Monday, June 28, 2010

Lara and Blade

"Lara Croft and Blade team up to take down some meanace that is too powerful for either of them alone"

Don't know if I'll make this an official image in my "Sunnydale" 'storyline' (involving Buffy, Hellgirl, and others), but it would explain how they meet.

Lara's Blade 1

After completing a mission that required them to team up; Lara takes Blade to her mansion to more fully examine his own 'blade' "

Meh... like I've said before, coming up with Purple Pornographic Prose can be hard sometimes (Heh heh, I said hard ^_^)

Lara's Blade 2

"Lara gives Blade another title to add to 'Daywalker'... 'Womb Raider' "
Okay, horrible (and OLD) joke, I know ^_^

Lara's Blade 3

Lara's Blade 4

Don't know why the lighting in this image didn't make the skin textures stand out as much as in the other ones (same light set throughout all of them)

Lara's Blade 5A


 "Lara finally manages to coax the prize she was seeking from Blade's "Blade".
"She finds it amusing that "Daywalker" himself doesn't realize the life extending properties of his own 'blood'" ^_^

Lara's Blade 5B

An angle with most of Blade removed to show the messy action, as it were ^_^

I still need to practice with both the 'in program' "splooge" props, as well as the photoshop layers to add the effect in post work (may touch up this image with photoshop later).

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cougar Car Wash 1

""Taking a note from some high school cheerleaders she teaches, a certain Cougar decides to set up a Car Wash; maybe to lure stud by her home" ^_^

Someone at another forum wanted to see more of the "Treasure Chests Cougar", so I cooked up these for him.

Cougar Car Wash 2

A 'Driver's Side' view :-)

Cougar Car Wash 3

"Since the sponge doesn't seem to be doing the job completely, the friendly Car Wash attendant uses some alternate soft, pliant objects to aid her" ^_^

This was an experiment in using some 'breast flatten' morphs on the V4 model; I kind of mis-aligned the breast against the glass, at the bottom of each breast it actually pokes through the 'glass' (although it does give the impression that they are actually pressed against the glass).

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nocturne's Handstand 1A

"Nocturne, the alternate timeline daughter of Nightcrawler, continues to give a demonstration of her flexibility to her fellow teammate, Colossus" :-)

This image is a continuation of another one titled "Bent Backwards"

Nocturne's Handstand 1B

A side view to show what's really going on ^_^
Her pose is actually just a "yoga" pose, I had to put her on a block to bring her up to the level to make it an x-rated yoga pose (otherwise her neck would look really broken).

Nocturne and Colossus 1

Nocturne and Colossus 2A

"Nocturne has the stray thought that, if Colossus' metal form is 'organic steel', exactly what metallic substance is his splooge made of?" ^_^

Nocturne and Colossus 2B

A reverse angle from Colossus' end ^_^

Monday, June 21, 2010

Demona and Fox 2

"Demona shows her new 'pet' Fox that her tail has many more uses than just providing a stabilizer during flight" ^_^

Demona and Fox 3A

Demona and Fox 3B

The always necessary rear view ^_^

Demona and Fox 4

Demona and Fox 5A

Demona takes Fox for a little "Fuck Flight" ^_^
Oops, made it daylight outside instead of night; oh well, maybe its just Fox having a strange erotic dream for some reason :-)

Demona and Fox 5B

A reverse view of the previous image to see the 'tail action' ^_^

Friday, June 18, 2010

Demona and Fox

My rendition of the characters Demona and her new 'pet', Fox; from the series "Gargoyles"

Demona and Fox, B.E. Version

A better lit, Bigger Boob version of the previous image ^_^

Friday, June 11, 2010

Night Tribe Na'Vi

From the personal journal of Dr. Grace Augustine:

"I have heard tales from some of the elder Na'Vi that there exists a 'hidden' tribe, some even call them an outcast tribe.

"They are said to have a midnight-blue skin, with lighter striping, and overall possess a more feral appearance than the 'average' member of the species.

"The tribe is said to view themselves in the same manner as the wolf-analogue predators on Pandora; a people ment to cull out the weak among the tribes so that the strong can survive... in other words, they hunt their own kind (and darker rumors say that they even feed on those they hunt).

 "They are also said to engage in a form of scarification, or self mutilation, by cutting off their 'ponytails', the organ that allows them to commune with Aywah.  Allegedly this is done so that they can harden themselves, and remove any possible emotions of being connected to the lives they must take in order to make the race strong.

"So far, I have no proof that this sub-tribe even exists, but I imagine one would look much like this composite image I managed to construct."

I came up with this idea after seeing a production image of a Na'Vi warrior:

I used photoshop to modify the skin I use for a Na'Vi (made by Saphira98), making the skin a dark blue.

Strangely enough, the original dark stripes now look a light blue against the dark background.

Night Tribe Na'Vi Nude BE

 A nude version of the previous image, with slightly larger boobs ^_^

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hamer and Axe

Another attempt by me at creating a dwarven female character using some 'size' morphs, that supposedly adjust the height/body dimensions of the character.

Specifically, the dwarf is ment to be 4 feet, 6 inches tall, while the Orc is 6 feet tall (don't think the proportions work out that well, though).

Also, when I apply the same 'size' morphs to clothing, the clothing won't fit properly (although its supposed to do so).

Oh, well, I guess most of my female dwarves will have to remain nude :-) (unless I just scale the entire body down percentage wise, which still doesn't really look right).

Oh, and you may notice I made the Orc female a bit 'European' down below (although oddly enough she still shaves her underarms ^_^).

Monday, June 7, 2010

Lanterns Arisia and Sroanik

"Green Lanterns Arisia Grax and Soranik Natu spend some personal time among the ruins of an ancient civilization on an out of the way world".

This is my renditions of a couple of characters from the Green Lantern Comics, Arisia Grax and Soranik Natu:

Of course in the actual comic book they don't have a thing for each other (or boobs quite as large ^_^), but this is the Chup-Verse after all :-)

Green Lantern's Light!

"Arisia and Soranik test out some new uses for the Green Lantern ring" ^_^

Got the idea for this image after seeing this similar one:

Strangely enough, the image in the link actually comes from an 'official' source, the "Drawn Together Movie" (straight to DVD).  In it Captain Hero confronts his 'girlfriend' about her seeing other superheroes, and there are several quick flash cuts, of which that is one.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mamurai Take Two

Another attempt of mine at the character "Mamurai" created by the artist Hexamous.

Mamurai vs Tit Ninja

"The Mamurai faces off against her mortal enemy,. an assassin from the fearsome Tit Ninja clan!" ^_^

Random Thought of the Day

Is it just me, or does the CEO of British Petroleum look a lot like Andy Serkis (the actor behind 'Gollum' from the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy)?  :-)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Dragon Ladies

Another attempt of mine at doing a Dragonborn from "Dungeons and Dragons" (with the first attempt being the character on the right).

And yes, I don't care what anybody says, my Dragonborn have boobies :-)

Desert Heat 1A

The new Dragonborn in a slightly sexier (or sluttier) pose ^_^

Desert Heat 1B

A close-up of the previous image.

Desert Heat 2

The new Dragonborn Chick in a "NC-17" scene ^_^

I was kind of suprised the 'pucker' mouth morph still worked on an elongated face like this one.

Desert Heat 3

A final scene with my original Dragonborn Chick and a lucky drow (lets just hope for him her insides aren't quite as rough looking as her outside ^_^).