Thursday, December 31, 2009

B.E. Skunkgirl

"One of Skunkgirl's past times is experimenting with mixing the oils of various exotic flowers to produce pleasing perfumes.

"Unfortunately, her newest concoction seems to have had an unusual side effect." ^_^

My very last image of 2009, wherein I once again return to the primary focus of most of my images :-)

Sultry Skunkgirl

"Skunkgirl comes to the conclusion that maybe the side effects of this perfume aren't that bad after all."

Now I just need to come up with a name for her new perfume ^_^

Baby New Year

"It seems as if Baby Herman couldn't make it [something about a hangover], so Jessica stands in as the Baby New Year of 2010"

Happy New Year, everyone! :-)

I resolve to get a better system before the year is out, and maybe not spend so much time in front of the monitor ^_^

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kurt's Trip To Pandora

"Thanks to a mishap by his fellow X-Men member Blink, Nightcrawler finds himself in a strange land, facing a gant of a being that somehow looks strangely familiar" :-)

As is too usual lately, had to turn shadows off to get this one to render.

Decided to do another image with my Na'Vi warrior, this time fully clothed (well, mostly ^_^). I kinda thought they looked vaguely like NIghtcrawler, so I put him in this image as well.

Yes, technically Kurt should be falling unconscioius by now; maybe that's just proof that they are related.

I'll give my review of the movie soon (probably after going to see it one more time), and maybe after that do a few 'naughty' images with Kurt and his new friend :-)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nocla Grandgauntlet Take 1

Decided to repost this since it dissapeared with my first blog long ago.

This is my very first attempt at doing a female dwarf image, back in '07.

I managed to find a female fantasy dwarf morph. Looking at the base model, however, it wasn't that sexy, so I modified it a little by adding more muscles and, of course, bigger boobs ^_^

Her name is Nocla Grandgauntlet, which I got from some random name generator on the web. I admit right now you can't really tell if she is a dwarf, instead of a somewhat Rubinesque human woman :-).

Nocla Grandgauntlet Take 3

Here is my third take on the Female Dwarven Fighter I eventually named Nocla Grandgauntlet.

You can do a search for the word "Nocla" to find other versions of her.

Strangely enough, this time she is fully clothed :-)

I've been experimenting with various body and face morphs to make a female dwarf; this one uses yet another dwarf morph for the body, and I put the face together myself (although with an expression applied you can't tell much difference from the 'standard' Victoria 4 face).

Unlike what many fantasy fans say about female dwarves, the ones I render don't have full beards (well, on their face at any rate :-) ).

In any future images maybe I should have a human in the scene to show the size differences.

Now to take her to visit the local blacksmith to have the dents in her armor 'buffed out' ^_^.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dwarven Weaponsmith

"A dwarven blacksmith hammers out a band of steel, shaping it into the perfect edge needed to cut through the long time enemies of his people, the Orcs of the Blood Hills"

My system is finally working again it seems (couldn't pull back that "twilek christmas" I had saved, though).

Another of the few male only images I make, but this is working up to something naughty in the future :-)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Na'Vi Warrior from "Avatar"

Here is my depiction of one of the aliens native to the planet of Pandora in Jim Cameron's new film, "Avatar".

I'm proud of the skin I used for this character, because I stretched my meager photoshop skills to do so (pulling the tiger stripes from one 'furred' skin and putting them on another [same with the 'zebra' stripes on the face], modifying the colors to something I liked, etc.).

Since I couldn't do the 'star sparkles' on their skin, I used some 'body jewel' props I used in a previous image.

Also, once again I didn't go for Uber Boobs (but expect her to partake of a Pandoran fruit with unusual properties later :-) ).

The ears are a bit too big, but it was the best I could do (don't have a morph that puts the ears high on the head like in the movie).

I think it all came out pretty well.

I did see the movie, and I think it was great; I'll probably do a "Movie Review" journal sometime after christmas to Geek Out about it (for those bored enough to read it, that is ^_^).

Monday, December 21, 2009

Ahsoka's Anal Adventure

Well, you know I can't go too long without doing some kind of X-rated image, so for no particular reason here is another scene featuring Ahsoka Tano and Annakin Skywalker from "Clone Wars" ^_^

Friday, December 18, 2009

Colors of Christmas

This is image was inspired by a song by Enya called "White is in the Winter NIght", from her album "And Winter Came":

Its unusual that one of my Enya-inspired images results in one containing nudity, but I thought since the colors are Red, Green, and Gold, why not use She-Rulk, She-Hulk, and Nova :-)

Again, not going for the uber-boobs, mainly because they are so close together that they would just be getting in the way (and I don't have the proper morphs to make them look like they are smooshing against each other :-) ).

Xena and Gabrielle, Take Two

This image is my second take on Xena and Gabrielle; do a search for "Xena" to find the others (posted in September of 2007).

Its also another of my "gifts" for someone over at another forum, continuing my "Gift Giving" theme this year.

This person was one of those rare people who, although disagreeing with the size of the breasts I put on the figures, did so in a polite, non-insulting manner.

Because of that I did this version, with 'standard' boob sizes (or in Gabrielle's case, actually smaller than standard).

I know neither one looks like the actual actresses, I don't have a Lucy Lawless or.... "Gabrielle" face (can't think of the actresse's name just now). If I ever learned how to use the Face Shop program I probably could pull it off, but I"m just too lazy (and need a steadier hand) to make it work :-)

I also used different outfits for both characters; the original Xena one was ment for a more muscular body type (and not for big boobs, thus causing the 'nipple slippage' ^_^), and I somehow deleted Gabrielle's outfit from my Poser drive, and can't find it again :-(

One final note; I know most people rooted for Xena and Gabrielle to be together, but I was one of those who wanted Gabi and Joxer to hook up (hey, I identified with Joxer [same way I think that Zander and Willow should have ended up together in "Buffy"]).

Wow, longer rant than I intended with this image :-)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Anime Menagerie

Here, the 'anime' Catgirl from a couple of earlier images is joined by her sister, the somewhat unrestrained Foxgirl, and a couple other members of her extended "Family" :-)

After doing the "Witchy Catgirl" image, I realized I had quite a few 'anime animal' skins in my collection, so here they all are combined into one image.

Although its definately rare for me, I decided not to go the "Breast Expansion" route this time (although Catgirl still has sizeable chesticals ^_^); I even purposefully gave the Bunnygirl a small chest (almost never... well, NEVER... use that particular morph :-) ).

Pandora for Timmy

Continuing in my unintended 'gift art' theme for this Christmas Season, here is my rendition of a character created by fellow DA member Timmy22222001, called Pandora.

I modified a 'natural' skin to blue (like I do for all my rainbow hued women ^_^), I think it came out a little bit patchy, but in the end looks better than just applying a latex blue skin to the entire body.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Witchy Catgirl

Although its unintentional, I think my 'theme' for this Christmas Season is turning out to be 'Gift Images".

This one was done for someone at another forum who wanted to see the "Catgirl" I did earlier in a witchy outfit.

Maybe now I'll try to get to some of those other requests I promised ^_^

While Santa's Away....

"Santa is off for his Big Night of delivering gifts to all the good boys and girls.

"Meanwhile, Mrs. Claus has invited a "little helper" over so he can unwrap a special gift for him being such a good boy as well"" ^_^

I didn't give Mrs. Claus very big 'uns because the morphs on the ribbon dress looked weird when set beyond "one" on the dial.

Oh, and you may recall her from "Treasure Chests MILF" and "Grandma" from 'Red Hot Riding Hood" (I like this character for some reason :) ).

Monday, December 7, 2009

Red the Paladin Alternate

Decided to use my poor skills in photoshop to correct the 'texture stretching' problem around the nipples I mentioned in the last post.

I cut out the nipples/areola from another skin texture, and tried to blend them in to the original skin texture.

Not perfect, but I think I did a better job with Red than Tara Reid's doctor did with her boob job ^_^

I also changed the background, added some skulls. The light set is the same, so I don't know why it came out darker, though.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Red the Paladin 1

I've seen this character, called Red the Paladin, floating around the net for some time now.

All I know is that it is the original creation of someone out there, and he/she has gotten several images done of her by various artists.

Since I had all the 'parts' to do the character, I decided to try a version myself.

One problem I have is what is called 'texture stretching'; most skin textures aren't really ment to go with 'attributes' as large as I tend to make them in my renders, so the skin around the breasts tend to loose resolution as they get bigger (thus resulting in the HUGE, and somewhat fuzzy, areola on the character).

Maybe someday I'll figure out how other artists manage to avoid that.

Red the Paladin 2

Her first opponent in the arena is a female Orc, which she engages in hand-to-hand (or is that Tit-to-Tit? ^_^) combat.

Red the Paladin 3

A final image with her versus a Sabertooth Tiger (and I think the tiger is the one in trouble ^_^).