purple Prose isn't my specialty; is the above considered a 'run in' sentence? (seems a bit long to me ^_^).

Klingon Captive 5A

"The Romulan places her 'captive' in a set of arm and leg bindings, and introduces her to the 'special' stimulating functions of the 'Pleasure Stick'" ^_^

That is Klingon lettering on the wall in the background; it was ment to spell out "Love Shack", but the texture didn't quite work out right.

Klingon Captive 5B

The requisite reverse view to show the 'action' ^_^

As you can see, I equipped the Romulan babe with a new 'toy', but for reasons I discuss in the next image I didn't do any scenes where she uses it.

Klingon Captive 6

"Soaked in the sweat of the afterglow of their amorous activities, the Klingon and Romulan diplomats seal their agreement with a kiss.

"With this 'transaction' done, the Klingon Empire now has access to the Romulan 'Cloaking' technology, and can begin to build a class of 'Birds of Prey' of their own".

I'll have to check, but to my memory there has never been any true explanation for why the Klingon Empire suddenly got Cloaking technology, which in the original series only the Romulans possessed.  So this is my somewhat "NC-17" explanation for how they acquired it.

There are some mistakes in the image, but this light set was just giving me too much problems, so I said "Good enough".  Also, for the same reasons, I left the series at this image, although I could have done a few more 'sex scenes' ^_^