Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gamma Thanksgiving

"Jenny Greenskins of the Gamma Tribe has finally tracked down her prey, and slowly moves in for the kill; little realizing that her feathered adversary has some gamma charged abilities of its own!" :-)

Here is my official Thanksgiving image (and only one for this year, after the little ruckus my thanksgiving series caused last year at another forum).

So, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! :-)

Wonder Woman "Topless"

Managed to find another set of Wonder Woman props, and so here is another image featuring another iteration of her (sans the top of her leotard :-) ).

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Erotic Earth Vindicator 1

Over at another forum, artists there are having a 'art jam' where artists are invited to do variations of Super-Hero costumes that leave the 'naughty parts' bare, and the setting is called "Erotic Earth" ^_^:

I finally decided to do an entry, in this case Vindicator from Alpha Flight:

Erotic Earth Vindicator 2

Well, the series is called "Erotic Earth" for a reason ^_^

Dark Meat 1

I've discovered that, for some strange reason, 'interracial' pairings seem to be a common theme in both animated and 'real' porn, so here is my attempt at the subject matter as well.

You may notice the woman's boobs seem to change shape from image to image; for some reason all the morphs I had in the figure began to interfere with each other; change the shape of her butt and the boobs got smaller, and vice versa.

Oh well, good enough for me ^_^

Dark Meat 2

Dark Meat 3

Dark Meat 4

I may go back and postwork all of the images later to add "money shot" effects, maybe even add a final "Money Shot" scene (a requirement for all porn ^_^).

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cyber Drow 1

"in a future city of Magic, Circuits, and Chrome, a drow Exotic Dancer plows her trade in one of the 'unregulated' parts of the Megaplex City [where the inhabitants are all too poor to afford to pay for proper Police Protection Policies]).

"While most just see her as nothing more than a stripper, few know her true purpose, as a Spy, Assassin [if need be], and most importantly as a servant to Lloth, Queen of the Cyberweb Pits!"

I got this idea from a couple of sources; First thinking about the 'Steampunk' feel of Eberron that I mentioned in a previous image.

Second, from long ago playing a game called "Shadowrun", which mixed the seemingly incompatible settings of "Cyberpunk" [think "Blade Runner"], with some of the fantasy trappings common to "Dungeons and Dragons".

What I disliked about Shadowrun (other than its confusing rules ^_^), was the fact that it was almost D&D meets Cyberpunk, but not quite. In other words, for the short time I played, I was expecting to see iconic races/encounters from D&D, including Drow.

Now that D20 Modern is out (has been for quite awhile now), along with various supplements, you can actually play a D&D meets Cyberpunk campaign (specifically by mixing their "Urban Arcanna" setting with "D20 Future" and "D20 Cyberscape".

While I would love to run a campaign like that, I doubt I will, since my days of pencil-and-paper seem long behind me now (work schedules tend to seperate all the ones I used to play with, and new players are hard to find in my area).

Still, I think I'll detain the unique elements of a "Cyber Arcanna" setting for myself :-)

Cyber Drow 2

The exotic dancer drowess demonstrates her flexibility ^_^

Cyber Drow 3

A view from the back to see the Spider tattoo I placed on the skin (which took a little work on my part with photoshop).

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Girls of Eberron 2 in 3D

My take on an image done by another DA artist named Maelora of a couple of original characters from the "Dungeons and Dragons" world of Eberron.

People have described the Eberron setting as "Fantasy Steampunk", and I think its very appropriate. They took pains to include many 'modern' conveniences like railroads and airships, but all powered by magic.

I've been following Maelora's D&D inspired images for awhile now, but I liked this combination in particular of a 'tinker' leprechaun, and a chromed Warforged (think magical robot :-) ).

Monday, November 16, 2009

Farah - Evil Egyptian MILF

My take on a character created by the artist known as Swegabe at Hentai Foundry named Farah, the matron of an ancient Egyptian royal family>

No matter how hard I looked, I couldn't find any 'Egyptian Eye Makeup" to put on the face of a model, that's why the yellow around her eyes looks a bit unusual.

Of course Farah (and the entire royal family [all female], are very sexual, schtupping anything on two legs [at keast :-) ).

I may do more with her lizard men servants later ^_^

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gynoid's Night Out

Just another quick image to waste more time :-)

Inspired, of course, by the "Gynoids" work of the artist Hajime Sorayama:

The figure on the left is an interesting one. It was made by someone at a japanese site, and is called Ultra Mother, a character from some old live-action japanese Giant-Fighting-Robot show (like Ultraman, I guess).

Its an interesting figure with some... interesting... morphs (many of an sexual nature ^_^). I like the shape of the figure, although it doesn't have as many morphs as I would like.

She'll probably appear in more Gynoid images in the future.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Patriotic Pussoir

"Allied Forces have discovered that the Nazi scientists had created an invincible super-woman named Lucretia, who likes to personally ride Buzz Bombs into allied forces and then walk, unhurt, out of the wreckage to continue the carnage

"Spies managed to obtain some of the secret files involved in her creation, and the Allies forged ahead in creating their own version.

"Months later, they had success. Their test subject has decided to call herself the shameless name of "Patriotic Pussoir", and insists on going into missions topless. She rides her own bomb into a Nazi encampment to return the favor to Lucretia personally"

I had missed doing a Veteran's Day image, so consider this one a belated version.

At the last second I decided to tie it into an earlier WW2 themed image named "Lady Lucretia of the SS" (do a search for that name).

Maybe later I'll do a Superhero style catfight between the two (with tons of collateral damage of course :-) ).

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Innovative Elastigirl

"Elastigirl makes an unusual use of her streachable powers to take down a street thug" :-)

I got this idea after watching "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto":

In it there is a stripper named 'Velvet Von Black' (voiced by Rosario Dawson) who sticks her thumb in her mouth and makes various body parts expand (i.e., boobs and butt ^_^).

Its really pretty funny, but very crass and full of toon nudity (nothing outright X-rated, though, if anyone was wondering).

I may do an 'official' version of Velvet, as well as Superbeasto's sidekick/sister, Suzie X later :-)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

B.E. Elseworlds Supergirl

Well, since I'm in a B.E. mode lately, here is an other 'quickie' render ;-)

This is my version of Supergirl from the Elseworlds comic "Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl and Batgirl" :

I used a true reflection latex for her bodysuit; don't know if I like how it came out though.

Also, the size of her 'attributes' messes up the look of the "S" shield on her chest, but I can deal with that ^_^

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

B.E. She-Flash

Just another quickie image, this time returning to my "roots" so to speak; wimmen with Freakin' HUGE boobs :-)

I know, I've used this pose before (with a Cheetara pic), I just don't have that many 'running' poses that look good (or at least running poses that a speedster would use, anyway).

Don't worry about the physics of running with such un-aerodynamic proportions; if a certain person can fly by just saying "Up, Up, and Away!", then She-Flash can break the sound barrier even with those :-)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ahsoka's Revenge in 3D

My poor rendition in Poser of an image by an artist at another forum who goes by the name of The First Magelord.

The "ahsoka" written in blood was swiped from his image (with his permission; Thanks! :-) ).

Used a different model from my other Ahsoka pics this time (more 'realistic' instead of 'anime' ), and modified her lekku a bit as well (to show that she is even older).

Unusual for me is that I didn't increase her bust size to my 'normal' dimensions ^_^ (that tended to mess up the 'flattened breasts' morph that goes with the 'Belt Bra' ).

Also I had to turn shadows off (maybe its because I've been [over]-using those 'subtle' light sets lately).

With this I finally think I"ve gotten the "Ahsoka Tano" but out of my system; maybe I'll go back to "Star Trek" now :-)