Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jello for Mistah J 1

Since I've been on a Superheroine kick lately, here is another, using a pre-made "Harley Quinn' outfit (she is the 'sidekick' of the Joker in the comics); although in this render I dispensed with the bodysuit altogether :-).

Jello for Mistah J 2

Monday, September 28, 2009

Power Girl Take One A

This is my take on the character Power Girl from DC Comics: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_Girl

She is perhaps the only comic character best known for the size of her breasts ^_^

In fact, there is an 'urban legend' that the creator/artist of the character slowly increased her breast size from issue to issue to see in the editors would notice ^_^ (but that has been proven untrue: http://ragnell.blogspot.com/2006/05/power-girl-you-be-judge.html ).

I've actually had the texture for this Power Girl outfit in my library for some time, but only just used it now.

The main reason is that I like to 'hand make' all of my superhero outfits (using all the clothing I have to make something close to what the character actually looks like). Pre-made outfits take some of the 'fun' out of it.

Thanks to Hasdrubal for the outfit texture, and to JoeQuick for the off-the-shoulder dynamic cape.

Power Girl Take One B

Here she is giving us all a closer look at what fans call her 'boob window' ^_^

I used a different cape than in the first image, because when I tried to make it fall about the body naturally, it got 'caught up' on her shoulder, making it look more like a porcupine or something :-/

Power Girl and Wonder Woman 1

"It seem like these two are comparing the size of their 'assets' " ^_^

Like with Power Girl, the outfit for Wonder Woman was also a 'pre-made' one.

Maybe I'll do something more later with this combination :-)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Down came the Spider1

"A mugger thinks that he has made a clean get away and stops in an alley to count his takings, when he suddenly gets the strange feeling he is being watched" ^_^

Decided to put together another version of Spider-Woman, using a new skin texture that looks more like fabric.

Down came the Spider2

A rear angle view.

The different texture I used for the 'socks' stands out here, I may change it if I use this version of SW in any future images.

Spider-Woman X1

This Spider seems to have an 'alternate' location for her Spinnerettes :-)

Spider-Woman X2

The Spider-Woman seems to have trapped some 'helpless' victim in the web she has spun ^_^

War of the Worlds

"In Victorian era England, a young lady awakens from her bed after hearing a loud crash outside.

"Once outside she sees several large, looming robitic beings roaming the countryside. She tries to run, but a mechanical tentacle reaches down from one of the machines to grab her, ripping off her overcoat in its attempt, rising her up to some unknown fate."

Decided to do this image after seeing that Google had a lot of 'UFO' themed images on its front page yesterday (sept. 21st), and found out that it was H.G. Well's birthday (although what modern 'UFOs" have to do with Wells isn't very clear ^_^).

BB and Honey Trap 1

Got the idea for this series after reading an entry at the TV Tropes page:

Although neither one is green ^_^

I re-used the cyclops I used earlier in an image called "Wizard's Harem", and gave her the nick name "BB"; which people call her from the "Boom Boom" her large gun causes (or maybe its for two other reasons ^_^).

The other with the antenna is called "Honey Trap", after a term used for ladies of the night (and female spies) back in old earth history, particularly World War 2 and "Mata Hari".

BB and Honey Trap 2

BB and Honey Trap 3

Honey Trap uses some of her 'professional' skills on her partner ^_^

BB and Honey Trap 4

You can probably tell from my other images, that I like to do "Point of View" type images ^_^

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ahsoka Tano Take One

This is my first attempt at Ahsoka Tano from the 3D animated "Clone Wars" show on Cartoon Network: http://tinyurl.com/cx4xvd

I commissioned a skin texture from an artist known as Sensei (he doesn't have a site as yet, but he has done a few images for me in the past).

The skin tattoos are based on the work of another artist known as The First Magelord.

Of course, now that I have the base version down, you can expect to see her later in more racey images.

Ahsoka's Bath

This was actually the first render I made of Ahsoka, since I was eager to use the new skin texture.

That's why she is wearing a towel over her head; I hadn't "fine tuned" the lekku head prop yet :-)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Stars Afire

Decided to put together a version of the 'classic' Starfire from the comic "Titans", and pair her up with the "Titans Go!" version I put together awhile back.

Starfire Vs Batman 1

" "Classic" Starfire has learned that Nightwing went to confront Batman about his strange behavior of late, but hasn't returned.

"Suspecting some foul play, she confronts the Batman in his cave.

Starfire Vs Batman 2

"He closes to engage her in hand-to-hand combat, when Kori notices something strange about his eyes.

Starfire Vs Batman 3

"Looking into his eyes, she suddenly finds all desire to fight him leave, replaced with a burning desire to mate with him instead

Starfire Vs Batman 4

Starfire Vs Batman 5

Starfire Vs Batman 6

Starfire Vs Batman 7

Starfire Vs Batman 8

"When their lovemaking is over, she feels an equally unresistable desire to slumber, and "The Batman" reveals his true nature, as a Super Skrull!

"Somehow, during the Secret Invasion, this soldier found himself in a paralell universe, and assumed the identity of one of this worlds enhanced beings (who was mysteriously away for some reason).

"If all of the inhabitants of this world are as easy to mesmerize as this one was, I shall be able to conquer it all by myself!" he muses to himself, unaware of yet another paralell universe version of his defeated opponent angrily floating up behind him."

Friday, September 11, 2009

Barda and Bulleteer 1

Here is my rendition of Big Barda and Bulleteer; although much thanks go to JoeQuick over at ShareCG for making the Barda Helmet, Mega Rod, and Bulleteer Helmet.

I decided to make Barda's head covering part of the helm invisible, since sometimes I have seen her helm shown as just hair with an ornate head prop.

As usual, these renders took forever with all the raytracing on the Bulleteer's skin (although I kept all of her 'insides' pink ), but I like the final effect.

Barda and Bulleteer 2

Barda and Bulleteer 3

Barda and Bulleteer 4

Barda and Bulleteer 5A

Barda and Bulleteer 5B

Barda and Bulleteer 6A

Barda and Bulleteer 6B

Barda and Bulleteer 7

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Maris Brood

My somewhat 'enhanced' take on the character Maris Brood from the game "The Force Unleashed": http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Maris_Brood

I do wonder what became of her, because, like another Jedi character in the Expanded Universe (Ahsoka Tano), her eventual fate remains unknown.

I'll eventually get to work on Starkiller himself, then maybe he, Maris, and Juno will end up meeting for some illogical reason ^_^

Orc Captive 2A

"It seems that Piffany the gnome and some of her friends have managed to subdue yet another pesky Orc who has wandered onto their lands.

"Tales of their battle prowess must be very exaggerated, since this one fell with hardly any resistance at all

"The gnomish women, having rarely encountered a male with a member of this size, decide to have their way with him before sending him off with a warning to all his kind: "Tresspass on Gnomish lands again and any of his friends will get the same treatment!"

"Needless, to say, the orc eagerly went back home to deliver this 'warning' ^_^

I used a different morph for the gnomish women this time, ment to emulate a 'hobbit', so Piffany in particular isn't quite as voluptuous as in the previous image, but now there isn't that defect in the forearms/calves.

Orc Captive 2B

A close up of the pale-skinned gnomish girl, who I consider a sorceress of some kind.