Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shardmind Psion

After reading a review of the Player's Handbook 3 for Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition, I learned of a new race introduced in the book called the "Shardmind".

They are essentially beings made of a living crystal, humanoid in form but very angular, and possessed of powerful natural psionic abilities.

So here is my attempt at a female Shardmind psion, using a 'alien' morph I thought looked a bit like the description (and some images I managed to scrounge up).

For the DnD geeks out there, I know it doesn't make much sense for a pure psion to be carrying a shield (at least as far as I can remember, been quite awhile since I last played), but I had a crystal shield in my library and thought it looked cool :-)

I don't play 4th edition myself (like many others, I think its just "World of Warcraft" transported to pencil-and-paper), but I was always a fan of the Psionics rules from the game (even the VERY unbalanced and crappy 1st edition rules), so their introduction in 4th edition is making me rethink my aversion to 4th edition (and even more so since a new "Dark Sun" setting is being made as well).

I'll wait and read reviews of that setting before making up my mind to get into 4th edition, though.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fuckbot 5000

For no particular purpose other than I've been in a Sci-Fi mood lately, I present to you the newest product from Sorayama Industries, llc: the F-Bot 5000 :-)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Turning off Moderated Comments

Just a quick note to say that I'm turning off Moderated comments; hopefully the Spam Bot I acquired has given up now.

I am leaving Word Verification on, though, so that should help me avoid any spambots in the future.

Mass Effect: Matriarch Benezia and the Rachni

Well, I FINALLY finished what is probably the first major "Boss" battle in Mass Effect 1, the battle with Matriarch Benezia.

After loosing count on how many times I had to replay this fight on 'Normal' difficulty (got really tired of hearing her speech before the battle, btw), I reset the options to 'Casual' difficulty, and STILL had to play it over and over before finally beating it, dammit! :-(

After the fight you do learn some interesting things, though, so SPOILERS ahead:

It seems that Benezia wasn't actually the "Evil Queen" she seemed (and looked ^_^) to be; she was under some kind of mind control by Sarin.

I liked how she described the mind control, and the ship of Sarin with its 'strange angles'; very "Lovecraftian" :-)

Made me really feel sorry for her in the end.

Likewise, the suprise with the Rachni. When I first saw them, and in fact this whole 'Hot Labs' situation, my first thought was "Alien/Aliens" ripoff.

Turns out that the Rachni queen was intelligent, and VERY alien; describing communication in terms of "Songs" ( I really liked that touch).

One of my problems playing games with "Good/Bad" meters like "Knights of the Old Republic", and Mass Effect, is that, when I make an attempt to play the Bastard, I still occasionally make decisions that I myself would make, which gains me "Good" points instead.

For example, how could helping put the crooked CEO of Binary Helix (or whatever the company was named) be a good act in the end? I thought I was doing it for the money, and to get access to the Mako to get to Rift 15.

Because of this I have mixed "Paragon/Renegade" points, and, despite my best efforts, Paragon is ahead of Renegade.

This effects game play because, as part of the choices you get in how to respond to people in the game, you can either 'Charm' or 'Intimidate' them, depending on how many "Paragon" or "Renegade" points you have.

I've missed out on several of those choices because neither of my meters is high enough to get them.

Okay, I'm playing a full on Asshole from now on! (I've worked with enough of them long enough that I should know how to do that ^_^)

I also have some thoughts on the Asari race:

According to what you learn from Liara, they have only one gender, and they can mate with either gender from any race to produce a child (which is always Asari, but inherits some of the personality traits from its non-asari parent in some kind of "Mind Meld").

I find it hard to believe that the Asari is only one gender.

First off, they all look basically like blue human female space babes with some strange head tentacles ^_^

In other words, even though we haven't seen the true 'anatomically corrrect' version of an Asari (nude), its obvious that they have Secondary Sex Characteristics (and in the case of the Matriarch, HUGE characteristics! ^_^).

If I were to write the history/biology of the Asari, I would say that they once had both Male and Female genders, but some kind of plague (perhaps connected to the Turians?) wiped out the males, and the surviving Matriarchs used their Biotic abilities to reshape their race, essentially allowing them to clone themselves, but gather memories/experiences from other asari (and other races entirely) to help keep some diversity in their people.

Needless to say, Matriarch Benezia is next on my Mass Effect image list; have to see if I can put together enough stuff to make something close to her outfit (before of course stripping her of it ^_^), and to be true to the character I'll try something to approximate her skin as well (unusual texturing to it).

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Moonlight Fae

Decided to do a solo image of the small flying faerie in the image "Fae Glade".

Edit: Did another version without as many heavy shadows on the body.

I love the skin texture on this one ^_^

I admit, though, that the skin looks more like it goes in a Sci-Fi setting (wish it had more of a 'spell glyphs' look).

Wish I knew more about shaders, then I could make the tails fo the fireflies actually look like they are glowing.

Likewise the lighting didn't come out as I expected, but still gives an exotic look to the whole image.

Also, I decided to forgoe the big boobs this time as well; smaller boobs tend to go with the 'faerie' body type (don't worry, I'll get back to some B.E. images soon enough :-) ).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fae Glade

Not actually a "Saint Patrick's Day" image, but I've done sexy leprechauns for awhile now, and wanted to do something different.

This image deals more with irish folklore of faeries, elves and such instead.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Asari Table Dancer

One of my first images inspired by my playing "Mass Effect 1".

In the game there is a club called "Chora's Den", where there are some Asari women wearing tight latex body suits dancing around for the clientelle :-):

This is my take on that scene.

Since I'm playing a female ("Joanna Sheppard"), I guess my character is either lesbian or bisexual to be interested in a table dance from her, huh? :-)

As I play through the game, I'll definately be doing more images (and I'll try not to make them all hot Asari chicks :-) ).

Funny thought, though: Asari are to "Mass Effect" like Twi'lek women are to "Star Wars" (you never seem to see an unattractive one).

Special thanks to a poser user by the name of JamesJab for the creation of the Asari head piece (much better than what I cludged together long ago).

Friday, March 5, 2010

Got a new system today ^_^

Post Script:

I'm afraid I have bad news (for me, anyway ^_^):

I visited a friend I call my "I.T. Guy" today, and told him of my 'hand me down' system.

He told me that, in effect, the system I currently have is better than this new one, thanks to the upgrade in RAM (1 Gig) and the video card he picked out for me when I first got it.

Even though the new system has a faster processor, my current system is more efficient, even with a slower one, according to him (and he lives and breathes computers so I trust his knowledge)

Oh, well :-( ;, I'm still thinking about wiping my hard drive and starting over from square one (with a fresh, empty drive I may be able to render better).

Or maybe I'll just make my old system my 'render computer', and my 'new' system my net surfing/gaming computer (if it has the minimum graphics requirements to run some of the games I have, that is)



Well, actually, its not new.

Its a hand me down from another family member who got a better one for Christmas.

Still, its processor is better than the one I currently have, so it should allow me to (finally) do renders with complex shadows, as well as mirrors (and more than two characters in a scene, my recent bane).

Its going to take awhile to set up, though; I have to transfer stuff from my old drive to the new one, plus other stuff.

So look for much better rendered stuff from me sometime in the next month or so.

Edit: I'll be taking a small break from rendering new images until I get my new system set up, but it should be worth it ^_^

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Giant Fight 1

"The Frost Giantess has received a challenge to personal combat from a member of a nearby Fire Giantess clan, so she journey's to the combat area.

"Her normally frozen locks of hair melts in the hot environment, flowing down like the hair of human females (although she thinks maybe her human barbarian lover might enjoy this new appearance).

"She meets the Fire Giantess, and sees that she is not only more massively built, but also a bit taller than she is.

"This combat will not be an easy one, she thinks to herself."

Another viewer wanted to see more of the Frost Giantess, this time with more 'human' hair; so I decided to do a catfight series between her and a Fire Giantess ^_^

I have no idea why there are dark spots in the Fire Giantess's chest piece, its supposed to be metal colored all over.

Giant Fight 2

"Challenges being given, both raise their weapons, intent on ending this dispute with the spilling of the other's blood."

Giant Fight 3

"The combatants discover that the magics of their weapons repel each other like equal poles an a magnet, so they resort to hand to hand combat instead; steam rising from their hands as they lock together"

I changed the size of the Fire Giantess, because the catfight (and later lesbian) poses I have don't really work with characters of different sizes (and I was too lazy to tweak the poses to accomodate for the differences).

Giant Fight 4A

"During the battle, pieces of their armor become stripped off in the struggle.

"The Fire Giantess manages to wrestle Frost to the ground, and constrain her in a leg lock

"The Frost Giantess lets out a small yelp, and notices that Fire reacts in a curious, pleasurable way to her icy cold exhalations, and comes up with plan to win this struggle." ^_^

Giant Fight 4B

Another angle to see the face of the Frost Giantess

Giant Fight 5

"The Frost Giantess notices that the breasts of the Fire Giantess seem particularly sensitive to her touch, so she begins to caress them gently, steam rising from their skin"

Giant Fight 6

"With all pretense of personal combat cast aside, both giants enjoy the pleasure that their contrasting natures bring out in them.

"The Frost Giantess thinks to herself that she may well have forged a new personal alliance at least, if not one between their clans"