Saturday, August 22, 2009

Storm and Wolverine

Here is the clothed version I promised myself (and whatever fans are out there).

The Storm model took a little while to render, because the cape is what is called 'dynamic', and you can set up a simulation to make it fall down about the body naturally (took about 30 minutes or so for my system).

Storm Blowing In 2

Wolvering braces himself as he enters the "Heart" of the Storm.

Yep, return of the painful purple pornographic prose :-)

Storm Blowing In 3A

Storm Blowing In 3B

Storm Blowing In 4A

Pushing her legs apart and back, the Wolvering digs into its 'burrow' :-)

Storm Blowing In 4B

A view showing Storm's expression; perhaps she is wondering if something else on Wolverine is made of Adamantium? ^_^

Storm Blowing In 5A

Storm Blowing In 5B

A "Storm's Eye" view of the previous image ^_^

Storm Blowing In 6A

No pithy commentary here, but I just had a unusual thought:

Why is it that super-heroes who have energy blasting powers always have them come out of either their eyes or hands, and not... other... places? ^_^

Maybe because then the comics would have to be rated "NC=17" :-)

Storm Blowing In 6B

A close up of Storm from the previous image.

I may try to touch up this image more later in photoshop; still haven't mastered the 'money shop' prop.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Juno Eclipse

My attempt at Juno Eclipse from the game "The Force Unleashed":

It was a fun game, but it still gave no explanation for why "Starkiller" had such uber-force powers, greater than Vader or even the Emperor.

I'll probably do more racey images featuring her soon (I think I can pull off a reasonable Maris Brood as well, so who knows, they might end up together in a not too likely scene ^_^).

Juno Relaxes

Juno spends some down time in her cabin; perhaps waiting for Darth Vader's secret apprentice to make an appearance?

Star Saphire of Sector 3000

My attempt at doing a "generic" member of the Star Sapphire Corps from the current issues of "Green Lantern".

Something I've noticed is that the Green Lanterns seem to have a lot of hot humanoid alien babes (and on the opposite end, several really goofy looking aliens as well ^_^).

This Sapphire comes from a water world (those are fins on her back, not wings).

Oops, some poke thru in the upper boots (I'll fix that later).

Star Saphire of Sector 3000-B

A image of the Sapphire in her home environment beneath the waves

Storm Blowing In

Another quickie render from me featuring Storm and Logan (or is it James? ), engaging in a little personal time in the Danger Room

I actually used a Halle Berry face morph, but like most of the 'celebrity' morphs I use they tend to loose some of the look with any expression applied (then again, I don't know what Halle's face really looks like sucking a huge cock ^_^).

Unfortunately, everyone knows what she looks like in a 'Skinemax' style sex scene with 'Swingblade' :-(

I'll probably do more later, and maybe even some clothed versions, just to show I can do that :-)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jocasta Take One

My take on the marvel comics character Jocasta, the would-be bride of the megalomaniacal would-be world conquering robot Ultron:

I used 'fake' metal reflections for all the surfaces; sometimes my system has trouble rendering true reflections, although see the image after this one.

Jocasta Take One-Nude

Another version, with the top of the 'bikini' removed, and raytracing added to the body for some true reflections.

Oh yes, and I made the boobs bigger ^_^